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0012 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 12 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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289. Karlik-tagh range seen from Kara-singir, on way to Tur-köl, easternmost Tien-shan   55o

29o. On saddle of Tien-shan above Ta-shih-to station   550

  1. Temple court outside Barkul, with view towards Barkul-tagh   55o

  2. Ch`üan-tzü-chieh village, with view towards Tien-shan   55o

  3. Kazak nomads on route west of Barkul .   550

  4. North-west corner of outer circumvallation of ancient Pei-t`ing (Bésh-balik)   55o

  5. Gorge in Ümür-tagh, easternmost Tien-shan, above Bai .   562

  6. Ascent in Pa-no-pea valley above Lo-Vo-p`u-tzü, Tien-shan   562

  7. Mr. Li Shu-jung, district magistrate of Barkul   .   562

  8. Pan Ta-jên with his two sons, at Urumchi .   562

  9. Forest-clad northern slopes of Tien-shan above Ch`üan-tzü-chieh   563

  10. View to south from Pa-no-p`a pass, Tien-shan   563

  11. View down valley from about two miles south of Pa-no-• pea pass, T'ien-shan   563

  12. View down valley from about three miles above Pa-no-pea, T`ien-shan .   563

  13. Ruined shrines, M.C., at Murtuk, Turfàn   590

  14. General view of northern group of ruined tombs, Kosh-gumbaz, Kara-khôja   590

  15. Ruin, M.B. I, at Murtuk in course of clearing   590

  16. Tower of Yoghan-tura east of Khandô, seen from south-west .   590

  17. Ruined tombs at southern group, Kosh-gumbaz, Kara-khôja   590

  18. Ruin of sepulchral structure, Kao. III, at Kosh-gumbaz, Kara-khôja   590

  19. Ruins on western side of Toyuk gorge, seen from northernmost shrines   614

  20. Northernmost group of ruined shrines in Toyuk gorge   614

  21. Ruined shrines on west side of Toyuk gorge, seen from ruin Toy. vi   614

  22. Mazar of the ` Seven Sleepers ', Toyuk, looking towards mouth of gorge   615

  23. Painted ceiling of shrine, Toy. VI, Toyuk   615

  24. Cave-temples and shrines in southern portion of Bezeklik Site   615

  25. Ruined shrines in northern portion of Bezeklik Site   615

  26. Ruined shrine, Sirkip, seen from south-east .   634

  27. Ruined shrine, Sirkip, seen from north-east   634

  28. Remains of mural painting at head of colossal image of Buddha in Nirvana, shrine xiii, Bezeklik 634

  29. Mural painting showing colossal Buddha with figures of adoring Bodhisattvas, &c., shrine iii,

Bezeldik   634

  1. Jars and bowls in wood or pottery, also food tray, from funerary deposit of Ast. I. 4, Astana

cemetery .   652

  1. Tumuli above tombs in ancient cemetery near ' Bedaula• t's Town▪ ', Turfan   652

  2. Coffin with corpse from tomb Ast. ix. 2, Astana cemetery   652

  3. Head of coffin, holding wrapped corpse of man, from tomb Ast. ix. 2, Astana cemetery   ▪ 652

  4. Mummified corpses of man and woman from seventh-century tomb, Ast. ix. 1, Astana cemetery 652

  5. Painted stucco figures of monsters from tomb Ast. iii. 2, Astana cemetery .   •   652

  6. General view of northern area of ruined town of Yar-khoto, seen from south   716

  7. Ruins of large structures in centre of northern area, Yar-khoto   716

  8. Ruined houses to east of main road, Yar-khoto   716

  9. Structures excavated from clay terrace (Zindan) and other ruins in southern area, Yar-khoto . 716