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0117 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 117 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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M.B. I. i. 023. Fr. of plain silk fabric ; coarse, light green, faded and discoloured. 71" x 5".

M.B. I. i. 024. Fr. of black fibre network ; horsehair (?) ; open mesh as for sieve, unfinished ends tied in knot. Gr. M. 4".

M.B. I. i. 025. Fr. of coarse woollen fabric ; goat's hair, dark brown, plain weave. C. 6" x

M.B. I. iii. 01. Wooden comb with two rows of teeth, coarse and fine, on opposite sides. Coarse teeth considerably broken. Length 2k", depth of whole 3}", depth of coarse teeth 1 i", of fine 1 i ". Pl. VI.

M.B. I. iii. 02-1o. Nine frs. of glazed stoneware bowl, with ring base (oro), and plain rim (03, 05, 07, o8, 09). Body of fine grey stoneware ; thick glaze, inside and out, of soft light blue (celadon), greenish on rim, stopping short of base-ring on outside. Approximately of Sung period. 02 and 04, 03 and o5, 07 and o8 join. Diam. of rim not less than 7" when complete, depth not less than 3", gr. fr. 2iß"x2T".

M.B. I. iii. OII. Frs. of sticks (heddles ?) from loom, with loops of buff woollen string attached. Five sticks (broken) ; string of varying thickness, twisted of five or six fine strands, and now tangled in mass. Sticks are carefully and closely bound with cord, from which original loops were formed. The later loops are merely threaded loosely on the sticks. Gr. length of sticks 8".

M.B. I. iii. OI2. Wooden stick, bent in loop when pliable, and notched to catch on itself ; ends projecting. Bark left on in part. Diam. of loop 5", diam. of stick e".

M.B. I. iii. 013. Fr. of iron implement or orn. Iron bar, averaging " x L-" in section and 6f" long, expanding at each end into small plate through which is hole. Plates slightly hollowed, spoon-fashion, at opposite sides from each other ; both broken from hole, but one finished off sq., the other perhaps lozenge-shaped. At the former end, immediately behind plate, three curving branches of increasing length, their ends curled in spirals away from bar, are welded on to it. Length of longest 2k". Rusted. Pl. VI.

M.B. I. iii. 014. Fr. of fiat curved band of felt ; ten to twelve layers of paper-like fineness, adhering closely to each other and mixed with thin tough grass fibre. Remains of pale blue paint on face, with fine open-work fabric on top ; on back, traces of outer layer painted red, lost except for minute frs. here and there. String sewing by edge. Width of band 3', gr. m. 8r".

M.B. I. v. 01. Iron folding razor with horn handle, complete. Ilandle originally round in section, now much eaten by insects, and worked into slight concave curve ; deeply grooved up one side to take blade-edge when shut. End of handle thinned down and bound with iron collar, through which is pin securing blade ; collar of course terminating either side of groove, to give blade free play backwards and forwards in latter.

Blade has still free action from right angles to shut, but

will not open out flat. Starts narrow, with notch in back at length of 1", to flat against back of collar when opened wide ; thereafter nearly straight for another 1" and then expanding suddenly towards back, to twice its orig. width. For shape, cf. razor in hand of monk in painting Ser. iv. PI. LVIII, Ch. lviii. ooi ; Th. Buddhas, Pl. IX.

Blade rusted, and horn of handle much perished. Blade 3" x 1" x A" ; blade 21" X A" to â". Pl. VI.

M.B. I, vii. of. Fr. of stucco relief border, as M.B. 1. 02, &c. Design : between pearl borders, a Chinese cloud scroll, in lines of approximately even thickness and in bold relief. Character of work suggests that the orig. mould was made by cutting the pattern in intaglio direct. Painted red all over. Fine fibrous clay. Good condition. Length 41", width 3f". Pl. IV.

M.B. I. vii. 02. Fr. of stucco orn. in relief; anthemion similar to M.B. 1. 015 but pattern flattened and defaced. Painted red. I-Iard clay, backed with mud and straw. 31" x2.I

M.B. I. viii. ox. Fr. of stucco border, similar to M.B. 1. vii. ox, Pl. IV. 4i" x3".

M.B. I. ix. 01. Iron awl with wooden handle. Head, -" long ; i,2" thick ; o" wide where it emerges from handle, and thence narrowed down to sharp point. Handle a cylindrical piece of wood, polished with use, and bevelled off at free end. Good condition. Length of whole 3h", diam. of handle 4". Pl. LXVI.

M.B. 1. ix. 02. Embroidered silk bag ; small, wide, shallow ; made of thick crimson satin embroidered at intervals with pear-shaped spots worked in blue, light green, apricot, gamboge, or peach-coloured silk laid ` floating ' and outlined with a couched thread which prob. orig. was covered with gold or silver leaf. Lining of pale blue silk ; and ends of purple silk handle or tie (lost) sewn to edge. Much worn and frayed. Bag was made of several strips of satin and embroidery worked after joining. 3e" x In".

M.B. I. xi. os. Wooden peg, smoothly turned to long tapering shape, with six deeply incised rings round middle. At thick end it is suddenly bevelled down to half its gr. diam., but is here broken off. Length 4r, gr. diam. z", least diam. 1". Pl. LXVI.

M.B. I. xi. o2. Miniature wooden half-baluster (longitudinal half), turned and painted. Three ring mouldings, then ball moulding, then three ring mouldings and ring base. Small rebate at each end. Paint, dark green or black on rings, red on ball. Length 2 ", width i", gr. relief ''s". Pl. LXVI.

M.B. I. xi. 03. Horn knife-handle (?). Straight, elliptical in section ; much perished. Groove along middle on one side as for folding blade ; cf. M.B. 1. v. ox, Pl. VI. Length 4*", width s". Pl. LXVI.

M.B. I. xii. o1. Fr. of stucco relief detail, painted red, having somewhat the appearance of a bird's claw, closed. At back, impression of scroll ornament resembling M.B. 1. 4 N 2