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0099 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 99 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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red paint, which in some is blackened by discoloration. Gr. h. 1r, gr. width r.

Toy. Iv. 052-8. Stucco relief frs. of ornamental band. Pattern, a series of conventional skulls in some of which the teeth are visible. Covered with white or pink wash ; 057 and 058 discoloured. Gr. length 2", width 1". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. iv. 059-61. Three frs. of stucco relief band; 059 ribbed transversely ; 060-1 also ribbed transversely but with two plain mouldings along one edge. Gilded and discoloured. Slightly curved. Gr. length 2", gr. width IV.

Toy. Iv. 062-5. Four stucco relief frs. of orn., resembling recumbent almond with upward curved point, resting in a sheath or calyx. Calyx is in two portions, one extending in long tapering leaf under lower edge of almond and reaching to the tip of curved point ; the other a short blunt-pointed leaf supporting lower part of base of almond. Flat ; extended below to blunt point, which is pierced with small hole. Sheath gilded ; almond painted red, discoloured to blue-black. Main portion also painted behind. 064 incomplete. Length xi", gr. width 1". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. iv. o66. Fr. of stucco relief orn. ; on end of four-pronged Vajra (?) rising from lotus. Gilded. i" x)".

Toy. Iv. 067. Stucco relief fr. ; topknot of hair or drapery spreading out in fan fashion. Gilded in front; painted red behind. i" x i".

Toy. iv. 068. Stucco relief fr. ; part of armlet band from fig. as on fr. Toy. Iv, 09, &c. Gilded. pa" x i".

Toy. iv. 069. Stucco relief fr., representing skull ; as Toy. Iv. ii. 056 and 057, but crown in this case flat and painted black. Shallow circular holes for orbits ; two incised curves to mark nose ; and upper row of teeth without lower jaw. Cf, 024-5, 052-8, Pl. LXXII." x

Toy. iv. 070. Stucco relief fr. Small bunch of drapery hanging from circular clasp or jewel. Remains of red paint and gilding. i" x

Toy. Iv. 071. Stucco relief fr. ; flat band twisted round another band and ending in foot-like member with four well-marked fingers or toes. Too fragmentary to be exactly determined. Length re, average width i".

Toy. Iv. 072-122. Fifty-one small stucco relief heads. Roughly modelled ; majority very narrow and long, but 072-5 and 098 short and round, and 0121, 0122 each a pair of short round heads side by side. Faces painted green, blue, red, yellow, or flesh colour with mouths, eyebrows, and eyelashes crudely indicated by black lines, and hair in narrow topknot also black. Eyes always represented as shut.

. A few heads have the mouth painted in red ; the short round heads have usually moustache and small beard marked in black. Paint worn off faces of many, leaving white wash underneath ; application uncertain. Average size : narrow heads iv x j" ; round heads fa" x i". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. 0123-8. Six stucco relief jewel orns.; convex elliptical cabochon jewel in middle, surrounded by smaller long-shaped jewels between raised mouldings. Gilded ; 0123-4 discoloured to black. Ii" x

Toy. w. 0129-32. Four stucco relief rosettes ; small, circular, eight-petalled with ring of beads in middle round central bead. Gilded over red paint ; 0130 discoloured. Diam. r.

Toy. Iv. 0133. Stucco relief rosettes, circular, with round convex centre within raised moulding, and six short wide petals. Gilded over light red paint. Diam. i".

Toy. Iv. 0134. Stucco relief jewel orn. Circular boss within plain moulding. Gilded ; blackened. Diam. i".

Toy. Iv. 0135. Stucco relief jewel orn. Blunt heart-shaped jewel within raised moulding. Gilded ; blackened.


Toy. iv. 0136. Fr. of stucco relief jewel orn. Remains of two circular cabochon jewels side by side, and one pear-shaped above, all within raised mouldings. Signs of another (pear-shaped ?) below, marking lozenge-shaped orn. (?) Gilded, and discoloured to black. Gr. M. IT'.

Toy. Iv. 0137-40. Four stucco relief frs. Ends of drapery as Toy. Iv. 010-16 but with curved upper ends broken off. Gilded over vermilion (?) paint discoloured to blue-black. Gr. M. 2". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. iv. 0141. Miniature stucco trident (Vajra ?) head ; made with straight central, and three curved prongs meeting at points and gathered together at base. Gilded over red paint ; neatly made ; broken off below. L. xi", gr. width of prongs where curved out }". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. 0142-3. Two miniature stucco halberd-heads (?), in relief. Straight point, supported on either side by curved member ; the whole having roughly the appearance of a buckle with long tongue. Gilded over light red paint. L. xi", gr. width i".

Toy. ay. 0144. Miniature stucco mallet, with stick handle. Cylindrical head with slight waist, painted red (blackened). Prob. attribute from small fig. L. 2", head diam. r, width f". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. 0145. Fr. of arm of stucco fig., as Toy. iv. 09, &c. Broken off immediately below turn of elbow, and part of remaining portion broken away from stick core. Painted red, partly discoloured to metallic black, with gilded bracelets on upper arm. Length (together) 2i".

Toy. Iv. 0146. Fr. of painted stucco, showing gilded band of bead orn. in relief, and flat surface below painted white and pale green. Gr. M. xi-V.

Toy. iv. ii. or. Fr. of fresco, showing upper part of Dhvaja or victorious banner, a symbol of Kuvera. At top of banner a yellow knob ; below, a flounce of green cloth from beneath which issues a dark red flounce. Background dark blue ; abraded. 6" x 4".

Toy. Iv. ii. 02. Fr, of fresco, showing straight gilded