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0082 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 82 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Kao. III. 0183. Fr. of brass orn., flat, stirrup-shaped, with projecting pierced ring at top and each corner. Face orn. with line of small incised circles between parallel lines, following outline of orn., and broken only by small curved line drawn round holes at corners and top. Roughly made. H. 1", gr. width fg".

Kao. III. 0184. Fr. of iron, roughly oblong in section, tapering ; from obj. indeterminable. Gr. M. I}".

Kao. III. o185. Small copper plate ; rectang., double, front and back held together by copper rivets at four corners. I" x I ".

Kao. In. o186-gI. Six frs. of brass foil ; various shapes, crumpled, with rivet-holes ; uses uncertain. oz88 bent round small flat bronze obj. with rounded end ; or90 also bent into tube. Gr. M. (0186) r}".

Kao. In. 0192. Fr. of bronze plate ; thin, oblong. Crumpled and cracked, with rivet-hole in two corners and two others near other corners. Ends broken. 1 }" xis".

Kao. III. 0193. Fr. of whitish grey metal ; irregular shape. Gr. M. t".

Kao. III. 0194. Iron ornament, forming part of attachment, prob. from harness. In form of perpendicular bar, turned back at top to form loop through which is ring. " below top is wide straight cross-bar, and lower end forks into two shorter up-curving arms. Ends of cross-bar and arms rounded, each with rivet at back, one apparently holding fr. of leather. Back flat ; edges in front, rounded. Well made ; rusted. H. in width of cross-bar 2", diam. of ring 16". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. III. 0195-6. Two bronze rings, round in section ; plain, good condition. Outside diam. (oz95) I â", (or96) r; thickness A" and c. ".

Kao. III. 0197. Iron (?) ring, rectang. in section, rusted. Diam. IA", thickness }".

Kao. In. 0198. Iron (?) strap-loop ; flat strip bent into form of oblong, the ends overlapped and welded, with one long side slightly pinched in. Slightly rusted. Loop I r

x ;i." (gr. width).

Kao. ru. 0199. Iron (?) ring, irregularly circular, made of flat strip bent into shape ; ends overlapping. Slightly rusted. Diam. c.

Kao. In. 0200. Iron ornament ; of long lozenge-shape, terminating at one end in stem which bifurcates to R. and

L., each branch forming double curve. All outer edges rounded off. At back of lozenge two rivets still holding frs. of leather. Prob. from harness ; rusted. Length I)<", gr. width of lozenge A", width across branches qv", thickness }".

Kao. In. 0263. Fresco fr. ; shows on white ground an attenuated nude grey demon with red lips and straggling hair on chin and armpits, leaping to L. with upraised arms and head looking down. Length of leg from knees to ankles exaggerated ; feet, small. Gobbets of flame are scattered on background. Work very careless, but drawing of L. p. shoulder shows knowledge of correct form. Yellow band and red paving as in Kao. III. 031, of which it probably is a part. 9" x 9".

Kao. In. 0264. Frs. of cloth. (a, b) Coarse canvas with a few grey-blue painted lines. c. z" x 4'. (c) Pink woollen material with floral pattern in yellow silk (?). 3" x I".

  1. Finer silk material, plain with traces of paint. Ragged. 3" X 2'.

Kao. III. E. oI. a-b. Two frs. of printed silk. Plain firm texture, printed with dull red ground and flower pattern in resist'. In (a) several pieces joined, the majority showing rows of formal five-petalled rosettes, 18" x 8".

  1. shows sprays of less conventional five-petalled flowers with leaf. 7" x 5". Pl. LXXXVI.

Kao. In. E. 02. a-c. Three fabric frs., from passage floor. (a) Two frs. of silk tapestry. Weft of one (pink, green, yellow and black) almost completely gone and design irrecoverable ; warp of thick twisted threads of natural-coloured silk beautifully made. Other a strip with black, cream, jade green, and yellow weft showing fragmentary design. Both very finely worked. 7" x (gr. width) If" and 53" x (gr. width) I". (b) Fr. of loosely woven woollen fabric in checked design of blue, red, and white. 4-" x

  1. Scrap of silk, printed with dark-blue ground and pattern in resist of which only two trefoil-heads remain. Clogged with sand. 3" x I".

Kao. In. E. 03. Wooden inkpot ; cylindrical, thin walls, rounded inside bottom. Originally covered outside with black lacquered leather which still remains on bottom and part of side. Lip broken and split, with black band of paint on outside. Blackened with ink inside, and containing ink-soaked woollen rag. Height 1i", diam. Ig". Pl. LXXI.


Kao. Iv. oI. Iron arrowhead, with three blades projecting from central tapering ferrule ; blades thin, sharp-edged, only slightly barbed. Ferrule swells in diam. to 2-6", I." from head ; then is suddenly cut down to " diam. and ends in long tapering tang. Rusted. Length of whole 5g", of tang 2", of head 1}", gr. width of blades '. Pl. LXXI.

Kao. v. 01. Fr. of double-sided wooden comb, coarse and fine. 3" X 2' X


Kao. v. 02-9. Wooden ' sacrificial ' pegs. Rough pieces of cherry (?) wood with bark on, sharpened at one end into three-sided point, the other end rough and showing evidence of having been hammered. 02 and 07 have Uigur characters written on cut surfaces. o6 is unlike the others, being round, smooth and sharpened with many facets. Av. length 2r", ay. thickness ))". Pl. LXXI.

Kao. v. 010. Fr. of glass ; spongy, pale green ; slightly curved. g' x k'.