Instance of Building Typology
{tekyeh, تکیه, テッキエ, tekiyeh, Tekiyeh}
Building Name-Multilingual Equivalents--Terminology
Building Type-Explanation
Religious theater and market place that was used in special months of the year for religious ceremonies, and probably was used as a market place for commercial activities for the other months of the year in the Citadel
Historical Summary--Core Data Index Metadata
[It was built probably after the Safavid period (1501/1502-1722 AD) or the Qajar Period (1794-1925 AD) considering its function]
Input Dataset
3D cartographic map
Elevation surveyed after earthquake
Elevation surveyed before earthquake
General plan surveyed before earthquake
Plan surveyed after earthquake
Plan surveyed before earthquake
Section surveyed after earthquake
Section surveyed before earthquake
Location-Cartographic Reference--Core Data Index Metadata
UTM Co-ordinates, from 3D cartographic map (IFCA project)
Location-Geographic Co-ordinates
Latitude and longitude, from Google Earth
Material and Technique--Core Data Index Metadata
adobe{chalk trim, mud and straw, mud and sieved straw, chalk decoration}
Output Dataset
Photos of 3DCG reconstruction of tekyeh
Quick Time Virtual Reality of tekyeh
Physical Condition --Core Data Index Metadata
{partly demolished (after earthquake), partly ruined ((especially vaults) before restoration), completely restored (before earthquake)}
Satellite Image