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0116 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 116 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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M.B. L or. Upper part of pottery oinochoe, with lip and part of handle. Round slightly swelling shoulder, a band of incised festoons between border lines. Remains of perished slip or paste on shoulder, mouth, and handle. H. 3i" x diam. 4". Pl. VI.

M.B. I. 02-13. Twelve frs. of stucco relief border ; made in straight band c. zi" wide, with pearl border above and below. 02 and o3 show, between the borders, design of wide repeating trefoil palmettes, attached alternately to upper border and to lower, with scroll-work within and between them. Good condition. Lengths 4i" and 5r". 04 shows similar pattern on larger scale, much defaced. Length 4i". 05-9 show frs. of Chinese cloud pattern as M.B. I. vii. ox, q. v. for fuller description. Good condition. Gr. length 3". oro is part of pearl border of 03 ; orrr3, frs. of pearl border of similar type, but larger scale than any of the rest. Gr. length 2", width I}".

All of soft clay mixed with hair ; 04 of coarse clay, very fibrous. All painted red, but paint almost gone from 02 and 03. Impression of canvas on back. Mould prob. incised direct without any preliminary pattern in relief. Pl. Iv.

M.B. I. 014. Stucco orn. in relief ; fig. rising from open lotus, both hands at breast holding two lotus flowers which drop over either shoulder. Below lotus two half trefoil leaves turned respectively to R. and L. Prob. enclosed in pear-shaped cartouche. Good design and execution, painted red. Surface non-fibrous, backing finely fibrous over coarser mud and fibre. 4i" x 3i". Pl. IV.

M.B. I. 015, o16. Two stucco orns. in relief, of anthemion shape of technique similar to M.B.I. vii. oz. Pattern, a large lily with voluted side petals, from which issue a pair of diverging volutes and in centre a pointed trefoil. Broken. 3i" x 21". Pl. IV.

M.B. I. 017. Stucco orn. in relief, of anthemion shape ; ornament of simple scroll design, roughly executed and of same technique as preceding. zi" x Ii".

M.B. I. 018. Quilted cloth shoe with string sole.

Uppers are cut in two pieces joining in middle of heel and toe, and are made of several layers of natural-coloured canvas-like material quilted together. Round the sides the quilting is done in plain horizontal lines of stitching, giving a ribbed effect. Over the toe, on either side of the joining seam, it forms a pattern, an enclosed palmette surmounted by a fleur-de-lis, and throwing out volutes to fill the spaces round (cf. M.B. r. 04). The joining seam is well marked and leads to slightly upturned tip.

At its other end the uppers divide, forming a small graceful notch before separating widely to make opening for foot. Edge of opening and notch bound with finely twisted cord. Roughly made canvas pocket sewn on at back of heel. Leather patch on one side. Sole, narrow-waisted, of woven string, studded with knots on under side as Ser. ii. p. 784, T. xvin. iii. 002. Worn through under heel. For shoe of similar make generally, see Ser. iv. Pl. L, M. 1. ii. 0025. Length II", gr. width 3i".

M.B. 1. oxg. Fr. of turned wooden jar of graceful shape ; wide mouth with narrow upright rim, slightly swelling shoulders to 2" below mouth ; body falling inwards in straight line nearly to foot, where it turns under in abrupt curve to ring foot. Pairs of incised lines round shoulder and lower part of body. H. 5i", width of fr. 4". Diam. of mouth prob. c. 6". Pl. VI.

M.B. I. 026. Four-limbed wooden beater for churn (?). Limbs are of two upward curved pieces (to suit round bottomed vessel), tapering at ends, halved' to each other at their centres where they cross, and pierced with cane spindle. Diam. 6", length of spindle 6". Pl. VI.

M.B. I. 027. Small pottery bowl, glazed apple green inside and darker green shading to blue-green outside. Sides uncurved, sloping inwards to thick projecting base-ring (?) broken away all round. Bottom within ring also glazed and painted with two crosses in dense black, one in thicker lines than the other, and so placed that the eight arms radiate equally from the centre. H. 1T", diam. of mouth 2r, thickness >I" to f'. Pl. XXVi.


M.B. I. i. 01-17. Seventeen frs. of pottery ; body soft buff, with brilliant turquoise glaze both sides. Inner side ribbed. or, from thinner vessel than the others, shows line of black crossing blue on inner side. Gr. fr. (02-7) 3" x thickness i u" (oz, }").

M.B. I. i. 018. Fr. of wooden comb with two rows of teeth, as M.B. 1. iii. or. Fine teeth broken off at length of i", sand-clogged ; one end gone. Length IH", depth ir, depth of coarse teeth i".

M.B. I. i. oxg. Fr. of bronze, more or less keel-shaped, and bent so as to form a ridge vertically. On either side of ridge, hole for rivet. Cut off sq. at upper end. Length rig", width Ij".


M.B. I. i. 020. Fr. of iron implement, shaped like large tuning-fork. Head broken off ; rusted. Length 2i", width I", thickness i" to i", length of fork Ii". Pl. VI.

M.B. I. i. 021. Shrivelled fruit, perhaps apricot. Length r i".

M.B. 1. i. 022. Fr. of figured woollen fabric, finely woven. Twill weave. Warp, thin buff, weft somewhat thicker, soft yellow wool. Inwoven with bands of elliptical floral motifs or conventional rosettes, the yarn which forms the pattern being carried loose across back of material and introduced into web only where required. For similar weaves in silk, see Ser. ii. p. 952, Ch. 0065. Parts of two bands remain, at interval of 1" ; one blue ; the other pink, much faded, pattern indistinguishable. c. 4" x 2i".