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0108 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 108 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Toy. 038. Glass seal ; oblong block, surmounted by seated lion, Chinese style. Hair on head and back indicated by raised knobs. Cast in two-piece mould. Hole, between body and forelegs, for suspension. Device on

base not cut. Base fr x   h. re". Pl. LXXII.

Toy. 049-5o. Two stucco figs. of warriors, standing straight with feet together and hands joined in front of body. Hole pierced vertically through latter as if for lance or standard. Figs. wear tunics and hood-like helmets of scale-armour ; the helmets pointed, with curtain descending on shoulders ; the tunics knee-length, with belt at waist, and cut short on upper arm. Arms clad in long sleeves, originally red, now black on one, yellow on other. Feet and legs in long black boots or leggings.

Scale-armour shows throughout oblong scales overlapping upwards, outlined in black on pinkish ground, with grey shading and spots in red, discoloured to black or dark blue, to indicate lacing-holes. Borders maroon.

Faces round, with straight eyes, small aquiline nose, and (o5o) small black moustache and imperial. Lips on both discoloured to dark blue ; faces grey. Stick cores issue beneath feet for sticking in ground. Good condition. H. 61". Cf. Ast. iii. 2. 023, Pl. XCIX. Pl. CII.

Toy. 051-3. Three stucco hats ; 051 steeple-crowned, as Ast. iii. 2. 0X7, Pl. XCIX. Crowns of 052-3 rounded, with raised lines over crown and on brim indicating seams or ornamentation. Inside hollowed but left rough and unpainted. Outside of crowns and brims painted black. H. 2", diam. of brims 2+" to a{". Pl. CIL

Toy. 054. Wooden fruit or bud ; globular, neatly carved, with four light blue petals (or rind) opening over scarlet centre, the whole growing from whorl of eight sepals. Ball orig. turned, and details afterwards cut out. Outer calyx of green paper pasted on, but only partially preserved. Length a}", diam. Ir. Pl. LXVI.

Toy. 055. Iron bell ; like elongated cow-bell. Sq. in section, with suspension loop at top. Clapper apparently hung through hole underneath loop, but now lost. Much rusted. Corners end below in short points. H. 4r", width I}".

Toy. 056. a—b. Pair of wooden sandals or clogs ; soles only, roughly cut from flat pieces of wood, with holes at heel and toe for string. Knot of latter remains in toe-hole of b. Large hole also pierced by outer edge of a. Length 9r", gr. width ar".

Toy. 057-8. Two wooden sticks, very roughly trimmed, with hole pierced through either end of each. Leather thong knotted through one hole of 057. Ends are slightly shaved down. Lengths r3r to 14", thickness c. ".

Toy. 059-60. Two wooden scale beams (?), roughly trimmed, and bark removed. 059 has one notch in middle

of ` under ' side, and two notches near each end on ` upper' side ; o6o, in same places, respectively two notches and three. Lengths I2r to 13". Pl. LXVI..

Toy. o6z. Stucco relief fig. of Bodhisattva ; standing ; head preserved (detached), and body from waist down without feet. Lower part clad in black robe (red, discoloured ?) knotted round hips ; on head high topknot and rosette-tiara recalling Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXIV, Mi. xii.

001.   •

Hair black, drawn off forehead ; black hair on veil falling behind shoulders. Flesh painted pink over white;

traces of yellow on tiara. Features straight and well modelled, with straight eyes, short nose and prominent forehead. Soft clay, considerably decayed. H. (lower part) 7", (head) 3r". Pl. LXXII.

  • Toy. 063. Brass disc, with hole in centre, orn. in relief back and front. Front shows in two concentric rings the twelve animals after which the years are named, and twelve Chin. chars. representing their names. Chars. occupy inner ring ; animals, seated or walking behind one another, the outer.

Back shows round outer edge rocks, over which various animals are walking. One a rhinoceros ; behind, a crocodile (?) ; the third not clear. This side much worn, otherwise in good condition. Good work. Diam. 4"; of central hole I". Pl. XI.

Toy. 064. Brass ferrule ; with lightly incised fret pattern round one end. Cracked. Length I", diam.

Toy. 065. Brass bead, spherical, with loop and ring at top, through which is knotted strip of fine woollen cloth. Diam. I".

Toy. 067. Fr. of fresco, discoloured by damp, and rotten. Broken in five pieces. Below, on white (?) -ground, head of a Buddha fig. against a white nimbus with red and pink bordered vesica, extending downwards from behind, Above, a panelled treatment bordered in red, outlined with black and white, on a light ground. r' 2" X Ioi".

Toy. 068. Two frs. of fresco, badly damaged from damp. The larger piece shows to one side part of forearm of figure wearing three black bangles. Behind arm, part of rich band figured in Sasanian style, with red ground on which circular yellow (?) pateras bordered black with white pearls. In centre of each patera a badly drawn rosette. In triangular spaces between pateras a blue disc surrounded by small white pearls.

Adjoining and parallel a second band with red ground, on which circular discs bordered with blue and white pearls. A pear-shaped blue spot, outlined white, in each spandrel between pateras. The two bands are probably borders of a vesica. The smaller fr. has the same patera and shows a straggling white line, heavily outlined with black, running across the band. Larger fr. 8" x 5}". Smaller 6}" x 5r".