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0165 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 165 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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wrinkles also painted round eye, at corners of mouth, and behind nostrils, which are marked by holes. Surface of face somewhat damaged. H. 8f", length 8 ". PI. CIII.

Ast. i. 8. ox. Fr. of figured silk. Rosettes (lotus), now buff on darker buff ground, with vertical stems in blue. Faded and fragile. 3r .31-. Pl. LXXXVII.

Ast. i. 8. 02. Fr. of figured silk border. On twilled yellow ground, six-petalled blue rosettes in row, outlined pale yellow, between border lines of green, brown, and shaded blue. An outer guard of brown with round yellow spots. Well made ; brittle. c. 7" x I". Pl. LXXVIII.

Ast. i. 8. 03. Five frs. of figured silk border, similar to Ast. i. 8. 02, but ground light blue with buff flowers. Weaving less good. Material to which this is border, and of which small portions remain, is yellow-green twill. Three frs. are sewn along edge in basting stitch with green silk thread. Colours dull and faded. Av. length 3", width of pattern A".

Ast. i. 8. 04. Fr. of canvas, painted in thick tempera, probably in imitation of brocade. Ground shaded brown with oval spot pattern of small green leaves and red buds. Material of paint very finely ground. Appears to have been arranged in folds as a swag before painting. rod" x 3".

Ast. i. 8. o5. Small pair of steel scissors, made in one piece like modern Indian shears. Blades shaped as ordinary penknife blade ; handle (which forms spring) of square wire crossed over from side to side forming circular loop. The temper of spring still remains.

Rusted, but well preserved. Wrapped round blades, a piece of dark crimson silk with small rosette spot pattern in light yellow. Also piece of dark buff silk with lighter pattern printed by ` resist ' process. Length of scissors 4"; blades 2 " X i".


Ast. iI. I. oI + o3. Frs. of painting on paper. The parts present are of two sheets, each r6" x ro" (nearly), pasted together at two of their short edges. The subject appears to be rather similar to that of Ast. vi. 3. 05, but with less of incident.

To L. of centre a personage in voluminous robes kneeling on rug and facing 1" to L. She holds in her raised R. hand a black crescent-shaped object and in L. a slip of paper (?). To the L. and facing first a second figure (lower part missing) holding out in L. hand a circular black object with light centre. To R. of first figure an object like a towel-horse with an elongated top bar over which is draped a heavy striped cloth, the colours being brick-red, white, green, and dark grey. Farther to the R. is a standing attendant and at extreme R. another, both looking to L.

In the space between these two a rectangular-topped table with red centre and broad black border (lacquered ?). At each end a leg composed of three vertical bars bending over towards the table-top at upper ends and resting at


Ast. i. 8. o6. Head net, made of open-mesh string canvas, with remains of black pigment all over. 8" x 2".

Ast. i. 8.07. Fr. of plain white silk, from shroud. Discoloured and perished. i6" x rI".

Ast. i. 8. o8. Stucco head of woman, in round, from large fig., well modelled. Young and full, with oblique eyes, long straight nose, very short upper lip, and upcurved mouth deeply dented at the corners. Small chin, from which ` double ' chin slopes away into fat roll of neck.

Face painted white, with traces of red on lips, and large elliptical green patch on forehead. Remains of black lines under eyelids and carried almost as far as hair. No other remains of additional colour on cheeks and eyes.

Hair painted black, finely grooved all over in long upward lines from face and nape of neck. Hair taken off forehead and temples in ` pompadour ' flattened on top, and done on crown in topknot (lost). Two crescents, red and green, painted on ` pompadour ', off L. temple, and another, white, on back of head. Ears thick and clumsy shaped. Soft buff clay mixed with straw ; large hole for core (lost).

  1. 7f" x gr. width 54-". Pl. CI.

Ast. i. 8. 09. Small dough matt ; standing upright with joined hands hanging before him. Very roughly modelled, ending at knee level in bifurcated rounded mass. Topknot on head, and holes punched for eyes. No indication of clothes. Dark-brown, close-textured material. H. 3". Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. i. 8. ow. Straw man. Long thin fig. made of bundle of straw doubled at head and divided below to form legs. Smaller bundles form arms. No attempt to make features, &c. Dressed in long-sleeved coat of dark-brown woollen (?) canvas, tied with silk band round waist ; ragged undercoat of buff silk, with felt padding within, over upper part of body. Length 2' 9", average width 3" to 4". Pl. XCI.


their lower ends on a rail which forms a continuous foot for all three. Vertical bars red, feet black.

In centre of table stands a black cauldron having three ` fish-tail ' feet. A ladle with hook handle (similar to Ast. ii.

  1. 07, Pl. CIV) rests inside cauldron. Above table are two large squat jars, dark grey with red interiors. Below are three smaller and thinner jars drawn in outline only. Above and immediately to L. of head of R.-hand figure is a tray with ` fish-tail ' handles exactly resembling Ast. or, Pl. XCI.

Coiffure the same in all four figures. The hair seems to be smoothed solidly on top and in a sort of flattened chignon at back reaching to nape of neck. On top two thick solid tresses are looped R. and L. resembling a large bow. From each loop rises a thin black line (hair ?) curving outward and downward. From each side of face just in front of ear a similar line descends nearly to shoulder and then curves up in direction to meet an upper one, the two on each side having a wing-like effect.