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0169 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 169 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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lacing in knot in middle, and pinched off behind. See also Ast. iii. 2. 033-6. Average size 2I" x 3e". Pl. XCII.

Ast. iii. I. 042-65. Frs. of pastry wafers, as Ast. 013-20, Pl. XCII. Gr. M. c. 3".

Ast. iii. z. 066-9. Four open-work pastry cakes, or orns. of cake. Made, apparently in mould, of light flaky pastry, very brittle. Within ogee-shaped frame, sprays of foliage with scrolled ends curling about central midrib, with straight cross-bar at widest point. At bottom the two sides of frame are pinched together behind, giving convex form to orn. From surface of frame, sprays, &c., finely ribbed. Well made, and shape very elegant. o66 complete; o67 fairly complete but broken ; o68 about I of whole; 069 in fragments. H. 3f", gr. width 2h". Pl. XCII.

Ast. iii. I. 070. Fr. of pastry tart, showing part of edge `nicked' into long seed-like projections, and of interior covered with decayed jam (?). Gr. M. 2".

Ast. iii. I. 071-83. Pastry ' cracknels ' and frs. of the same. In form mostly of cubes or lozenges ; 078 of flat bar shape. Very fine close dough, splitting into layers. 083, which is flat, shows mass of darker decayed substance, like ` jam ' of 026-9 and 070, adhering to under-side. Average size (complete) c. z" cube. Pl. XCII.

Ast. iii. I. 084-7. Four pastry ' twists ', each made of short rope of dough coiled in close double knot. Excellent condition. Average size if" x iI" x rI". Pl. XCII.

Ast. iii. z. 088-93. Six black grapes, shrivelled but

otherwise in good condition. Gr. length i".

Ast. iii. x. 094. Frs. of pastry ' twists '. Colour light brown. Well preserved.

Ast. iii. z. 095. Five pastry frs., thin, composed of narrow strips coiled into patterns on a flat surface. Colour light brown. Largest piece well preserved. 3" x I I" x

Ast. iii. 2. or. Silk gauze ; lozenge pattern, sewn into form of tube and tied into knot at one end to form a kind of fool's-cap. Buff ; stained and partially encrusted with paint. Good weaving, rather brittle. Similar to Ast. i. 7. 04. 17" x 8". PI. XXXVI.

Ast. iii. 2. o2. Silk veiling ; two frs., loosely woven. Pattern, an open square diaper formed of groups of six ends and six picks interweaving ; about ten repeats to one inch. Buff. Well preserved but brittle. Original width of stuff about i3". 2" x z", I' x I'. Pl. XXXVI.

Ast. iii. 2. 03. Fr. of figured silk ; two pieces joined. Apple-green ground with alternate rows of four-petalled flowers and four buds placed crosswise, the bud groups occurring opposite intervals between flowers. Centre to centre of rows g" ; diam. of flowers I" ; diam. of bud group r ; centre to centre of flowers I".

Pink bands through centres of flowers and buds give pleasing flush. Strong twill weaving, with rather irregular yarn. Small fr. of plain crimson silk lining sewn to back with crimson silk. General shape rectangular. Well preserved. 4" x 2}". Pl. LXXVIII.

Ast. iii. 2. 04. Fr. of silk, lustrous white with painted broad black bands, straight and chevron, and remains of pink drifting cloud, outlined black. Plain weave faintly ribbed. Ragged and perished along thin black outlines. 4" x 3".

Ast. iii. 2.05-9. Five painted wooden slips, prob. from railing as Ast. iii. 4. 041-5. Front painted white, with row of drifting clouds in blue or green, with red outlines and black centres. Clouds simple in o5, o6 ; more elaborate in o7-9, but in same colours. o7-9 have also red streaks across each end. Back of all slips painted red, besides top edge of os, o6, and under edge of o7-9. Rough painting. os, o6, 7" x g" ; 07-9, 6}" x ii". PI. xCiv.

Ast. iii. 2. oro. Wood and clay figure of man. Originally evidently clothed, but clothes all lost. Head, neck, and hat only of pink clay (unburnt), moulded over upper end of roughly shaped wooden body. Arms are sheets of paper from Chin. MS. rolled tightly lengthwise. Legs merely two long straight pointed sticks, partially retaining bark, and bound to sides of body by wrapping of grass fibre. Legs abnormally long, prob. for sticking into ground. Coil of grass string tied to end of R. arm.

Face large featured, with protruding oblique eyes, oblique nose, small jaw and small receding chin. Flesh painted flesh-pink ; bushy eyebrows black ; eyes black with green pupils ; mouth crimson ; upturned moustache and small beard on chin black over light blue. Remainder of hair painted in continuous wash of light blue, descending before ears, covering lower side of jaws, and passing under chin.

Hat round, with projecting brim and dome-like crown ; painted white. Edges of hat broken, otherwise good condition. H. z' II". Pl. CII.

Ast. iii. 2. olz. Pair of clay stirrups ; probably from iii. 2.058 or 057. Large open loops, with oblong projection at top, through which is slit for stirrup-leather. Soft pink clay, painted blue over all. Length 3I", gr. width II". Pl. XCV, XCVII.

Ast. iii. 2. 012. Clay fig. of man rider, prob. from horse iii. 2. 015 or 021. Head and body moulded on pointed stick core, which passed below into hole in back of horse, fixing rider upright in saddle. Legs moulded without core in convex curve, flat on inside, to grip sides of horse, but now broken from body. Arms (so far as preserved) straight by side, but broken off above elbow.

Dressed in tight-fitting vermilion coat reaching to knee and black top-boots edged with white. Skirts of coat sprinkled with spot rosettes in brown. Hair short, black. Cap close fitting, red at lower part in front, passing into narrow red band at back above lower edge of cap, which is of the high-lobed crown type, with red bow in front. Lobe is cleft in front. For similar caps, see Ser. iv. Pl. LXXVI, Ch. 0030, in which two streamers are added at back.

Face painted pink, with black for eyes, eyebrows, moustache, and small beard ; crimson on lips. Features