Call for Participation
Tokyo Symposium for Digital Silk Roads

Sponsored by UNESCO, Japanese National Commission for UNESCO,
National Institute of Informatics
National Center of Sciences (Tokyo)
December 11-13, 2001


Tokyo Symposium for Digital Silk Roads (DSR Tokyo) addresses to provide an opportunity to discuss on Silk Roads researches with the new aspects from the collaboration of culture and digital technology. Silk Roads had a profound impact on cultural encounter between the East and West over the past millenniums. Cultural heritages reflecting the cultural diversity of Silk Roads must be preserved into the future with the worldwide cooperation. Along with the history, numerous researches and expeditions have been taken place to study human history on Silk Roads. Silk Roads countries have been making efforts to promote preservation of cultural heritages and publication of its research materials, which however have been increasingly deteriorating due to the several factors such as natural causes, destruction, and lack of maintenance. With a full use of global communication environment and cutting-edge digital technologies, creation and publication of global information resources for the Silk Roads heritages are urgently needed to lead humanity interest in preserving world heritages as well as to accelerate various researches under the convenient information retrieval environment. The objective of Tokyo Symposium is to open the door into the realization of the global information resources, coordinating user requirements in cultural field and research seeds in digital technology field. Authors are invited to submit proposal on Silk Roads researches in cultural and digital technology fields. The proposal should be sent to the Symposium Secretariat by post-mail or email, postmarked NO later than September 15, 2001. The official language in Tokyo Symposium is in English.



Dec 11, 2001 Tuesday Session open to the public (Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall)
AM: Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address
PM: Overview of Tokyo Symposium
Dec 12, 2001 Wednesday Session for researchers (Conference Room)
AM: New Aspects of Silk Road Research
PM: Poster Session and Exhibition
Dec 13, 2001 Thursday Session for researchers (Conference Room)
AM: Proposal for the Future
PM: Status Remarks from Tokyo Symposium and Closing


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Professor Kinji Ono
Executive Director for Research, National Institute of Informatics (NII)

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