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Murtuk ruins

トズルファンのムルトゥクにある、霊廟跡 M.C. RUINED SHRINES, M.C., AT MURTUK, TURFĀN.

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Murtuk ruins
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ja Innermost Asia : vol.2
en Innermost Asia : vol.2

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ja スタイン
en M. A. Stein



  • Stein Place Name - Innermost Asia / Kara-Khoja
  • Not Collated
  • Hedin Place Name - Central Asia Atlas
  • Collated
  • German Expeditions Place Name - Idikutschari
  • Not Collated (with Image Cards)
  • Huang Wenbi Place Name - Archaeological Report in Turfan / Archaeological Report in Tarim Basin
  • Collated (with Image Cards)
  • DSR Place Name - Silk Road in Photographs
  • Ruin Card

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