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0118 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 118 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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02, to which it has been attached. H. z •" x gr. width 2}" x gr. projection xe".

M.B. I. xii. o2. Small turned wooden half-baluster, similar to M.B. I. xi. 02. Length z1", width I".

M.B. I. zii. 03. Small turned wooden finial. Lowest moulding is a cyma, above which a bell shape encircled

by a channel. Top member a knob of kite shape in vertical section. Knob and bell painted green, changing to red near cyma, which is also red. A hole drilled upwards on axis. H. 1" x gr. diam. r.

M.B. I. xii. 04. Grass distemper brush, bound with thick string near tip, and with bark at other end. Length

7r x diam. r. Pl. VI.   


M.C. III. oI. Fresco fr. showing head, half life-size, L to R. p. Black hair with tenia and floral tiara in buff and red. Tilaka black with red flames ; flesh pink ; eyes downcast ; nose pointed. Halo shaded grey, bordered red with black and white dividing lines ; band of buff and apple green above. Lower part of face missing ; all outlines black. Fibrous surface. 7r" x 7r".

M.C. In. 02. Fresco fr., showing R. foot uplifted as in walking exposing sole. Red and buff drapery with green lining round ankle. Pink lotus with green centre below. Background red ; all outlines black. Surface fibrous. 5r" X 6}".

M.C. Iu. 03. Fresco fr., of ornament ; green floral device on brick-red ground. A portion of circular buff band, outlined black, borders pink, suggests a halo. 41" x 3".

M.C. nI. 04, 06, 07, ogx3, o16, 021. Fresco frs. from large subject. Above a broad plain emerald green band edged with buff, (o2x) a diaper of seated Buddha figures of similar type to M.C. Iv. oz, &c., but carelessly painted, with leaf scrolls and lotuses with drooping petals filling spaces. 013 shows heads of two Buddha figs. inverted, suggesting that the decoration was on a ceiling or soffit and that at this point the direction of design was • reversed. Below green band begins a large nimbus, green bordered with buff, red, and buff. Background red brown, with floral scroll-work in spandrel. All work is bold and inferior in drawing. Surface is slightly concave and fibrous. Surface very soft. Largest fr. Io,I" x 9".

M.C. u1. 08. Fresco fr., of figure subject. Two hands held in front of figure, the L. placed lightly over the R. in easy pose. Lines of drapery behind. Traces of red, green, buff, and white. Outlines black and heavy. Surface fibrous. 41" X 41".

M.C. Iii. 014. Fresco fr., of large subject. Bodhisattva head $ to R. p. against green nimbus bordered pink and buff ; background red with foliate ornament in green and buff. Above, horizontal band of green with angular interlacing pattern in black outline, divided from red

ground by buff line.   -

Head similar to M.C. III. ox, with large disc ornaments suspended to long ears. R. hand raised to side of head, index finger touching eyebrow as though in thought. Grey-black hair dressed high, receding in hornlike projec tion, with thin tress looped round ear. Bold work. I21" X I0".

M.C. III. 015. Fresco fr., showing L. p. portion of emerald

green nimbus bordered buff, red, and buff ; with knotted white, green, and pink hair ribbons, tresses of hair, and gilded ornaments on L. side of head of figure, of which L. shoulder is also present against a grey halo, bordered with red and white (probably orig. colour has disappeared). Beginning of another halo to L., the spandrel between being red brown with coarse floral enrichment. Surface and backing same as other M.C. in. specimens. Bold work. II" x 'or.

M.C. m. 017. Fresco fr., of group of figures, showing parts of red and white halo borders, drapery, and L. lower angle of cheek of fig. to R. p. on green ground, with small shaven head appearing from behind. Bold work. Surface and backing as in other M.C. in. specimens. 51" x 4 ".

M.C. III. o18. Stucco fr. of figure, prob. child, in bordered garment crossing in front, with traces of three successive layers of paint, red-brown, pink and green, also patch of blue under L. arm and traces of gilding. Flesh pink ; red lips. At back of head, a tuft of real hair which may have been mixed with the mud. Both arms broken away, but upper part of R. arm • now joined. Portion below waist missing. Mud very fibrous and woolly. Surface abraded. 5" X 3$". Pl. CI.

M.C. Iv. ox, 010-12, 020. Fresco frs. of floral border of long lily-like stems and leaves with red star-shaped flowers roughly painted on white ground. Length joined 22" x width 6".

M.C. IV. 02, 04, 08, 013, 014, ox8, oxg. Fresco frs., of upright border, of seated Buddha figs. to front. Long Chinese faces, eyes narrow but fully open, hair without detail ; under-robe visible across breast, black with red border ; outer robe red, hanging in sling-like form from shoulders disclosing upper part of hands resting ` in meditation '. Ears long. •

Halo round, emerald green, bordered with broad and narrow lines of red with broad yellow (?) between two outer red lines. Nimbus red, with broad yellow (?) or green border on which broad black line and two thin red ones. Padmasana straight and red. General ground white. Red lotuses with drooping petals and high green seed-table in spaces between figures. Flesh contours in thin black lines. Rest of work bold. Largest c. 7" sq.

M.C. Iv. 03. Fresco fr. Showing upper part of Bodhisattva face to front, with half-closed oblique eyes delicately drawn, black festooned hair and Mukuta with red jewels. 21" X 21".