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0073 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 73 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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black. Centre outlined red. To L. three curved bands-buff, green and buff, beyond which black.

042, to L. green stem. To R. side of face showing R. eye rather oblique looking R., part of nose and mouth, falling barred drapery, halo shaded grey.

046, curving stem, (yellowish) halo (?). and drapery (?) of head.

059, scrolled stem rising from lower edge where two short stems R. and L. carry yellow rosettes. Volute of centre stem carries dark yellow lotus. All above broken away. Part of white (?) band to R.

065, upward scrolling stem branches R. and L. carrying blue rosettes to L. and yellow (?) to R. Volute of main scroll carries shaded pink lotus with black midribs from which issues head c. half life-size ; R. p. side of neck and cheek, ear ; long tress of hair in front of ear ; long hair at back to shoulder ; yellow disc ornament in ear, barred drapery falling stifly behind hair ; shaded yellow (?) nimbus. To L. long curved bands of buff and green, outlined white on R. side and black on L. Outside these pinkish-buff.

All frs. rather dull and faded, and very broken. 03, 4r X 4". 05, 61" x 5f". 042, 2" X 2". 046, 4" X sr. 059, 6" X 5i". 065, 9" x 7r". o66, 5" x 3f".

Kao. I. ii. 04, 013-15, 028, 033-4, 048, 063. Fresco frs., of elaborate border decoration consisting of a red band bordered with pearls, and ornamented with rosette and leaves. Outside red band on both sides a grey-blue band f" wide, one broken away, the other with double outline of white and black on one edge and the pearls of red band on other. Adjoining grey, a broad festoon-like mass of large overlapping peony-like flowers drawn in thick red lines on a buff ground.

Bold black lines suggestive of drapery folds are painted over the peony mass, extending from end to end. Outside, a black ground.

Peony orn. on 04, 013, which also has part of grey band and pearls ; o14, 015, 028, 048, 063 (faded). 033 shows red band with buff edge of rosette, with palmette arrangement of thin green leaves springing from behind. 034 is continuation of same, with buff rosette having purple inner row of petals strengthened with black, a bunch of four green leaves as in 033. Part of a second rosette or jewel adjoins, elliptical with yellow edges scalloped with black lines, and an emerald green centre bordered by white pearls. Gr. fr. (048) ion" x 5}"

Kao. z. ii. o6, 026, o3x, o39, 044, 047, 049, 052, 064. Fresco frs., showing bold floral decoration of tulip-like flowers, and long fleshy leaves. Painted in reds and yellows, with green leaves, on a warm buff-grey (?) ground. Edges of leaves are treated like fur, with black lines.

o6 shows near one edge slightly curving bands of red, buff and grey, divided by black lines. An end of green drapery appears on 03r ; 039 and 047 join. Bold work ; faded. Gr. fr. (06) 8r" x 5".

Kao. i. ii. 07, 012. Fresco frs., showing part of dress (?).

At top two overlapping scales of mail. Below these an ornamental band c. I" wide with scroll ornament in red outline on yellow ground. To R., a stiff stole of crimson with yellow lights and black contour lines. Between edge of stole and under side of band, a quadrant in yellow with red scrolled border and rayed corner. From band and quadrant hangs crimson drapery. To R. of stole, grey. 6" x 4".

Kao. z. ii. o8, oxo, 057-8. Four fresco frs., joining and showing heads and shoulders of man and woman, side by side, f to R. Man, on L., has long face ; high narrow cap close-fitting and pointed down over forehead, slopes upwards to stiff upright back, with lower part of back and ear-flaps turned up, the ear-flaps pointing forward; Straight well-formed nose and almost straight eyes. Scanty fringe of hair under peak of cap, eyebrows, drooping moustaches, beard, whiskers, and long hair falling in front of and behind ear ; all painted in series of straight detached black lines.

Face pale pink ; cap white with black outlines ; black horizontal wrinkle across forehead, and crow's-feet at corner of eye. Dark red lips. Only fr. of robe preserved, coming close round neck. L. hand against beard holds a long curving stem against L. shoulder, bearing thin green leaves and a red globular flower at top. R. hand clenched against breast, perhaps also holding stem.

Woman's face on R. is young and rounded, also painted pink with black outlines, red lips, and red spot on forehead and R. temple. Nose and eyes straight like man's.

Hair black, painted solid ; done in straight line across forehead, and turning at right angles down side of face, where it hangs in heavy mass decorated with yellow flowers, to bottom of ear. On top it is dressed in two high looped masses, curving apart and carrying between them an upright red egg-shaped orn., prob. drapery. Narrow white leaves (?) follow line of loops. Incomplete above. For style of hair-dressing generally, cf. ladies' figs. in Ser. iv. Pl. LxXIV, Ch. lv. 009-10.

For another example, incomplete, see Kao. i. ii. 051, and for a large example, incomplete, Kao. i. ii. ox6. Woman's robe also red, close round neck. Background (halo ?) white near heads and black above. Curving green stem also over woman's L. shoulder. Gr. h. 8r", gr. width (joined) 5r.

Kao. I. ii. 09. Fresco fr., showing Uigur (?) char. in black on buff ground. Gr. M. if".

Kao. z. ii. on. Fresco fr., showing part of small spiral decoration in red and blue, with blue jewel on red down-turned lotus, by one edge. Background white. Gr. M. 3f".

Kao. I. ii. oi6. Fresco fr., showing on white ground (halo ?), L. side of coiffure of female head with part of pink cheek. Red spot on temple. Hair is dressed in large bow-shaped puffs, and a loop pendent covering ear and terminating in a yellow flower. Above the two puffs is a large red disc-shaped piece of drapery, which appears again hanging

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