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0096 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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Toy. r. ii. or. Strip of wood with traces of painting. Mitred at one end and chamfered at one long edge. Broken at other end. Three pin-holes along square edge with iron pin remaining in one. 9e" x x

Toy. I. ii. 03. a. Fr. of painting on paper. Three Buddha figures in a row, seated. Outlines may be printed. Faces broad, hair with low Usnisa black ; nimbus and body halo. First from L. : has dark red robe and green under-robe ; nimbus dark pink with lighter edge. Halo dark green with lighter border ; Dhyànamudra. Second : vermilion robe and nimbus light green or grey ; halo abraded, Abhayamudra (?). Third : nimbus as first. Only first figure nearly complete. Second shows L. shoulder and hand, with part of face. Third, only top of hair. Paper tough, smooth, sand-encrusted. 51" x 3".

Toy. I. ii. 03. b. Fr. of print on paper. Rough outline head of Buddha and part of nimbus of a second to L. Simple scrolls above. Paper buff and torn at all edges. if" xIe".

Toy. I. ii. 03. c. Fr. of silk painting. Towards one corner a pavilion with red posts and blue and white valence. Floral masses chiefly occupy remaining space. Rather careless work. 51" x 4I".

Toy. I. ii. 03. d. Fr. of silk painting. Life-size full-face with Tilaka, half-closed eyes and closely curled hair indicated by outline only ; long ear and rainbow-bordered halo ; face red. Bad work. Very ragged. 6e" x 4 ".

Toy. u. or. Fr. of fresco, showing succession of curved bands, prob. part of nimbus. Counting from inner side, first dark grey with blue line, then red, dark buff, black line, dark red. Broken on all sides. Traces of lighter colour at inner edge of first band. 3" x zk"

Toy. u. 02. Woven string shoe ; slipper type, lined and bound with leather. String sole, mostly perished. Uppers woven to shape, in a peculiar stitch giving appearance of rows of knitting. Excellently made ; but now in bad condition. Length c. Io".

Toy. II. 03. Quilted cloth shoe ; slipper type, elegantly shaped, with pointed toe and ` hour-glass ' waist. Upper cut in two pieces, seamed at toe, and joined by insertion of third sq. piece at heel. Several layers of buff cotton are used, quilted together by running thread ; toe-cap has been covered with silk and orn. with floral embroidery and small rosette made of fine cable braid. Similar braid binds opening of shoe.

Sole much caked with sand, obscuring fashion of making ; but apparently composed of several layers of cloth into which string is inwoven in close-set clusters of knots making rough under-surface. Excellently made ; now

much encrusted with sand and part of side torn away. Length 91". Pl. LXVI.

Toy. rt. 04. String sandal ; of same pattern as XT. xxiii.

f. or (q. v.). Part only preserved. Length (incomplete) 61". Toy. II. i. or. Fr. of stucco human ear ; fibrous. Traces

of pink paint. 3g" x rk".

Toy. II. i. 03-4. Two stucco relief frs. ; R. human ears. 04 prob. pair of Toy. H. i. or. Soft clay, orig. covered with paint and gilding. Much of latter remains on o3. Lengths 3" and 31".

Toy. nr. or. Two frs. of woollen pile carpet ; warp of twisted buff yarn ; weft of crimson or dark green, untwisted. Green and other colours introduced as pile to form pattern. This was prob. simple geometric or linear, but fr. is too small to show. Worn and sand-encrusted. Gr. fr. 6I"x3"

Toy. In. 02. Fr. of pottery ; flat, orn. with slightly curved bands of comb-drawn wave pattern alternating with plain incised line. Parts of two bands preserved. Light grey. Gr. M. 6".

Toy. In. 03. Fr. of mouth of pottery vessel ; plain lip, flat on top, slightly everted. Pink-grey ; wheel-made. Diam. c. 4".

Toy. uI. 04. Fr. of pottery bowl ; flat base and part of side curving out at wide angle. Grey ; wheel-made. Gr. M. 6h".

Toy. III. o5. Fr. of pottery vessel, flat-bottomed, thick, wheel-made ; grey. Outside eroded. Gr. M. 3k".

Toy. uI. 06. Fr. of pottery bowl ; circular base, and about a quarter of side, curving out at wide angle, then rising straight, and finally turning out again to plain lip. Incised annular line at junction of curve and straight. Well shaped. Made on wheel. Grey, clay well washed. Surface polished with metal tool. Diam. of base z", of rim when complete c. 5".

Toy. III. 07. Fr. of pottery bowl ; thick, grey, wheel-made, slightly curving in to rim. Diam. of rim when complete c. 4".

Toy. III. 08. Fr. of base of pottery vessel or stand. Solid, flat, circular when complete. Upper edge bevelled off, giving wide sloping surface which is orn. with band of incised chevron ; the angles of this are again bisected by straight incised lines. Flat surface on top, and lower part of side, orn. with punched rings. Hard blackish-grey body. Chord 7f", thickness re". Pl. CIII.

Toy. III. og. Fr. of wall of pottery vessel ; grey, fine texture, wheel-made. Shows one line of wave pattern made with blunt point, and annular line above and below cut deep with some sharp narrow-pointed instrument. From