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0162 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 162 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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by black lines on red ; head and eye black with light poll and cheeks ; bill red. Length 5", gr. width 2", H. to crown of head 21".

Ast. i. 3. a. or. Fr. of figured silk. Fr. from face-cover. Large pattern of ` Sasanian ' type. Upper L. corner of medallion surrounded by buff pearls on dark-blue ground ; part of square at north point visible ; five pearls in quadrant.

Within on buff ground a stag's head facing to centre with long branching yellow antlers tipped with green and yellow ear. A finely drawn ` chestnut ' tree in centre, with green and yellow leaves and buff flower cones. Outlines dark blue. Spandrel, green rosette on buff ground surrounded by twenty yellow pearls on dark-blue band. Outside these linked elaborate palmettes in buff, yellow, green and dark blue with buds between, on yellow ground ; the blue and green outlined buff, the buff and yellow outlined with dark blue.

Twill weave. Very fine work. Cf. spandrel in v. Falke, Seidenweberei, i. Fig. no. For tree, cf. Bodhi tree in Th. Buddhas, PI. X, Ch. liii. oor ; for head of stag, ibid., Pl. XLVI, Ch. 00373. Inner diam. of circle prob. 8". s4" x 5g". Pl .LXXIX.

Ast. i. 3. a. 02. Frs. of plain blue silk frill, from Ast.

I. 3. a. or. Plain weave. Very fragile.

Ast. f. 3. a. 03. Frs. of silk from Ast. i. 3. a. or, Pl. LXXIX. Plain weave. Snuff colour. Very fragile.

Ast. i. 3. a. 04. Silver (?) spectacles from face, with portions of snuff-colour silk face-covering. For description, cf. Ast. ix. 2 b. 09. Edges not drilled. Very fragile. For other examples, see Ast. i. 3. b. 03, 5. 04, 5. a. 02, Pl. LXXXIX. 68" x 14".

Ast. i. 3. b. or. Figured silk facecloth, of two pieces joined. Pattern of ` Sasanian ' type ; stylized grape vine springing from label of five roundels. The vine is bisymmetrically scrolled and has usual border of pearls with oblong at each cardinal point. Stems dark yellow, leaves green, veined with yellow. Ground colour perished, leaving brown warp. Ground of border originally dark blue.

Twill weave. In the dust accompanying cloth are frs. of gold leaf and copper. Perished. Cf. Ast. i. r. or.

8" x 5".

Ast. i.. 3. b. 02. Silk damask, small oblong case of, rounded at one end, containing lead. Perished. 14"

Ast. i. 3. b. 03. Pair of silver spectacles, from face of corpse, with debris of yellow silk adhering to them. Made in one piece, of thin silver plate, and consisting of two fine pear-shaped shields to cover the eyes, joined by straight band (bridge) ; the whole bent in convex curve from tip to tip.

Shields have fiat rim of about 4" width, and rims and bridge are pierced at intervals of 1" to I" with small holes Au in diam., for sewing on of silk binding (as seen in i. 3.

a. 04, 5. 04, &c.). Inner portion of shields is raised and

pierced with similar closely set small holes like head of pepper-pot.

Good condition ; silver corroded on surface in parts, but hard. For others, see Ast. i. 3. a. 04, 5. 04 (small size), 5. a. 02, 6. 07 ; ix. 2. b. 09. Length tip to tip (as curved) 5f , gr. width of shields 11:4". Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. i. 4. or. Turned wood crater-shaped jar, solid nearly to mouth where depression is left for contents (now missing). Painted with distemper, black, with circles of dots round shoulder and decoration similar to Ast. i. r. 03, q. v. Much defaced. Diam. a", height 4r".

Ast. i. 4. 02, o8. Two turned wooden globular jars. Solid, with shallow depression within wide mouth. Traces of painted decoration as Ast. i. I. 03. C. 51" (IL) x 54".

Ast. i. 4. 03-7, 013. Six turned wooden bowls, solid with shallow depression at mouth decorated as Ast. i. 2.

  1. Pl. XC, but without the band of pearls below rim. 03, o6, 07 broken at lip. 03, diam. 54" x 31" ; o4, 34" x 24" ;

  2. 44„ x 21" ; o6, 4" x 2 3" ; 07, 4's " x 34" ; 013, 51" x 34".

Ast. i. 4. 09, OH. Two pottery pottery jars, stamnos-shaped, without handles, roughly made, painted in distemper as Ast. i. I. 03. 09, 44" x 44" ; or I, 34" x 31". PI. CIII.

Ast. 1. 4. Oro. Pottery food bowl, roughly made, grey body, painted in distemper outside as Ast. i. 2. 04, PI. XC. Inside rim roughly painted red. Diam. 6", H. 31".

Ast. i. 4. 012. Pottery fr., in form of short leg and hoof, with rough incised lines indicating toe divisions, and two transverse incisions, the lower perhaps indicating line of nails or joints, the upper round roots of toes. Above this a band of six circles with centre dots made with centre-bit. A pointed projection in front surrounded by similar circles; Broken above ankle. Painted black after burning. H. 31", length of sole 2r, width of sole 14". PI. XC.

Ast. i. 5. 03. Figured silk face-cloth, Sasanian' type, from face of body a. Whole centre occupied by a finely designed boar's head, mouth open and tongue slightly protruding. Both tusks shown, and lower teeth drawn to distinguish between molars, canine, and incisors.

Eye large and encircled by double yellow line, the outer throwing off two parallel descending lines to snout, and suggesting whiskers. Below eye a circular spot of two shades of dark green, the lighter in centre. Lower lip has the same two greens, suggesting light and shade. Face generally dark blue, with rectilinear patches of yellow, extending inwards from outline, on chap, snout, above ears, and under lower jaw.

A ruff of straight-lined hatching encircles neck. All very stylized and angular, and a most powerful piece of design. The usual pearl border, with five discs or pearls in each quadrant, has pearl rosettes at cardinal points instead of the usual rectangular blocks.

It is probable that the colouring has changed, being now confined to buff, yellow, blue, and green. Twill weave. Finely preserved ; cf. Ast. i. 6. ox. For a closely