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General Description:
This website introduces the outcomes, people, references and researches of the project “3 Dimensional Reconstitution and Virtual Reality of Bam and it’s Cultural Landscape” of the Digital Silk Road Laboratory of National Institute of Informatics. A metadata-based multilingual ontology knowledge model is designed in order to present the content of this website by using the Protégé knowledge acquisition tool and the output RDF file. Besides Jena (Semantic Web Framework for Java), Click (Web application framework) and Velocity (template engine), Tomcat (Web application server), Apache (Web server) are used to develop the website. Google Maps API plus JavaScript Library (Client-side framework) and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox (Web browsers) are applied to complete the development process.
How to use this website:
The architecture of this website follows the structure of Ontology Knowledge Models (especially RDF) designed for the Semantic Web. The website consists of three major parts: taxonomy of classes and the hierarchy, properties of each class that contain attributes of each entity, and instances as entities of each property. Entity is a topic, a subject, data or an item in the real world related to this project. Here is an example to understand better these three parts. People who contributed in this research project are listed as instances of the class “people”. Their role in this project is a subclass. The information of each person such as name is a property. Name of each person is given as an instance of the “property: Person Name”. For example, “Kinji ONO” is an instance of the “Property: Person Name” of the “Class: Major Leader”. Three major pages are included in this website, the taxonomy page that helps to browse the desired class, the instance plus class page that helps to brows the desired information related to each class. Finally in the instance and property page, when an instance is clicked the information related to that instance is listed under different properties. This website includes a map to connect location of each 3DCG reconstructed building inside the citadel of Bam, and its related information.
Metadata standards:
Two major metadata standards are used in this website to give information to each building or each piece of data. Object ID ( and Dublin Core (