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0162 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2 / Page 162 (Color Image)

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758   265. JENE

kingdoms still existing then in Sumatra. This error is due to Western cartographers earlier than GODINHO, and has passed into the Chinese maps of the world prepared by Matteo Ricci and Manoel DIAZ Jr. But it is by no means certain that GODINHO really applies the name of « Java the Less » to Australia. I suspect that the same wrong directions in Polo's current text are responsible for the identification of « Java the Less » with Sumbawa.

265. JENE

genes FA, FB Bennes FB genoua R gienova TAI, TA3


januenses LT

ianzia LT   jenes FA

iene, jene F   zenoa VB

janua P, Z   zenoua VA, VL

zenouessi V   zenouexi V, VB

Genoa. We retain F's reading as probably being the spelling used by Rustichello.


gierusalem TA3 hierusalem R ieruçalern, ierusalen F

ierusalem F, LT, P, Pb, V, VB, Z ieruxalem V

jerusalem L, Z

jeruxalem VA

jherusalem FA, FB, 0; G yerusalem VL

Jerusalem. The name is now known in Uigur as UrïslIm or Uriilïm (cf. F. W. K. MÜLLER,

Uigurica, I, 6), in a Chinese Nestorian text of about the 8th cent. as i%   ej   Wu-u-shih-lien
(*•Uo-lji-§i-iiiim; cf. P. Y. SAEKI, The Nestorian Documents, T6kyô,1937, 141, 157, and Chin. texts, 25), and in Aryun's Mongolian letter of 1289 to Philip the Fair as Urislim or Uriglim (not «Urisalim» as in S. A. KOZIN, Izv. Ak. Nauk, 1935, 497). All these forms are derived from the Syriac ps.a4o1 Uriâlim.