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0175 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2 / Page 175 (Color Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000246
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278. MALAIUR   771

  1. LOR

elor FB

laor TA', TA3

ler V

lor F, FA, L, LT, P, VB,

VL,Z;R lori VA

The third of the u eight kingdoms » of Persia according to Polo, who mentions it between KurdistAn and niistân. It is of course the Luristàn, or country of the Lur, in Western Iran. On Luristan, cf. Y, I, 85; LS, 200-202, 244-245; El, s.v. « Lur » and u Luristàn », by MINORSKY. From Polo the « eight kingdoms », and among them «Lor», have passed into Fra Mauro's map (HALLBERG, 318). a 4 Lo-êrh (= Lor) appears on the Chinese map of c. 1330 and is named in the corresponding list of YS, 63, 16 b (cf. Br, II, 127).

Polo's « Lor » and the « Lo-êrh » of the Chinese are in absolute agreement with the Persian pronunciation, which is Lor. And Polo is also justified in saying only u Lor », although he uses for instance « Cielstan » and « Curdistan ». In mediaeval times, a distinction was made between « Little Lor » and « Great Lor », but the name « Luristan » for u Little Lor » does not go farther back than the 16th cent.

  1. MAFEU

mafe FA

mafeo F, Fr, t mafeu F, Ft mafeus L, LT maffe FA, FAr, FB

maffeo, mffio R mafio V, VA, VB, VL manfeus L mapheus Z

maphio VL masse (?) 0 matheus P, Pb matten TAI, TA3

This seems to be Rustichello's original French spelling for the name of Polo's uncle Matteo.


lamouich (rex) LT malains VB malaiur FB; R

Al commentators,

malanie VA malauia V

malauir F, L, TA', TA3, Z

and even GERINI (in spite of his « Malaya-vàra »

malenir VL maliur FA meleiur P

and « Malla-vira ? » in

Researches on Ptolemy's Geography, 533), are agreed that some form of Maliiyu, « Malay »,