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0106 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 106 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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brown. To one side a bulbous shape in brick red (drapery ?) ; remaining surface bright blue with black lines. Part of head-dress (?). 4" x 31".

Toy. vi. 051. Fr. of fresco, showing head of child, shaven except for two short leaf-shaped locks over forehead. L. arm upraised against black hair (?) of head of Hâriti (?). Nimbus of large head, white, bordered red and black, outside. Whole of Hâriti (?) head absent, except black band of hair. Prob. part of 03, q. v. 2f" x zi".

Toy. vi. 052. Fr. of fresco, showing R. p. side of face, life-size, with short-cropped black hair and elongated ear. Mouth and L. side of face missing. Flesh pink. Contour lines red.

Black is curiously introduced, generally where high lights occur, e. g. a broad line between upper and lower contours of upper eyelid ; down length of nose ; in ` white ' of eye. This may be a white or other light colour, oxidized to black. (For other examples of this treatment see 065 and 067.) 4r 4".

Toy. vi. 053. Fr. of fresco, blackened by smoke and fire ; probably part of lion-figured tunic in oz. Near one edge, yellow spreading stem (?) of pedestal or vase, beside which an object resembling wing-like tail of lion. Red visible through discoloration. 3i" x 2".

Toy. vi. 055. Fr. of fresco, showing drapery of three (?) figures. To L. the waist and skirt of tunic similar to that on 02. Waist-band blue, with row of eight (?) blue bands (or bands and pouch) hanging from it, of various lengths ; a long narrow white band hanging from below these. To R. reddish buff bands, and to R. again a blue-grey tunic (?) with loops of drapery (sleeves ?) banded with blue and pink above, and with vertical narrow bands hanging from it. To R. of this a rough brownish band, and to R. of that a pink tunic (?) figured with rosettes in blue outline. This end of fr. damaged by smoke. All rather vague, except pairs of lions which are clear. III" x 5".

Toy. vi. 057. Fr. of fresco, showing face â to R. p., c. It life-size. Treatment as 052. L. p. side beyond L. eye, missing. Tiara and ear orns. Nimbus with white field and broad grey and black surrounding hands. Abraded. 3"x3 ".

Toy. vi. 058. Fr. of fresco, showing bands of white drapery (?) orn. with imbrications outlined red. Also bands of simple lion scrolls ; indeterminate. Much defaced. 41" x4 ".

Toy. vi. 059. Fr. of fresco, showing red drapery with black contours, banded with yellow, outlined red, one of the bands terminating in a yellow flower-like boss. Defaced and damaged by smoke (?). Probably part of Lokapala's dress. 6" x 3".

Toy. vs. o6r. Fr. of fresco, showing elliptical jewel in top of tiara supported on crescent-shaped leaves and with jewels and flower below and to L. Black hair in high backward-thrown mass. Nimbus, white with grey band,

and red and grey bands outside. Ground yellow buff. Part of second nimbus to R. ; outer band pink-buff within which grey. Damaged at lower edge by smoke. 7" x 24".

Toy. vi. 062. Fr. of fresco, showing part of edge of nimbus (?). Grey field, white border outlined black. Outside on grey ground, a marbled, or perhaps originally rainbow, effect in black. All colours affected by smoke and probably completely changed. 34" x

Toy. vi. 064. Fr. of fresco, showing portion of L. side of nimbus with green field surrounded by crimson, pale buff and salmon-buff bands, all outlined grey. Against field to extreme R. of fr. a circular buff jewel of tiara. Ground pinkish buff ; on this above a volute in black outline, and below a fat claw-like scroll, tinted grey with wrinkles on its inner curve. 6" x zr.

Toy. vi. 065. Fr. of fresco, showing part of two heads life-size. To L., L. eye, brow and part of nose, treatment as 052. Field of nimbus red surrounded by grey band and broad salmon-pink band outlined red. Background emerald green. To R., R. car and part of cheek ; black hair. 6r x3".

Toy. vi. 066. Fr. of fresco, broken into several pieces. Shows part of three standing figures in procession, each slightly overlapping the figure behind it. Front figure on L., L. shoulder and arm and part of side, draped in flowing robe. Arm bent at elbow, prob. across front of body ; buff.

Second fig., male to L. ; long face with scanty beard, long hair parted over forehead. Round close-fitting cap with slightly elevated top, held on by red chin-strap. Robe blue ; hand in front holding stem of lotus curving over R. shoulder.

Third fig. has curious flattened head-dress, above which rises an ellipsoidal object (?). A lotus to R. p. of head probably held by long stem. Greatly damaged by fire and damp. Another lotus to R. is" x 74".

Toy. vi. o68. Fr. of fresco, showing to R. centre of figure similar to o66, the hands grasping a lotus stem. All above hands and below elbows missing. To L. a second pair of hands in similar pose against a diaper of red clouds and flying ducks on a blue ground, forming part of figured drapery. All discoloured and badly damaged by damp and fire (?). 7" x 5I".

Toy. vi. 06g. Fr. of fresco, showing portion of two standing figures I to R. p. L. hands carry bowl against breast, R. hands raised and held out from elbow grasping some thin object (lotus stem ?). Heads of Chinese shape, ears

long ; hair with   a solid pale grey mass, like cap.
Robe and nimbus of R. figure, vermilion, L. figure damaged by smoke. Bowl, black ; background light. Lower part of both figures missing and all L. p. side of figure to R. Faded and discoloured. 6h" x 6".

Toy. vi. 070. Fr. of fresco, showing part of life-size L. hand, with yellow double-band ring on little finger. Back of hand presented. Background of partly discoloured