UNESCO World Heritage in Afghanistan. Overview of the Buddhist art of the Hindu Kush mountains.

Overview of the 38 meter high East Grand Buddha with the "The Sun God"ceiling mural.

Bamiyan, the western most location influencing Buddhist culture in Japan.

The I Cave, located near the plastered robe and the feet. Kirtimukha and Kuh-i-Baba.

The murals of Bodhisattvas,flying devas
making flower offerings and female musicians are painted in the canopy.
Overview of the 55 meter high West Grand Buddha, the world's tallest standing statue.

Overview of the C Cave painted in lapis lazuli blue.

Traveling from the east to the west of the foothills of the Bamiyan cliffs.

A view of the feet seen from the West Grand Buddha's head. The sun casts shadows on the Buddha like a sundial.

Oasis city, peaceful scenery of Bamiyan, Bamiyan River, Poplar tree lines, and Shahr-i-Gholghola.
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