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0103 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 103 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Toy. Iv. v. oz. Stucco relief fig. of dragon, incomplete to R. Dolphin-like body humped in high curve, with outstanding fin along back ; upturned head, long and flat, with wide crocodile jaw, broken off just beyond eye but evidently as Toy. iv. v. 02. Double relief band round throat, with conventional petal forms projecting backwards from it. Remains of gilding all over face, and of dark paint on fin and light colour on body. Good work. H. of fr. 6", width across 7". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. v. 02. Stucco relief head of dragon in profile to R. ; evidently was pair to Toy. Iv. v. oi, but all lost behind starting-point of ear. Round eye under projecting eyebrow ; long crocodile jaw ; heavy rounded snout wrinkled up to show tusks and line of teeth. Incised line follows outline of upper jaw emphasizing curve ; deep hole for nostril on upper surface of snout. Traces of dark paint on top of head and muzzle. Good work, well preserved. 2f" x 1}". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. v. 03. Stucco relief (?) head ; male, rather roughly modelled, with flat crown, broad face, projecting ears, and wide jaw. Eyes round, with projecting eyeballs painted black, and black line round inside of socket ; straight mouth painted vermilion ; large nose with broad nostrils ; front half of crown of head represented as bald or shaven, except for occasional tufts of hair ; but long hair hanging down sides of face.

Eyebrows, whiskers, moustache, and long beard painted in streaks of black ; back half of head, topknot projecting backwards from crown of head, and hollowed back of head below are painted black. Painting of back of head suggests that fig. was in the round, though it is not rightly shaped. H. 2f", gr. width 2". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. v. 04-5. Stucco relief frs. ; parts of two hands, prob. a pair. 04 (L.) has lost thumb and tip of first finger ; otherwise complete. Hand and thumb were straight with fingers curved over towards palm from second joint. Painted pink, and blackened by fire. Of 05 (R.) only part of back and large joints of fingers are preserved. Pose, size, and blackening by fire, same as in 04. (04) 3" x 2}" x C. I".

Toy. Iv. v. o6-7. Two stucco relief frs. ; o6 representing small R. foot, and 07 pair of feet side by side. As Toy. iv. ii. 019, &c. Both painted dark grey on top and o6 vermilion on sole. Heels of both lost. Length of each z}", widths I" and 2".

Toy. Iv. vi. oz. Several frs. of paper, covered as a diaper with impressions of seated Buddha figure on Padmasana ; hands hidden in robe ; paddle-shaped nimbus with crude canopy like drooping wings, from ends of which depend flowers or jewels. Very crude. Paper thin, buff and ragged. Gr. fr. 8" x 4".

Toy. Iv. vi. 03. Glass bead. Amalaka-shaped ; pale blue on surface between ribs and at ends in patches, otherwise white, translucent ; threaded on loop of fine string. Diam. r. Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. vi. 04. Fr. of copper ornament (?). Cut from flat piece of copper sheet, for application to object. In shape a curved band, with two rounded leaf-like forms with pointed ends springing from outer side of curve. Hole for rivet in tip of each leaf. One end of band finishes also in point with hole (doubled over), other broken off. Length of whole 2}", width of band }". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. Iv. vii. 02. Fr. of paper with rough sketch of sixteen-petalled rosette, a Chinese character written on each petal. Within an inner circle is a four-petalled rosette similarly inscribed, and in centre of this a circle with a single character. Outside and reverse incomplete cols. of Chinese. Paper buff, strong and torn away at upper end.

sr .6".

Toy. iv. vii. o3. a-c. Three frs. of silk fabrics. (a) Block-printed with clever and well-drawn pattern of naturalistic peony and other flowers making an ` all-over ' scheme. Leaf and stem work has been printed in black, which has remained fast. All other colours faded, leaving remainder of pattern in buff on ground of slightly darker buff with traces of yellow on leaves and flower centres. Width of printing block or ` key ' is 5}" vertically ; horizontally probably 4}".

The fr. is in three pieces, two showing selvedge. Pattern runs vertically across width of fabric. All ragged. Gr. fr. in direction of warp 9", of weft 12".

(b) Fr. of very soft ochre-yellow damask, perished, with traces of pattern, perhaps lozenge spot. 7" x 3}". (c) Strip of plain silk, now buff. Length I2}". Pl. LXXXII.

Toy. Iv. vii. 04. Two frs. of lacquered wood, perhaps from straight-sided vessel. Almost straight in section but with narrow ribs internally and broad ones externally (}" rib), the hollow between external ribs coinciding with sharp internal ones. Lacquered black on each side. z}" x }" and 1}" x }".


   Toy. vI. r. Fr. of fresco, broken, discoloured and rotten.   curled leaves and bracts. Stem, bracts, and leaves in black

   A seated (?) figure in red lower garment and white stole   or tones of grey and blue, outlined white and red.

   (or girdle) round waist ; head }" to R. p. ; large earrings,   I' 2" X z' 2".

   ornamental tiara on head against a nimbus outlined white.   Toy. vl. oi. Fr. of fresco, showing lotus border similar

   R. arm seen to be thrust forcibly down across body towards   to 021, but no buff on petals. Pale buff below, emerald

left, suggesting a possible dancing pose.   green and red above. A black and a grey line at extreme   f

   Surrounding figure, a bold floral scroll with sprouting   R. 6}" x4}".