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0075 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 75 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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black, and three pairs of jewels in red and green. Similar to those on Kao. i. ii. on. To L. hangs a buff band, to which ends of transverse bands seem to be attached. Prob. breast of fig. Surface damaged. 6" x 3".

Kao. I. ii. 055. Fresco fr., showing curve line of bead orn., white outlined black ; with blue ground inside curve, and red ground outside, on which is red circular flower pink-edged and green leaves mostly destroyed. 3f" x 2".

Kao. I. ii. 056. Fresco fr., showing part of row of large curved petals, alternately shaded green, red and blue. Prob. part of large Padm .sana ; cf. Ser. iv. PI. LXIV, Ch. xxviii. oo6. 51" x 51".

Kao. I. ii. o6o. Fresco fr., much effaced, showing on light blue ground tassel and sheaf of scrolls in light buff with dark red outlines. Prob. part of head-dress.

n x 5 n

6   ?~ .

Kao. I. ii. 061. Fresco fr. ; surface mostly broken off ; showing on remainder part of curved pearl border, with crimson within and band of grey without. Edge of grey, white and, outside that, a broad black line following general curve. From this line, at right angles to it, are heavy black lines over white. Prob. drapery. Cf. Kao. I. ii. 020. Surface preserved. 2k" x 2".

Kao. I. ii. 062. Fresco fr., showing bands alternately grey and white, outlined with broad black lines. 61" X 4".

Kao. I. ii. 070. Piece of string, strung with small leaden disc and knotted together at ends. Length (knotted) 5", diam. of disc k". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. I. ii. 073. Fr. of glazed porcelainous stoneware ; thick bluish-white body, fine smooth glaze each side of soft reseda green. Gr. M. 2", thickness r to -1-1".

Kao. I. ii. 074. Fr. of wooden comb ; straight-backed, with very short teeth. Length (incomplete) 2", depth i", length of teeth c. A". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. I. ii. 075. a, b. Two frs. tapestry, coarse, worked in peacock tail pattern in blue, red, yellow and brown. Colours rather faded ; fabric very ragged. Gr. fr. 81" x 6". Pl. LXXXVII.

Kao. i. ii. 076. a—b. Two frs. of moulded brick ; grey, sand-encrusted. Larger (a) shows' part of circumferences of two circles joined by straight band ; band and borders of circles formed of row of large bead orn. in relief between raised lines. Fr. of raised orn. within circles, unintelligible. Smaller (b) shows part of circular eight-petalled rosette, with raised centres to petals. a, 8" x 5 " x Ir. b, 2i" x 2e" X e". Pl. LXIX.


Kao. u. 01. Fr. of burnt clay slab with Chin. inscription; soft pinkish-buff. Remains of 6 ll. Chin. chars.

incised on face, of which three are in fair condition. Gr. h. 9r", gr. width 5r".


Kao. nI. oi. Brass mirror, circular face, and handle attached, in one casting. Rev. Edge chamfered, sunk border (plain). Field, design undecipherable, prob. landscape. Handle, channelled by sunk border of circular part being continued down to it. Obv. plain. Rough workmanship. Circular face 41". Handle 31" x Thickness }". Well preserved. Pl. LXXI.

Kao. In. 01. a. Circular brass cover for face of Kao.

In. 01. Raised rim   " deep. Bottom convex, with
4 studs evenly disposed about ." within edge. Two pairs of parallel concentric circles incised. A line incised round outside of rim. Lathe-turned marks on under side. Diam. 4f". Well preserved.

Kao. HI. 02. Circular brass mirror with handle, cast in one piece. Obv. plain. Rev. of circular face, raised design representing a minstrel playing an instrument of percussion (or a species of harmonica), and prob. dancing. An audience of three boys, two dancing, one on all fours in foreground, with string of cash in front of him.

To R. p. an apple or orange tree laden with fruit ; flowers in foreground, clouds in sky. The whole design and execution spirited. Stem of tree, naturalistic. Border of subject a plain band r wide. Handle has raised edges. Well preserved. Diam. of face 3f". Length of handle 31ß" ; width r ; thickness". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. In. 03. Pair of embroidered shoes. Stout leather soles. Sides, verdigris colour tapestry, sewn to stiffening by minute stitches which give the effect of fine quilting. On front two parallel bands of plum colour tapestry, I" wide with space of i s" between, are applied from edge to sole. Between, a different kind of tapestry with pattern in buff lines.

A single line of round fine green braid runs down centre. Each edge of plum bands is worked with yellow braiding, and on each band, in fine cable braid, are linked fleurs-de-lis. Back of heel treated the same, but a single line in place of fleurs-de-lis.

On each side of central bands in front is an elaborate flower worked in Chinese feather-stitch in blues, green, pinks and yellows, and outlined with a couched thread ; similar work at heel. Edge bound with buff silk of extremely close and firm texture, beautifully shaped to the horn at instep by gathering, and with three rows of stitching. Lining crimson silk.

A most exquisite example of workmanship. The woven materials are extraordinarily close and strong, and are probably made expressly for ladies' shoes. 8" x 2 ". Pl. LXXXVIII.

Kao. In. 04. Three-footed bronze caldron. Flattened globular body ; plain rim i~" wide, sloping out at angle