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0072 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 72 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Kao. 029. Wooden ladle, with round flat-bottomed bowl, and straight flat handle projecting at right angles on side. Cut in one piece. Handle widens slightly and is then cut to point. In bottom of bowl, scrap of Uigur paper MS. Hole broken through bottom. Length of ladle 7", diam. of bowl 31". PL LXVI.

Kao. 030. Clay stucco human foot ; sole upwards in position of kneeling or flying. Hard, and with remains of pink paint. 2" x z}". Pl. LXIX.

Kao. 031. Bronze weight, in form of octagonal prism ; punch-marked on both octagonal faces with a broken square of dots, within centre of which a quatrefoil and another in each corner (five in all) indicating perhaps the weight value. On edges, between bands of dots a chevron of dots. Weight 3,146 grains troy. Diam. 1f", height W. Pl. LXXI.

Kao. 032,, Bronze figure of Bodhisattva, in relief with long tang at lower end, and short bent shank behind head. Figure standing on lotus ; drapery like long feathers ; hair in curls hanging to shoulders ; pose of hands, teaching. 3" x I". PI. LX\r.

Kao. 034. Circular bronze mirror, with raised edge and centre boss pierced for cord. Four Chin. lapidary characters placed crosswise in sunk space between edge and boss. Roughly cast. zi" X I". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. 085. Fr. of stone duck•charm. Bird has head in profile to R. and ruffled wings. Cut flat, with eye and feathers indicated by rough incisions. Hole drilled by

(present) R. edge, where fr. is broken off. H.   gr.
width r". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. 058. Fr. of card, with block impression of large head in centre, with small round hat and lines radiating downwards to represent beard or body. Below a pavement (?) represented by a series of black dots and in foreground I length figure in black robe. Heavy black border line with thin inner line.

Upper part torn away. Back covered with hexagonal diaper with six-petalled rosette in each hexagon, printed or painted in grey. Perhaps one of a set of playing cards. 2 " X Ii".

Kao. out. Fr. of illuminated Manichaean MS. ; parchment, torn at all edges ; Sogdian. Obv. part of two rectangular registers painted with devotional figures. Lower register : row of female figures kneeling and facing I to their R., each clasping in both hands, at breast level, an object, probably an offering. Ground on which they kneel, bright yellow, extending to R. slightly beyond limit of background, which is blue.

First figure to R. is dressed in complete pink robe outlined red, light blue sleeves outlined dark blue, dull buff girdle, black boots. Hair rippling across forehead is long, wavy, black, falling on to or behind L. shoulder, and is crowned with diadem adorned with pink lotuses (?) in front. Offering, perhaps a large fruit. Second figure, in green robe outlined black, red sleeves, buff girdle. Offering, fruit in brown-buff bowl. Boots of this and succeeding figures hidden by knees of figure to R. Third figure in dark red robe, light blue sleeves, buff girdle. Offering, a brown-buff object with crimson centre. Girdles of the three figures are continuous, but this may be due to the perishing of dividing contour lines. Fourth figure in light green robe. Contours of flesh, red. Eyes, black. L. edge of fr. extends obliquely, cutting off half of face and nearly all of fourth figure, and knees of third.

Upper register : to R. lower part of two figures seated cross-legged on yellow ground probably looking one quarter to their R., and with hands held out either clasped in adoration or holding offerings ; but this is not clear as fr. is torn away above waists. First figure in rich green robe ; red pyjamas, sleeves and girdle. One foot visible, merely outlined red on yellow ground. Second figure pale pink robe outlined red ; light blue pyjamas and sleeves (?) ; buff girdle.

Background dark blue, on which to R. proper of figures two discs side by side, one orange yellow, the other dull white. Slight traces of gold on diadem of second figure of lower register, and on blue background of upper register. To R. of painting an incomplete line of Sogdian writing. Painting much defaced. Rev. ten incomplete lines of Sogdian written in dense black ink, with vermilion punctuation marks ; see Dr. Lentz's App. R. Hard and rather brittle. 33-'ff" x I". Pl. LXXVII.


Kao. z. 02. Three frs. of silk, fine weave ; terra-cotta pink with traces of paint. Gr. fr. 2" x f".

Kao. I. i. oz. Fr. of embroidery ; floral design. Very discoloured and ragged. Perhaps toe of shoe. 41" x z".

Kao. z. ii. ox. Silk painting. Small fr. with red, blue, and yellow drapery outlined black. Also small piece of plain crimson. ze x Ii".

Kao. z. ii. 02, 038. Fresco frs., showing buff band between black lines, with crimson ground on one side, green on other ; ornamented with circles painted in red outlines. Colours of this and all subsequent pieces dimmed by sand incrustation. oa, 3I" X 3r. 038, 4" x4..

Kao. z. ii. 03, 05, 042, 046, 059, 065-6. Fresco frs. showing floral decoration on red ground. Long green scrolling stems, outlined black on shadow side and yellow on light side, throw off formal flowers at intervals, and carry open lotuses supporting decorative female (?) heads. 03, curve of stem, L. end petal of lotus, end of hair at shoulder, white drapery at side of head and circular ear ornament. Face entirely missing. To L. a shaded green border, outside which buff.

05, at upper half, scroll of stem, two L. petals of lotus, hair, head drapery, barred with thin black lines, part of cheek and ear disc, part of yellow halo. Below part of blue rosette with buff centre. Petals outlined white shaded