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0076 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 76 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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of about i4o°. Traces of two upright loop-handles (prob. rectang. as in following exx.) at opposite points on circumference of same ; two stumps only remain.

Metal thickens into boss at centre underneath, and on this caldron actually rested. Feet are merely short curved supports, in form of claw issuing from sheath, springing from side just below line of gr. diam. and not reaching to ground. Good condition. H. 5 ", diam. of mouth 8}", gr. diam. c. 8f". Pl. LXX.

Kao. In. o5. Two-handled bronze caldron, without plain feet. Plain semi-spherical body, with boss at centre underneath, and wall thickening slightly inwards at top to form flat thickened rim. Handles, of rectang. loop shape (most of outer sides broken off), project horizontally from sides, r below rim. Two bands of fine incised lines round wall inside, near top. Outside considerably corroded, and hole in side ; otherwise good condition. H. 6r", diam. of mouth

Kao. In. 06. Two-handled bronze caldron ; same type as preceding, but of smaller diam., deeper, and without hole. H. 6I", diam. of mouth sod". Pl. LXX.

Kao. m. 07. Two-handled bronze caldron ; same type as Kao. III. 05 and o6 ; but smaller, shallower, and with wide handles upright on edge of rim instead of projecting horizontally. Several holes in side. H. 4+", diam. 9e". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III. 08. Iron cooking-pot ; small, round, flat, with (horizontal) handle broken off at one side. Above stump of handle is scalloped ornamental projection, standing upright on rim. Latter plain, slightly bevelled towards inside ; small flange " down inside, as if to support lid. Rusted, but solid. H. 21-", diam. of base 41", of rim 41". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III. og. Bronze cooking-pot ; round and flat like the preceding, with horizontal socket projecting at one side for iron handle, tang only of which remains. Socket has been added after casting of pot, and is made in one with an additional piece of bronze plate, which is fitted over rim of pot and holds side securely inside and out. Bottom of pot inside om. with two raised circles, one near centre and one near circumference. Outside moulded in very slightly receding planes towards bottom. Good condition. H. 2}", diam. of rim 61", diam. of bottom 6". Pl. LXX.

Kao. in. oio. Wrought iron or steel spear-head ; long narrow blade, with edges slightly concave to about I" from point. Shouldered towards socket, which Is long, hollow, and round in section, expanding towards end, where edge is rolled back. Rivet-hole through side, }" from edge. Good condition. Length of whole 91", of blade 4}" ; gr. diam. of socket (inside) i". Pl. LXX.

Kao. in. o11. Bronze disc, with orn. in champlevé on each side, and hole pierced through centre. Plain band on each side round edge of hole, and rim. Obv. on R., flaming-

haired three-headed six-armed demon (or Vajrapàni ?) seated on rocks (?), 1 to L. Upper hands hold aloft objects unrecognizable (but that in R. is flaming) ; middle hands joined at breast ; lower on knees hold horizontally long club or thunder-bolt.

Fig. wears long robe, but both legs are exposed to knee, R. foot resting on ground, L. bent inwards from knee. Opposite him, two kneeling demons with hands in adoration (partially destroyed), and cloud scrolls behind. Good free work.

Rev. shows three concentric rings, subdivided crosswise into panels. In panels of outer ring are 12 Chinese cyclical signs ; in panels of inner 12 Chin. chars. ; in innermost band of flower orn.

Somewhat worn and bent. Broken in several pieces now joined. Diam. 2I", of hole a", thickness at edge c.". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. m. 0I2-18. Two iron loops, prob. from harness. Quasi-elliptical in shape, with wide bowed side, at extremities of which the ends of the rod are curved sharply back towards each other and turned out again in small volutes as soon as they have touched. Rod oblong in section, narrowing to square at tips. Rusted, but fair condition. Width of loop 2r", gr. h. If", gr. width of rod l". Pl. LXX.

Kao. UI. 014-15. Two flat iron rings, plain, rusty. Outside diam. 36", inside 2r". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III. 016. Fr. of iron or steel implement, in form of hollow cone, broken off at narrow end, which is open. H. I ", diam. at large end f".

Kao. Iu. 0X7, 082-6. Cast bronze bell, like small cowbell. Broken in six pieces, but almost complete. Rectangular transverse suspension loop at top, and hole for attachment of clapper (lost). Slightly thickened rim round mouth. Plain. H. 2I", mouth 21" x if", average thickness g".

Kao. ns. oi8. Bronze bolt, round in section, with large solid quasi-conical head, roughly shaped. Length of whole of head N' diam. of pin f".

Kao. In. 019-20. Two fresco frs., showing donors, kneeling, from bottom of large composition of which frs. only remain (see 021-58). Ground shows series of alternate pink and red rectang. slabs, seen in perspective, with cream band beyond and white background above. From the cream band rises on each fr. a vertical band of grey, 2}" wide, outlined and orn. with broken scroll-work in black ; significance not fully intelligible but prob. to divide subject into panels, as in silk painting Ast. iii. 4. oio, Pl. CV, CVI.

019. Irregularly placed on the chequered flooring, or on the background above, are two roughly drawn pedestals supporting jewels or sacred emblems (?), incomplete, and a man kneeling to R., immediately behind grey band, with hands on breast. He wears a long dull red coat covering both feet and hands, and (apparently) a white