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0078 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 78 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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of a larger painting. Broken on all sides and L. side badly damaged by moisture. t' 3" x I' 2" (height).

Kao. III. 059. Fr. of terra-cotta grotesque dragon head in relief. Lower jaw, point of snout and back of head missing ; rugged teeth in front part of upper jaw. Two blunt leaf-shaped ears placed side by side, and two snail-shell scrolls in high relief probably representing eyes. Line of forehead rises abruptly from prominent snout. Edge of gum on lower plane than lip. Deep groove at angle of jaws and three deep grooves along ear. Rough work.

Back of fr. unmodelled. Grey ; buff on surface due to sand incrustation. Length 7", height 5f", thickness t z". Pl. LXIX.

Kao. III. o6o. Fr. of grass broom similar to Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. LXXIII, N.X. 07. Length too", width at base c. 2}".

Kao. III. o61. Wooden weighting board, from small banner. Long sides parallel, short sides converging upwards. Groove in upper edge. Painted dull yellow with scroll design rapidly painted in black line within narrow border, and with subsidiary lines in red. Cinctures across diverging curves. For shape cf. Ser.iv . Pl. LXXVII, Ch. 003. Length si'; width IA"; thickness 1a"

Kao. III.062. Fr. of wooden lath, cut to blunt point at one end and broken away at other. Roughly painted with transverse stripes ; grey-blue at point, then red, buff (?) and grey-blue. Length 24' ; width " ; thickness i".

Kao. ni. 063. Pair of shoes. Golosh composed of two halves joined at back of heel and at toe. Shape of halves is such that when joined in a centre line on top, toe is pointed and stands clear above sole. Seam turns over point dropping downwards and slightly inwards to meet front end of sole.

Halves of golosh are composed of five superimposed layers of woven material. That which comes to inside of shoe is a soft loosely woven woollen canvas ; outer layer, a fine crimson cord or repp, which is stitched to a woollen canvas backing by regularly placed stitches at intervals of about }", except for a width of about z-" next sole, giving somewhat the effect of fine quilting. Behind canvas backing is a thin loosely woven crimson woollen fabric, and between that and lining of shoe a layer of thick soft hemp (?) canvas, stitched all over with crimson thread.

Edge of mouth of shoe rises slightly towards heel ; as it approaches toe it curves inward from each side and meets in front in a sharp point directed back towards instep. It is bound with finely corded buff silk about -i" broad, except in front where it widens to 2", and again diminishes as it nears point. It is secured by three rows of stitching on outside.

On top of toe and concealing seam is an appliqué ornamental band extending from point at instep to upraised toe point, round which it wraps. The band is If" wide and divided longitudinally into three equal parts ; centre is decorated with transverse silver threads couched with yellow horse-tail' ; a simple but now unintelligible pattern

in dark brown or purple is worked over the silver. Along centre is a line of green braid stitching.

On each side of the silver is a band of purple silk gauze with a yellow silk cable cord on its inner edge and a piping of even and closely woven fine buff canvas on the outer, bound at intervals with yellow silk. On the purple, s" from yellow cord and parallel to it, is a thin line of white silk cable cord, with a second laid beside it but throwing out a trefoil scroll at intervals of i". The silver thread extends under the purple gauze and is couched to a dark grey or black fabric which is backed with fine crimson plain cloth. Heel seam is covered with same appliqué ornament.

Below point of toe the seam is curiously roughly sewn, forming a bunched mass of many thicknesses; it continues for about if" into the sole, which seems to be cut for that distance for the purpose of being sewn up again.

Sole is only I r broad ; has straight parallel sides and is rounded at ends. It is quilted in regular lines forming transverse ribs about A" wide. Its outer covering is strong, closely woven buff hemp cloth.

Both shoes are well preserved, but have holes here and there eaten by insects or rodents. A small fr. of oxidized iron adheres to edge of one shoe, and several frs. to sole and side of other. Length of sole 8k". Both shoes are flattened out and in that condition measure across middle 41" (cf. Kao. III. 03). Pl. LXXXVIII.

Kao. In. 064. Turned wooden finial, with round tenon f" in length and in diam. at foot. Mushroom head on short neck, and flattened spherical body with sharp-edged ring moulding above and below ; at bottom, plain cylindrical portion cut down sq. to tenon. Cracked. II. with tenon 3r, gr. diam. 24".

Kao. III. 065-81. Misc. frs. of cast bronze, the majority convex and apparently from sides of caldrons ; some showing rib on outer side. 073, in three pieces, joining, shows thickened everted rim of caldron, and shoulder with mark of small loop-handle (broken off) and line of junction of parts of mould. Gr. M. (o73, joined) arc of rim 8", h. 3".

Kao. III. 087-97. Misc. frs. of cast bronze ; small, mostly flat. Plain. Gr. M. 21,36ff.

Kao. III. 098. Fr. of rim of iron vessel. Very slightly everted, and almost flat. Faint horizontal grooves below lip. 2g"xtr.

Kao. III. ogg. Thin wrought iron (?) saucer ; flat-bottomed, with low curving side and plain edge. Three small holes equidistant from each other by edge. Rusted. Diam. of rim 5k", h. 2". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III.0100-3. Four thin stamped iron (?) saucers, flat-bottomed, like preceding. ozoo has fluted sides, scalloped at edge ; ozoz has sides in eight shallower scallops and rim turned out flat, forming octofoil ; 0102 and 0/03 lightly grooved and scalloped in six foils only Rusted. Diam. 41", h. f'. Pl. LXX.

Kao. III.0104. Thin wrought bronze bowl or cooking-pot ; shallow, flat-bottomed, but convex sides curving in