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0029 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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pass and past Ch`üan-tzû-chieh.10 If there were any reason for thinking that this ` Posterior Court ' was then and in earlier periods situated on or near the point where this route debouches from the mountains, we might well look for its site somewhere in the vicinity of Ch`üan-tzü-chieh. This locality would have been particularly well suited for the summer residence of a semi-nomadic ruler. But in the absence of any direct indication, this must remain merely conjectural.


Hu. ox. Clay stucco face, small-featured. Ears and top of head missing. Eyes half open and dreamy ; black irises and well-arched eyebrows. Wrinkle under chin emphasized by black line. Flesh light ; much discoloured and cracked (prob. from heat). Lips red, divided by black line.

Surface material very fibrous and of fine texture ; backing mixed with straw. 5" x4". Pl. LXIX.

Hu. 02. Stucco relief group of two fat.tailed sheep, fighting or playing with each other. Both rear on their hind legs, facing each other, intercrossing their necks, and nuzzling with their noses on each other's shoulders. Legs all lost except one. Legs, tails, ears and horns (both the last missing) had core of iron wire.

Excellently modelled and very realistic ; high relief, farther side being unmodelled and concave from end to end. Accidentally burnt. H. of group (with leg) 5f", gr. width 5r, gr. relief r r. Pl. LXIX.

Hu. 03, 04. Two stucco fingers, nearly life-size ; long nails, conventionally modelled. Discoloured by accidental burning. Length 2f".

Hu. 05. Stucco Buddha head. Hair not modelled but merely massed, showing Usi}ita; eyes oblique. Well modelled ; back missing. Hardened and discoloured by accidental burning. 4" x 2" x I". Pl. LXIX.

Hu. o6. Stucco drapery. Lower part of richly draped figure with traces of paint in which discoloured green, white, and blue are visible. Back rough, with large hole in which charred dowel for attachment to background. Discoloured and hardened by accidental burning. Well modelled. 3I" x 2r xis". PI. LXIX.

Hu. 07. Stucco female head, small-featured. Eyes oblique and closed, head high and backward sloping, egg-shaped. Ears not modelled ; traces of dark paint suggest covering represented over head, ears, and front of neck. Small hole at neck for wooden peg. Discoloured by accidental burning. 2r" x Jr x i". Pl. LXIX.

Hu. o8. Stucco head of man, with prominent staring eyes ; broad fleshy smiling mouth ; broad nose ; receding chin; arched eyebrows. Bald head painted black at back, where is rough piece for attachment to background. White, much discoloured, and hard from accidental burning ; well modelled. Hole at neck for wooden core. xi" x i ö" x

  • ". Pl. LXIX.

Hu. oxo. Clay pedestal for small statuette ; oblong, rectang., moulded inwards towards middle and expanding again to foot. Traces of scroll and linear decoration in white paint. Two holes in top for fixing object supported. Back smooth, but undecorated. Hard grey clay. H. 2", width 3r", depth ii".

Hu. on. Stucco relief fr. Circular eight-petalled flower, applied to flat band of stucco ; petals veined down centre, and seed-vessel pitted with dots. Traces of paint. Rough work. Hard grey clay. Burnt. 5" x 2f" x i}". Pl: L.

Hu. 012. Moulded brick ; hard, grey, oblong. Face orn. with simple fret pattern in relief between raised borders. 8"x3k"xIr. Pl. L.

Hu. 013. End of pottery antefixa, with Gorgon head in relief as K.K. r. i. oi, 012, 013 ; Chiao. oi, &c. Protruding eyes, furrowed brow and cheeks ; under-lip drawn in under teeth. Sand-encrusted. Diam. 3r". Pl. LXIX.

Hu. 014. Fr. of moulded brick. Thin slab of hard grey clay, broken each end ; projection behind for attachment to some background. Face orn., between raised borders, with plant design in relief ; curving stem, and leaves or flower with narrow pointed petals, cf. Chiao. o8, 09, Pl. L. 6 " x 7" x -i" ; gr. depth of projection 2r.

Hu. ors. Fr. of stucco relief fig. of woman, draped. Head, feet, and lower ends of drapery lost. Finely modelled, the upper drapery taking form of cloak which half falls away from shoulders. The stiff upper edge on L. forms a sort of sheath, and is gathered up by arms, which it covers in swelling masses before abdomen.

A swathed infant carried on the R. arm across breast, face outwards ; lines of figure of woman suggest fertility. Painted blue with yellow and white borders, but colour and surface damaged by fire. Large hole pierced horizontally in middle of back. Woman's head, Hu. o', may belong to this. H. 51". Pl. LXIX.

Hu. o16. Frs. of iron (?) wire ; several lengths doubled, and twisted on themselves, cable-wise. Gr. length I'.

Hu. 017. Clay head of woman, in the round; as Hu. 07. Small-featured, high, backward-sloping ; oblique eyes and crooked mouth. Back of head broken off, but preserved. Remains of black paint over head to edge of face, and pink on face ; no ears. Stick core. Blackened by accidental burning. H. it".

10 See below, p. 582 sq. and n. 6.