Silk Road Maps

Navigating Silk Road on historical maps and digital maps (including Google Earth).

Places and Routes

  1. Silk Road Tour - DSR Imaginary Museum
  2. Historical Tour (in Japanese) - DSR Imaginary Museum
  3. Silk Road : Places + Routes - Google Earth

Historical Map Collection

Historical maps can be viewed on Web browsers or Google Earth. To see on Google Earth, you need to install Google Earth (free) on your computer.

Central Asia

India and West Asia


Satellite Images

Geographical Search

  1. Map Search - Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books
  2. Search by Placenames / Google Maps Version - Digital Maps of Old Beijing
  3. Map Search - Stein Placename Database
  4. Map Search - Kara-Khoja Placename Database
  5. Map Search - Hedin Placename Database
  6. Map Search for Archaeological Report in Turfan - Huang Wenbi Placename Database
  7. Map Search for Archaeological Report in Tarim Basin - Huang Wenbi Placename Database
  8. Mappinning - Database of Ruins in Silk Road

3D Maps

Data Access Interface

Digital Silk Road