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0077 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 77 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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hood covering neck and framing face (which is painted pink) ; but upper half of head is lost. Long black lappets or locks of hair fall by sides of face and down back. Lower part of face rounded in contour, with short whiskers, beard and moustache. Remains of one 1. Uigur inscr. in front of him.

020 shows, kneeling   to R. on background above
chequered flooring, four persons, the one farthest to R. complete, and immediately behind grey band as in 019 ; the other three more or less effaced, behind him. Before each remains of one 1. Uigur inscr.

Foremost man wears long whitish-grey coat with red band, second figure light green coat, third dull red, fourth dark grey. Head of first only is preserved, and shows rounded face with oblique eyes and eyebrows, hair shaved except for fringe on forehead ; small moustache and beard, and long separate black locks hanging by each side of face and over R. shoulder. On top of head is small round black cap, with white border and small spike on top.

Between first and second figures and second and third are square pedestals or altars in perspective. Surface abraded along whole of upper edge. oz9. 1' 8" x 9" ; 020. I' I o" X 12".

Kao. III. 021-30, 032-58. Misc. small fresco frs. from composition above, 019 and 020, not joining enough to show subject of painting, though one or two incomplete groups with figs. remain. The following are the most important groups :

021, 036, 041, 051, 057 ; showing three-legged caldron amongst floating flames, red and green. Caldron filled with grey objects (indistinguishable). Two attendant demons (?) are R. and L. of caldron, the one to L. showing only L. leg and foot to knee, uplifted in violent pose on

L. edge of fr., touching flames. On R. hips, R. leg and part of L. leg of second demon with upper part of body inclined away from flames. Knees and shins of both figures seem to be protected by guards. R. figs. wears red loin-cloth bordered green, and a red flowing stole of which looped folds appear R. and L. of waist. To R. is part of vertical grey band as in 019, 020, &c. Perhaps scene from Chinese hell. H. joined II", gr. width I2-".

024 and 0S4 show part only of body of dragon (?), grey-spotted on white, with red horns or wings (?), and red under-side to curling tail. (Together) 64" x 9". Of the less important frs.-

029, 034, 035, 042, 044, 046, 047, 048, 049, 058 show vertical grey band decorated with black, as in 019, 020, with white ground each side. On L. outer edge of 058 is fr. of pink scarf or halo ; while 21" to R. of grey band (034 and 035) is vertical green band orn. with streamer o tabs (?) above (as in 020), and part of slanting cross-band of green scroll-work. Gr. h. (joined) 1' 8", gr. width 8".

022 and 053 show yellow rectang. lattice-work on red, prob. part of tiled flooring. Much effaced. Gr. fr. (o53)

9" x 5".

023 shows part of halo of concentric rings of pale pink,

yellow, red and green, with traces of green foliage beyond. 4"x2i"

025 shows part of green rounded object on red support ; perhaps part of pedestal for emblem as on 019, 020.

4" x 3".

026 and 027 show decoration of overlapping petals in grey and vermilion, with grey band on white above. 6" x 3".

028, 032, 039 show part of green scrolled band as in 029, &c., with white ground on one side, and on the other a black band on which is pink scroll-work with composite flower-bud in pink and grey filling hollows. Gr. length (joined) 9", gr. width 5".

03o shows fr. of square pedestal ; red, orange, and green ; as on 020. 6" x 3/".

033 and 038 show green band orn. with yellow scroll, and grey ground at side, on which is white quatrefoil rosette with red centre, and yellow leaf. 5f" x 3".

037 shows yellow scroll-work on green, almost completely effaced. 4" x 2".

040, 045, 050 show part of widening white band with white and green marking, and red at side. 4" x 4".

043 shows fr. of red slab with cream border as on flooring of 019, 020. 4f" x 2".

052 shows on red ground yellow disc, containing species of green quatrefoil, outlines red ; black and white band at side. 3" x 2k".

055 shows part of pedestal as on 019, with red and yellow scroll band, and part of red and white rosette orn. on grey ground, at side. 3}" x 3k".

056 shows grey ground with red and yellow ornamental band at side. Surface partly lost, and remaining part much effaced. 2" x 3i".

Kao. III. 031. Fresco fr. in several pieces. A white nude woman, head missing, stands with hands behind waist, tied to a brown post, the ligature visible round ankles. I-Ier black hair streams lank to shoulders. Breasts small but with elongated drooping nipples, each of which seems to be tied round with ligature. A black snake coils round R. p. leg, crossing over front above knee, then behind thighs, and appearing again beside L. hip (broken away).

On either side stands a demon, each with one foot raised and pressed against elbow of woman to give purchase for the use of a cross-cut saw with red handles, with which they appear to be sawing downward through woman's head. R. p. leg only of R. demon remains and both legs and up to waist of L. demon. They wear green bordered red Dhôtis and have anklets. Flesh of legs pink, shaded darker towards knees. Gobbets of three- and two-tongued red and green flame are scattered about white background.

The group stands above a yellow band, nearly 1" wide, below which is paving of alternate light and dark red slabs with receding edges running from R. to L. as though to suggest perspective. Drawing careless but expressive, and the suggestion of force applied by the upraised feet against woman's elbows well rendered.

Outlines and contours black. Drapery folds shaded. It seems to form part of lower register (kind of predella)