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0101 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 101 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Remains of white wash on 057. Good condition. Cf. Toy. Iv. 069. H. xi", gr. width r*". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. iv. ii. o58. Fr. of stucco eyeball, from large head, prob. monster's. Convex ; ball painted red, iris white, and large pupil highly glazed black with gilded spot in centre. Fr. of low ridge of eyelid preserved along one edge. 2" X Ir. Pl. LXXII.

Toy. iv. ii. 059. Fr. of stucco face-mask ; showing lower half of face and R. eye. Surface of nose gone. Traces of white paint in eye. Conventional type with full square cheeks, upcurved mouth, and slightly oblique eye. Burnt hard. Width 2". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. rv. ii. o6o. Stucco relief head ; male, round-faced, with raised eyebrows modelled as ridges, down-dropped eyes, long curved nose, small chin, small mouth upturned, and projecting ears. Hair combed straight up from forehead, apparently into peak, but top broken off. Burnt hard. xi" x xi". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 061. Stucco head ; front half ; male, prob. of warlike deity. Heavy and severe, with straight strongly marked features set close together in middle of face. Eyes large and well opened, with prominent eyeballs ; short strongly aquiline nose ; conventional curved mouth ; broad full jaw. Eyebrows shown by wide low ridges with arched and jagged edge, rising above eyes. On bridge of nose are two horizontal wrinkles surmounted by a small trefoil palmette, and above this rises third eye, set perpendicularly.

Whole of face painted vermilion ; eyes apparently in black and white. Hair black, combed straight off face in low ridge, and passing under gilded band, but behind this broken off. Face was moulded separately and affixed to stucco core, which remains, filling up back. H. 3i", gr. width 2i". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 062. Fr. of stucco face-mask, from head resembling Toy. iv. ii. o6x, PI. LxxII, prob. same mould; shows three eyes, eyebrows, and nose. Painted black, with some red on eyeballs. Cleanly modelled. Ii" x xi".

Toy. iv. ii. 063. Fr. of stucco relief fig. ; L. breast, shoulder, and upper arm slightly stretched out sideways. Robe painted crimson ; no detail left. Sand-encrusted.

  • 2i" x 3i"

Toy. iv. ii. 064. Fr. of stucco relief ; triple band, gilded, with fr. of background at side. Ii"

Toy. iv. ii. 065. Fr. of stucco relief face-mask, resembling Toy. iv. ii. o61, 062, but slightly smaller. Shows most of L. side of face with nose, mouth, and third eye above nose. Face vermilion ; eyes white with black pupil and blue rim to eyeball ; edge of eyebrow dark blue ; mouth grinning and showing white teeth. H. IN", width xi". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. o66. Fr. of stucco relief orn., gilded. Design too fragmentary to be fully intelligible. Part of curling leaves visible at R. and L. with two trefoil petals,

one overlapping the other, between. Gilding still bright. x I}".

Toy. xv. ii. 067. Fr. of stucco relief lotus petal, prob. from Padmâsana. Curves slightly sideways as if at turn of Padmâsana. Gilded over red paint. Incomplete at top. 3" x 2i".

Toy. Iv. ii. 068. Fr. of stucco relief drapery ; waved bottom of folds. Remains of red paint (and green in hollows) over white wash. 2" x ri".

Toy. iv. ii. 069. Stucco relief fr. ; flat band, slightly curved, with sunk channel along middle, painted green. Remainder painted white. 4i" x 2i".

Toy. iv. ii. 070—I. Two frs. of stucco relief band, joining ; part straight leading to circular curve ; with channelled surface leaving narrow raised edge each side. Gilded, but much of gilding lost. 3i" and 3" x Ii".

Toy. iv. ii. 072. Fr. of stucco relief orn. Two channelled bands, side by side, dividing and curving away from each other at either end. Both ends broken. Gilded, and gilding well preserved. 4" x 2i".

Toy. iv. ii. 073. Two frs. of stucco relief architecture. Larger piece shows two-stepped base with flat buttress or pilaster above, projected }" from attached ` wall '. Width of pilaster 2" ; width of ` wall ' to R. x i" where there is a corner ; other side broken away. Stepped base follows recession of wall surface from pilaster. Rise of first step i", tread i" ; second step }", tread N. Smaller fr. shows central sq., edged band, with shorter band on lower plane at each side ; relation to larger fr. not determined. Both covered with white wash. Gr. fr. 41" x 2" ; smaller 2" x

Toy. Iv. ii. 074. Stucco relief frs. A number of small curled flames ; some partially embedded on stucco background with outer curve disengaged ; some detached but evidently originally in similar position. Prob. from edge of halo ; cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. Lv, D. n. 55.

Curls separately moulded, with evenly ribbed surface. Traces of red paint over white wash. Frs. consist of one lump of stucco carrying three curls, another carrying two, and three detached ' curls. Gr. lump 6" x 3' ; average length of curls 2i". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. iv. ii. 075. Fr. of painted stucco Padmâsana ; in horizontal section, straight ; in vertical section, a base about E high has upper roughly flattened surface from ti" to 21." broad, sloping slightly upwards. From this in a gentle backward curve rises surface about 3" high and receding about 3i" at its upper broken edge.

Upper portion shows green background, on which are three gilded lotus petals in relief, slanting towards L. and hanging downwards. The lobes of each petal are finished off at tips with volutes turning inwards in continuation of inward chamfered edges. Centre portion of petals rises in keeled projection above volutes, and pointed tip issues from between the curves. Much of gilding lost, and