Bam, citadel of Bam
Heritage in Danger
A Memory to Be Kept and Revive


We have the following policy for the maintenance of the data submitted to our Web site. Please note that the following list is not complete. If you have any comments about our policy, please let us know.

  1. The copyright is retained by the photographer.
  2. Attribution is always given on the photographs or other works derived from photographs.
  3. Commercial and non-commercial use other than viewing on the Web site is not allowed without the permission of the photographer. Nevertheless, only if the photographer agrees with DSR Team to the non-commercial use of the photographs, DSR Team may permit the use of photographs for non-commercial purposes.

Project Contact Address

This web site is maintained by the following members. If you have some data or the current information about the Citadel of Bam and related buidlings, areas, and cultures, please send us the data by e-mail listed in the following. These data will be put on the web site as shown in Data Collection and will be shared with other people in the world. We would like to receive the data with the following additional information.

  1. File name of the data
  2. Creator (Photographer, etc.)
  3. Title (a short text that describes the most important theme)
  4. Description (a possibly long text that describes what the data is about and how it is created)
  5. The date of creation (The date of shot, etc.)
  1. Elham ANDAROODI (Ph.D. of Informatics and Master of Architectural Engineering)
    elham [at] (Persian and English)
  2. Asanobu Kitamoto (Ph.D. of Electronic Engineering)
    kitamoto [at] (Japanese and English)
  3. Digital Silk Roads (DSR) Team