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0163 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 163 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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resembling design, see the painted border of a Toyuk cave-shrine, Grünwedel, Kultstätten, p. 33x. 8" x 9". Pl. LXXVI.

Ast. i. 5. 04. Silver spectacles. Similar to Ast. ix.

  1. b. 09, but better made. Very fragile ; broken across bridge. Small frs. of silk adhering. For others see Ast. L

  2. a. 04, 3. b. 03, 5. a. 02, 6.07. 5k" x x". Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. f. 5. 05. Silk frill, and other perished plain frs. from Ast. i. 5.03.

Ast. i. 5. 06. Cord of closely plaited fibre, very brittle, dark brown. Resembles modern mohair shoe-lace. Perished.

Ast. i. 5. 07. Fr. of wooden comb, with finely cut teeth and semi-elliptical back. 24" x x¢" x i-".

Ast. f. 5. a. ox. (a) Figured silk band. Colour almost entirely faded. Double lines of squares, or oblongs placed corner to corner diagonally, run diagonally R. and L. across cloth, forming a lattice-work. In each lozenge-shape space a cross, the long limbs thin (lengthwise in lozenge) and the short thick. Arms are terminated by stepped lozenges. Ground probably pink, now all faded to dark buff, and pattern to brown. Size of lozenge spaces about 3" x 5". Very fragile. Length c. 17". Breadth 4".

(b). Lining of thin plain silk, and thick evenly woven silk fabric of yellow ground, with single and double bands of pink across fabric, in both directions widely spaced. Complete pattern not present. Fr. with Ast. i. 5. a. 02 shows broad band of pink the end of which is a double scallop. From junction of scallops runs a straight stem of buff, cutting band lengthwise, and opening out into angular double battle-axe shape. Length x2", breadth 7".

(e). Pale green silk lining, very faded, damask. Pattern fragmentary, but of type related to Ser. Ch. 00118 and T. xv. a. iii. ooio. An arcading of cloud scroll, narrow and high, meanders across fabric. The scrolls are hexagonal and three deep at top of arch, changing to two and then to one row as the arch turns down. From corner rises a fret pillar, on each side of which a pair of confronting erect beasts, whose bodies appear to turn up over their heads.

Under arch is a form which may be a standing human figure, to front, but is more likely a floral form. Below the downward loop of meander is a fret column and between each pair a downward-pointed chevron band of hexagonal scroll. The chevron thus runs across material below meander, the points opposed to the bends of the latter.

Below each downward point of chevron, and filling space between pillars, is a kidney shape in outline, from which rise six straight filaments, the two outside ones turned outwards into hexagonal spirals.

The complete pattern is not present, but there is sufficient to make out the general scheme, which is very interesting, especially in its obvious common origin with the examples quoted while including many bold variations. The ogee of the former is absent, but the chevron may be considered as the pattern of the second plane in its stead. Very fragile. Largest piece 74" x34". Pl. LXXXIV,

Ast. i. 5. a. 02. Silver (?) spectacles, as Ast. i. 3. b. o3, &c., but large and clumsily shaped. Shields a wide oval, tips lost. Spectacles bound with buff silk which seems to have been held on by the help of small wooden pegs inserted through holes round edges.

On top remains of covering of several layers of silk, which has taken mould of spectacles ; upper layer dark green, lower buff ; pierced where shields are pierced (to allow the dead to see ?). Detached remains also of thick figured buff silk, as Ast. i. 5. a. ox. b, of which it furnishes a further portion of pattern. Length (incomplete) 6", gr. depth 24". PI. LXXXIX.

Ast. i. 5. b. ox. Frs. of figured silk face•cloth ; nearly all crumbled to dust. Portions distinguishable show parts of circular pearl-bordered medallions with squares at cardinal points and five pearls in each quadrant. Within medallion a ` tree ' and confronting birds of Sasanian motif. The circle appears to represent a pond, the ` tree' a marsh mallow. Animals, swans, with elaborate tails and slightly uplifted wings.

R. and L. of mallow head is a floating disc with trailing roots, frequently used in Chinese decoration. Circles almost touch horizontally. In spandrel above there appears to be a flying crane.

Colouring uncertain, now blue and buff. Warp-rib weave. Design and weaving appear to be Chinese. Frs. of coarse lining. Size of patterned piece 5f" x 44". Very fragile. Pl. LXXIX.

Ast. i. 6. ox. Fr. of figured silk, from face-cover, being ear, part of cheek and part of ruff, with adjoining pearl border, of boar's-head pattern similar to Ast. i. 5. 03, Pl. LXXVI, but smaller. Fine twill weaving. All colour but blue faded to buff. 4"x4".

Ast. i. 6.02. Mass of frs. of silk (from body a) and dust of painted buff shroud. Colours used, red, white, black. Too fragmentary to reconstruct.

Ast. i. 6.05. Human hand. R., from body a, with fingers doubled, clasping small cylindrical piece of wood wrapped in silk, of which frs. remain. Hand complete with two nails and some bones of wrist, but dried and shrivelled to skin and bone. Scraps of buff silk adhere to knuckles ; below are remains of coarse buff hemp (?) cloth.

Wooden cylinder slightly waisted, and pierced end to end lengthways by small hole ; cf. Ast. i. 6. o6, Pl. C. Hand (as doubled) 4" x21"; cylinder (length) 34", gr. diam. ra".

Ast. i. 6. 06. Wooden cylinder, as in hand Ast. i. 6.05. Slightly waisted, with }" hole pierced from end to end. Wrapped round middle with band of much-decayed figured silk, sewn either side to fine buff silk (perished).

Figured silk woven with fine stiffened warp, and thick soft weft, in large twill ; all-over diaper of concentric lozenges. Weft ordinarily buff, but band of indigo, }" wide, runs across middle of fabric, irrespective of pattern. Cylinder (length) 34", gr. diam. x 4". Pl. C.