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0102 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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[Chap. XVIII

whole of upper edge of petals. Lower part unpainted. Whole fr. 12" X 7i" ; petals c. 4}" x 3}". Pl. CIII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 076. Clay votive relief; as Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXIX, Sassik-bulak. oo1-2. A pear-shaped lump of clay with rounded back and flat face, showing impression of Buddha seated in shouldered' niche with rounded top. Legs crossed with feet upturned ; both hands apparently at breast, but much worn. Standing fig. at each side, with hands apparently in adoration ; that on L. showing long Dhoti draped from hips ; perhaps attendant Bodhisattvas.

B. seated on straight Padmasana with double row of petals, upward and downward pointing ; the whole supported on a platform with open legs, between two of which appears grinning monster face, with narrow forehead, small round eyes, and widely distended cheeks and mouth. Second head on R. completely lost.

In sky above upper end of niche, remain small raised figs. too worn for recognition, but perhaps representing small adoring divinities or miniature shrines. Originally very fine work, but detail now almost all worn away. 3" x (gr. width) 2+".

Toy. Iv. ii. o77. Clay votive relief, as the preceding, but upper end lost above chin of fig. Shows Buddha seated in niche, as before, between two standing Bodhisattvas (?) ; but R. hand in Bhûmisparga-mudra, L. hand in lap. Upper part of two monster heads with round distended eyes, preserved between supports of platform. Below platform a Bràhmi inscription in relief. Remains of fine beading and other decoration visible on sides of niche. 2 j;" x (gr. width) 2;}". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 078. Clay inscr. votive relief, as preceding but much less worn ; showing Manjusri (?) seated cross-legged on crouching lion upon circular saddle-cloth, bordered with pearls. Bva. has both hands at breast, high narrow tiara on head, ear-rings, and jewelled chains about waist and hips ; but detail of fig. otherwise worn away. Long horseshoe nimbus behind head, and horseshoe halo with beaded edge behind figure. Lion has tufted tail, wears jewelled collar, and turns head up over M.'s R. knee.

By M.'s L. side is three-tiered Stnpa in miniature, with niches containing tiny heads of figs. ; above nimbus is tree with rounded masses of foliage. By L. side of nimbus an upright sword and on R. a globular vase. Down each edge of the whole relief run Brâhmi chars. in relief, partially worn. Very fine work. 3" x 2}".

Toy. Iv. ii. 079. Fr. of stucco L. hand ; part of fingers and palm. Flat. Thumb lost. 3f" x 2".

Toy. Iv. ii. 080-94. Fifteen frs. of small stucco arms, to match hands 034-40. Soft clay, with stick cores. Most are from upper arm, some showing turn of elbow ; and majority show gilded armlets with or without high plaque orns., as Toy. iv. 040-51. Painted red, blue, or pink ; one in fine dark blue evidently belongs to Toy. iv. ii. 040. Gr. length (o8o) 3e", gr. diam. (o8z) I1". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. ii. 095. S tucco finger (?), over life-size, broken off below second joint. Seems to be made with outer casing of plaster c. }" thick, painted blue, white, and black, which has scaled off from much of the core. Two incised grooves, marking inside bend of joint, are scored across the stucco core where casing has broken away. Possibly not a finger, but part of snake. Poor condition. Length 4", diam. 1".

Toy. iv. ii. og6. Stucco relief fr. of snake (?). One side flat, the other rounded, with semicircular punched marks to represent scales. Traces of dark paint. 3" x

Toy. Iv. ii. 097. Stucco fr. Rounded bar bent in curve. Remains of black paint. Part of snake (?). Length 31", diam.

Toy. iv. ii. 098. Stucco relief fr. Rounded, with remains of gilded hoop orn., appliqué on white painted surface. 21" x 2".

Toy. Iv. ii. ogg. Stucco relief fr. Slightly convex surface, painted white, with tip of gilded crescent (?) orn. in relief in corner. 4" x 3".

Toy. Iv. ii. woo. Stucco relief fr. from drapery (?). Painted green. I" x

Toy. iv. ii. oxoi. Stucco knob ; remains of bright blue and crimson paint. Polished. Length a", diam. e" x I".

Toy. Iv. ii. 0102. Stucco jewel orn. ; elliptical convex jewel in centre, with inner and outer bead border. Space between borders divided into oblong panels by bars of similar bead orn. One end broken. I jé" (incomplete) x 1}".

Toy. Iv. ii. oxog. Stucco relief fr. ; convex surface, painted white. Indeterminate. 2" x

Toy. iv. ii. 0104. Stucco relief fr. White-painted surface, slightly convex. Indeterminate. 3" x 21".

Toy. iv. ii. 0105. Miniature stucco halberd-head, as Toy. iv. 0142-3, but made in round. Gilded over red paint. One side detached. e" x f".

Toy. iv. iii. 01. Fr. of silk, turned over and hemmed at both long edges. Woven in small chequer. Cinnamon brown. 61" x 21".

Toy. Iv. iii. oi. a. Fr. of paper, with part of block impression showing scroll border, white on black ; part of pavement with lowest step of altar and a few streamers of cloth below corner of black-bordered robe. Reverse part of three lines Uigur. 2}" x I}".

Toy. Iv. lii. ox. b, c. Fr. of paper, in two pieces, with rough sketch of legs, one foot, part of tail, &c., of large bird. Reverse, several columns of Chinese text. Discoloured and ragged. Gr. fr. (b) 5" x 3f".

Toy. Iv. iii. 02. Fr. of paper with rough sketch showing part of Padmàsana, R. p. arm (painted white) and a few lines of drapery. Reverse shows blotted large Uigur characters. Paper thick, discoloured and ragged. 61" x

4iß .