Silk Road in Rare Books

Narratives on cultural heritage along Silk Road with figures and photographs from rare books.

List of Figures

Central Asian Buddhism: Turfan and the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves [24]

The Horses of the Steppe: The Mongolian Horse and the Blood-Sweating Stallions [13]

Following in the Footsteps of Xuanzang: Aurel Stein and Dandān-Uiliq [19]

The Transmission of Buddhist Culture: The Kizil Grottoes and the Great Translator Kumārajīva [20]

The Allure of Dunhuang: The Mogao Grottoes [9]

Hedin, the Man Who Solved the Mystery of the Wandering Lake: Lop Nor and Lou-lan [14]

A Lesser Known Route: the Qinghai Route [15]

Ethnic Consciousness Seen Through the Letters: Khara-Khoto and Western Xia Characters [16]

Explorers: The Race for Information and Honor [18]

An Overview of the Silk Road: Time, Space and Themes [43]

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