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0164 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 164 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Ast. i. 6. 07. Pair of silver (?) spectacles, as Ast. i. 3. b. 03, &c. Fine pear-shaped shields, with well-raised centres ; very small pierced area. Silk binding has dis. appeared. Condition good, though bit of edge of L: shield lost. For others, see Ast. i, 3. a. 04, 3. b. 03, 5. 04, 5. a. oz ; ix. 2. b. 09. Length 6k", gr. depth z}", Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. i. 6. o8. Inscribed burnt clay slab from entrance to tomb. Square ; face painted light blue with narrow vermilion border, and divided by nine equally spaced vertical and horizontal lines in white into hundred small compartments. In each is Chin. char. painted in vermilion over white, the vermilion having in places worn off ; cf. M. Maspero's App. A. Condition generally good. I4 " sq., thickness I}". Pl. LXXV.

Ast. i. 7. or. Printed silk fr. ; primrose yellow, with pattern of large and small rosettes in green-blue and pink with blue-green stems and leaves. Two main pattern-blocks seem to have been used, both on square plan (or square and hexagon), the effect lieing an ` all-over ' pattern.

Two pieces joined ; plain lining. Very fragile. 18" x 9". Pl. LXXXII.

Ast. i. 7. oz. Fr. of basket-work ; plain slewed grass weaving. Stakes of string ; fine even work. Piece of yellow damask silk adheres to one side. 4f" x 3". • PI. XCIIi.

Ast. i. 7. 03. Fr. of silk damask ; bronze colour, with pattern of flowers, leaves and birds, on ogee plan. From a pair of flying cranes two stems spring R. and L., opening out and closing in again at their tips forming the ogee. Where one pair meets the outward curve of the next, R. and L., is a bunch of flowers. Small thin leaves are thrown out on both sides of stems throughout their length. Finely woven.

At back padding silk wool, dyed same colour. Very brittle. 8" x 3r". Pl. LXXXIV.

Ast. i. 7.04. Silk gauze, yellow, of small lozenge pattern; resembling Ser. iv. Pl. CxX, Ch. 00344. Well woven. Largest piece 27" x 9f". Pl. xxxvi.

Ast. i. 7. 05. Frs. of silk damask, in yellow and pale green. Pattern, a lozenge jewel with pendent pearl cluster ornaments hanging from lower and two side angles ; two confronting geese with uplifted wings above, supporting rosette surrounded by five leaves, rayed. Pattern repeats as a ` drop ', and small features link up main elements. Good design. Twill weave. Plain green lining. Very brittle. Largest piece C. 20" X 8". Pl. LXXIX.

Ast. i. 7.. o6. Frs. of figured silk, discoloured to a fine brown ; probably part of waist-band. Pattern, alternate rows of large and small rosettes, the small occurring opposite spaces between the large.

Large rosette is composed of four pairs of brown reversed C scrolls set on a circular plan, the outer ends voluted and the inner meeting in a thickened mass and opening again to carry on each end a curved leaf. Between volutes, a three-pointed green bud with brown calyx. In centre

on brown ground a six-petalled flower with blue petals, crimson centred, outlined yellow.

Smaller rosette is a variation of the larger. Silk wool padding at back, and plain silk lining. Three edges neatly turned in and sewn, the fourth broken away and missing.

Very brittle. For general type, cf. Ser. ii. pp. 972 sq., Ch. 00171, oo181 ; iv. Pl. CXI, CXVI. A. Largest piece 4r x 6".

Ast. i. 7.07. Stucco head of demon, with oblique bulging eyes, prominent frowning brows, aquiline nose, small mouth with thick upper lip, normal ears, bushy fringe of hair over forehead, rest of head shaven. Flesh pink, moustache and thin lock of hair hanging in front of each ear, painted in black (not moulded). Eyes outlined black, with white balls and black centres.

Brown clay with fine fibre, and wooden core. Ears damaged and lower back part broken. Well modelled. 4}"x2rx3". Pl. CM.

Ast. i. 7. o8. Fr. of painted wooden model house ; flat piece, painted with two-leaved door (orange) studded with rows of black nails and having black ring-handles. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. LXXV, Ch. xlvi. 007. Adjoining part of wall, above and at sides, white ; within orange frame studded with white ; beyond, emerald green with black spots. Red-flowering plants painted growing up wall. 3}" x4" X flg". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. i. 7. 09, 010. Two wooden railing posts, rectangular in section. Upper parts square pyramidal with vertically concave sides and chamfered corners, supporting on their truncated tops square caps with chamfered lower edges.

Posts are slit up from bottom to base of pyramid to take connecting slabs. Width of slits c. f". 09 retains fr. of slab (?). Painted red on front side, and on adjoining sides as far as slit ; dabs of red, green, and white on one inside surface next slab. Height 3f", width c. i". PI. XCIV.

Ast. i. 7. on. Fr. of miniature wooden pedestal, similar to Ast. iii. 4. 052, but to larger scale. Upper cusped' portion of one side only, broken off at one end. Instead of true cusps the form is a flat ogee. Face green edged on ogee curves with white. Soffit vermilion ; other surfaces plain. Intact end cut to plain mitre for joining to side. 5f" x r" x f".

Ast. i. 7.012, orb. Two wooden railing slabs, painted white on outside, with upper border red. •Two drifting palmettes in blue and green with black centres and red outlines painted on the white. Inside plain red. For other examples, see Ast. iii. 4.027,056-9, Pl. XCIV. 3" x c. jr" x c.

Ast. i. 7. 014. Clay humped bull ; standing ; well modelled. All legs lost, but straight stick core of L. foreleg remains ; clay horns and tail also gone ; otherwise in good condition. Painted pale blue, with pink muzzle, dewlap, and inside of ears. Large eye, slightly moulded, and painted white with black pupil and socket. Small double black