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0104 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 104 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Toy. vi. 02. Fr. of fresco, showing lower L. p. corner of face of man with scanty straight beard ; L. shoulder and breast. Buff strap from side of head runs under chin; cf. o66. Close-fitting tunic of bright red, figured with pairs of rampant lions with uplifted wing-like tail and bushy mane. They uphold in their opposed upraised paws a green globe. One pair only complete, the others cut off by form of garment. At breast a square yellow altar supporting a trumpet-mouthed bowl.

To R. of altar a rampant lion, and head of another appears over L. centre of bowl. Remainder of device broken away. Lions are greenish yellow, striped with black and with wash running along back and down legs. Tail and mane yellow. To R. of figure a red-brown trumpet-mouthed object, incomplete. Background buff, with narrow green patch on extreme edge of fr. All outlines black. 4" x 5"

Toy. vz. 03. Fr. of fresco, showing part of R. p. side of cheek, shoulder, and neck of figure (Hâriti ?) with lower part of nude child sitting astride shoulder ; R. hand outstretched touching hair at side of face covering ear. Flesh pink outlined red, hair black. Cf. Ser. iv. Pi. XIII, F. xu. 004. 3 " .2r.

Toy. vz. 04. Fr. of fresco, prob. similar to oar, but blackened by smoke or fire. Above lotus petals, part of pavement of uncertain colour, lined with red. From this a R. foot, pale pink, points downwards, across lotus petals. 4" x 3".

Toy. vz. 05. Fr. of fresco, showing part of elaborate tiara in pale yellow outlines ; red against white nimbus with faint grey ring near outer edge, bordered red, surrounded by heavy black outer border. Above, small segment of another black circle (?) ; this and the first joined by short straight thick black line, the spandrel enclosed being red. A patch of black at L. edge of fr. To L. of nimbus, buff with elliptical spots in red. 4" x 4}".

Toy. vz. o6. Fr. of fresco, showing front of body and part of both forearms of figure with hands together in supplication. Head and hands missing. Drapery, roughly indicated by red lines over buff, suggests a three-quarter length coat ; edges of skirt in front project forward, giving a concave line to front of figure from breast downwards. Heavy bangles on wrists, all outlined red. Background discoloured to black. 4" x 3r".

Toy. vi. 07. Fr. of fresco, showing part of R. p. side of face. Flesh pink. Hair black, surmounted by tiara. Thorn-like edging to hair at forehead. Ear long and pointed slightly at top ; ear orns. Eyebrows in two lines red and black. Field of nimbus emerald green, nearly all rubbed off. Border of nimbus dark green (?). 3" x 3".

Toy. vz. o8. Fr. of fresco, showing to R. two (?) hands together, finger very long and slender, nails long (Chinese). Below hands, and perhaps held by them, a rich tassel with yellow (metal) cap and end. Tassel yellow (?), shaded grey and outlined red. To L. of this a pinkish mass crossed

with red lines as a check. Background green (faded).

3" x 4"•

Toy. w. 09. Fr. of fresco, showing part of forehead, black hair and elaborate yellow tiara, against green nimbus bordered with dark red ; black outside. Abraded. 3r" x 3".

Toy. vz. ow. Fr. of fresco, showing on lower half bust and arms of female figure f to R. p. Necklace and bracelets yellow ; robe red ; full breasts blue ; stole across chest pink. Hands together raised as though in adoration or presenting some object, but all badly abraded. Above R. shoulder part of pink object, perhaps edge of nimbus. Broken away at all sides. 71" x 6'.

Toy. vi. oii. Fr. of fresco, showing base of neck, breast and part of hands of fig. Very sketchy and abraded. Round-necked border of garment.edged with overhanging lotus petals below which a row of ring-dots.

Hands confused ; both grey sketch lines and red final lines visible. Both appear to be R. hands, one partly overlapping the other. The nearer is in the impossible position of showing the palm and yet having the thumb upward touching tip of forefinger, the thumb directed towards L. ; the other in Abhayamudrâ. 4" x 3r".

Toy. vz. 012, o18, ozg, 028, 037, 038, 042, 044, 047, 054, 077, 078. Frs. of fresco. From background painted with flamboyant scroll-work outlined with red-brown, and tinted with green, blue, pink, &c. On 042 a portion of red drapery. Damaged by fire or damp in places. Gr. fr. (op) 7 " x4"•

Toy. vz. oz3. Fr. of fresco, in two pieces, showing drapery of body of figure with L. hand and wrist. Pose obscure, but perhaps to R. p. Drapery pinkish buff, in long loose falling folds. Red to R. and below.

Forearm, of which wrist only remains, clad in quilted material, buff with black cross-lines, and slightly flexed across body. Hand slightly upturned, palm downwards, long delicate fingers. A light-coloured stole in agitated curves descends from upper L. part of fr. White patch with discoloured (black) patch below hand. Abraded and discoloured. 12" x 5r"

Toy. vr. 014. Fr. of fresco, with one incomplete line of Chinese chars. in black on grey ground. A band of black to R. 4" x 24".

Toy. vz. 015, 032, 035. Frs. of fresco, showing horizontal pale buff band, C. 2" wide, running through the three frs. divided by vertical double lines of grey into sections of varying length. In each section an inscription in Brâhmi char. roughly written in grey. Above buff band, a pavement (?), yellow on 035 and half of 015, outlined red with inner line border also red ; on remaining half of ors and on 032, dark grey or black.

There appear to be the lower portions of kneeling or standing figures on pavement to extreme R. 035 shows a robe figured with clouds and birds ; adjoining, a pink robe with rosettes in blue outline. To L. lower edge of