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0079 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 79 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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again towards top. Edge not thickened, but has raised bead mould running round outside, ;}" below top.

Fr. of bronze sheet clamped and riveted on, on one side; for attachment of handle, but handle itself torn off. Bent, and edge broken, but fair condition. No orn. Diam. of bottom 41", gr. diam. 6$", h. 2". PI. LXX.

Kao. III. 0105. Iron casque; of type worn in Han times and by Rajputs in India. Edge drilled with six holes more or less equidistant from each other for attachment of chain-mail curtain. At apex hole c. I " in diam. covered by a circular domical piece of iron, with scalloped edge or crest which formed base of spike and is attached by four rivets. Hole (unintentional) broken through this. Rusted. Diam. of edge 7I", h. 34". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III. oio6. Bronze bowl ; lathe finished ; broken in three. Shallow, with slightly rounded bottom and curving sides, turning in slightly to plain rim. Hole in bottom mended in antiquity with rough patch of bronze on outside, and another within.

Inside and out decorated with incised orn. Bottom, outside, with four-pointed star, over which is imposed ` St. Andrew's Cross ' ; both star and cross formed of plain bands outlined by pairs of lightly incised lines, and the whole contained within a circular ring at spring of sides. Interior of star, spaces between arms and cross and points of star, covered with punched circle and dot orn., which also decorates circumference of circle and arms of cross.

Sides lightly engraved in lotus-petal orn., with two annular lines below rim ; spandrels between tips of lotus-petals, and plain bands between the annular rings again filled with circle and dot orn. Bottom (inside) orn. with two groups (outer and inner) of three bands of circle and dot orn. between incised lines ; the innermost of the six turning inwards to form pair of spirals within circle. Remainder of circle filled with three pairs of curved bands, following upper curve of spirals to circumference, and (above) triple-pointed leaf (?) ; interspaces filled with small circle and dot orn.

All om. very lightly marked. Fair condition. H. of bowl 2f", diam. of rim 5-r, thickness of metal 4FS" to 2". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III. 0107. Thin bronze saucer (lamp ?), with wide flat ear-handle projecting from one edge. I- candle and bowl made in one piece, exactly like a modern jeweller's pan. No orn. Flat bottom. Cracked and dented. Diam. of bowl 2i", h. i ". Pl. LXX.

Kao. III. 0108—g. Two iron (?) discs. ozo8, plain (doubled over). 0109, with flat sq. lug projecting from edge at one side, and two rivet-holes near it. Rivet-hole broken) also by edge opposite. Doubled over irregularly. Diam. (0108) a", (0109) 3'.

Kao. III. ono. Fr. of sheet bronze, from armour (?). Roughly oblong ; three sides straight and edge curled over ; fourth side curved, also turned over and ` wired '. At one end of fr. wire projects and is turned back to form loop.


At other, the end of sheet bronze is turned over it ; but hole is pierced through bronze below it. Smaller hole is also pierced below bar at two other points. Possibly ` patch ' from repair of bronze vessel. 4" x (gr. width) 21".

Kao. III. ou i. Curved bronze handle, for caldron or pan. One end lost ; other bent back forming hook-shaped loop. Main part of handle oblong in section, with wide faces on outer sides, and narrow faces above and below ; oblong lessening to square at loop. Signs of wear towards broken end. Fine green patina. Arc of fr. 6f", gr. girth I" x Pl. LXX.

Kao. In. 0112. Fr. of iron (?) bar, sq. in section ; cut off at one end, broken at other. 1I" x I".

Kao. in. 0I13. Iron rivet•plate ; fiat strip with ends rounded, and hole through each. ii" x

Kao. III. 0114. Fr. of white metal foil ; irregular shape, hard, not corroded. Cf. Kao. III. 0133. Gr. M. 1".

Kao. III. 0115. Fr. of bronze foil, thin ; has been scalloped (?) along one curved edge. Gr. M. IN-".

Kao. in. oI16. Iron hook with lozenge-shaped plate at top, moulded in one. Hole pierced through middle of plate. End of hook broken off. Length of whole I A", plate 1" x i". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. III. 0I17. Fr. of iron sheet, rolled into tube. Apparently riveted over some tube-shaped object, perhaps end of knife-sheath ; rivet-holes at edges, corresponding to each other as fr. is rolled, but obj. now somewhat out of shape. Rusted. Length 3", gr. width as rolled in

Kao. III. 0118. Bronze buckle ; broken in two and tongue lost. Circular hoop, with oblong loop at back for attachment, made in one piece. Not corroded. Length 1", diam. of hoop is", width of loop I".

Kao. III. 0119. Fr. of iron rod, bent into U-shape. Broken each end, round in section. Rusted. Length i", width at top

Kao. III. 0120-1. Two iron rings, open at ends, which are finished with rotund knobs. Rusted. Approx. diam. of 0120 r, of 0121 g".

Kao. III. 0122. Iron ring, open at ends, which are thinned for lapping. Round section thicker at centre than at ends. Rusted. Outside diam. of ring about 1g". Section, gr. thickness, s "

Kao. In. 0123. Iron staple, linchpin pattern, made of flat, tapered wire ; points corroded. Linked to it a roughly round rod squared and tapered at link end, where it is doubled over into loop which engages with eye of staple and swings loose.

Broken at thick end ; rusted but strong. Length of staple If" ; gr. breadth of wire 1 ~ ", thickness about ". Length of rod 2f" ; gr. thickness i".

Kao. III. 0124. Iron hinge, made of two small oblong rivet-plates with hooked ends linked to small ring, the hooked ends being made large to admit of play. Other ends of plates are rounded ; and through them and also