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0171 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 171 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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figure, held erect and head high. Steeple-crowned hat Ast. iii. 2.017, probably belongs to this figure, the topknot having been pared down for this or some other head covering to fit. H. c. io". Pl. XCIX. A.

Ast. iii. 2. 023. Clay rider, warrior, probably from horse iii. 2. 014. L. arm and leg lost, R. hand from wrist (but arm held outwards and bent up from elbow, prob. holding lance), and R. leg below knee. Traces of leopard-skin leggings just above break.

Wears tight-fitting sleeveless doublet of scale armour, painted in horizontal stripes of dark blue and white with vertical lines of black, with black belt, and chocolate band at bottom. Arms are covered with long close orange sleeves from undergarment ; head with scale-armour helmet, rising into peak on top and falling like tippet on shoulders and back. Helmet painted like doublet, with scarlet peak, chocolate border, and yellow gorget under chin.

Face round, painted uniform flesh-colour, with wide-open prominent eyes almost straight and painted vermilion; thick black eyebrows ; and small black moustache and beard. Mark of scabbard (?) on R. thigh. H. 7". Pl. XCIX.

Ast. iii. 2. 024. Clay rider, warrior, probably from horse iii. 2. 021. Like the preceding but in worse condition ; both arms lost below middle of upper arm, and both legs broken off but L. extant. Dress as in the preceding with vermilion border to helmet, green gorget, green border to coat of mail, pale yellow sleeves, leopard-skin leggings, and black shoes. Face as in 023, but damaged. H. c. 9r". Pl. XCIX.

Ast. iii. 2.025. Wooden comb, with slightly arched back. Teeth broken at one end, but fair condition. Length 3k", depth 2".

Ast. iii. 2. 026-9. Four black grapes ; shrivelled but fair condition. Gr. length k°.

Ast. iii. 2. 030-2. Three pastry ' twists ' ; coiled flat in loose spiral. Whitish in colour, like all other pastry from this tomb. Good condition. Average diam. 3" x 31". PI. XCII.

Ast. iii. 2. 033-6. Four pastry ' bow-knot' twists', as Ast. iii. I. 03o-41. Good condition, except 036 (fr. only). Gr. piece (033) 4 " x 2I".

Ast. iii. 2. 037-8. Two frs. of pastry wafers, as Ast. iii. I. 013-20, Pl. XCII, &c. Gr. M. 4".

Ast. iii. 2. 039. Pastry tartlet ; same pattern as Ast. iii. I. 022. Surface somewhat decayed. Remains of decayed fruit (?) in middle. Diam. 2k". PI. XCII.

Ast. iii. 2. 040-4. Five pastry tartlets, of five-petalled flower shape as Ast. iii. 1. 02r, but edges somewhat gone. Remains of decayed sweetmeat or jam (?) in centre of each with grape in middle. Average diam. 2". Pl. XCII.

Ast. iii. 2. 045-6. Couple of pastry tartlets, with funnel-shaped centres and mushroom-like edges, as Ast. iii. I. 024-5. Remains of decayed sweetmeat or fruit in middle. Fair condition. Gr. diam. 2g". Pl. XCII.

Ast. iii. 2. 047. Bunch of grapes ; shrivelled but fair condition. Length c. 6", Pl. XCIII.

Ast. iii. 2. 048. Monster-headed clay fig., standing, with hands muffled in wide sleeves on breast. Dressed in long green robe which covers feet, and half-length yellow jacket, V-shaped at neck with wide hanging sleeves and broad waist-band.

Head like goat's, painted grey, with black whiskers and goatee beard, and prominent eyes with black pupils and white eyeballs. Nostrils, lips, sockets of eyes, and throat painted pink. In excellent condition, except for ears broken off. Stick core protruding below. H. (fig.) 9", with core 13". Pl. CII.

Ast. iii. 2.049. Headless clay fig. of man, prob. servant, stands with hands at breast, clasping slip of bamboo broken off about shoulder-level, perhaps pole of fan or canopy. Dressed in long straight white coat, belted round hips ; leopard-skin gaiters, and black shoes. Division of legs indicated only by grooves down front. Stick core projects below, and at top where head is broken off. H. 8k", with core II". Pl. Cu.

Ast. iii. 2. 05o. Headless clay fig. of man, like the preceding and with hands in same position. Coat and shoes black ; leggings white with black splashes ; some vermilion patches on coat behind. Stick core. H. 8k", with core r r k". Pl. CII.

Ast. iii. 2.051. Canvas bag ; pair of pockets, filled with chaff of some small grain (millet ?). Canvas a fine natural-coloured cotton (?), rather open weave, orn. with long wavy brush-lines in black, representing leaves (?). Pockets c. 9k" x 6°.

Ast. iii. 2. 055. Small basket (?) of fibre netting ; broken, but apparently elliptical, bound round edge with pliable strip of wood over which is lacquered bark. Netting is in double layer, lacquered black on outer sides ; mesh about k" sq., the interstices partially filled by lacquer. Basket or part of head-dress (?). Length c. 6k", width c. 5", depth apparently c. 2". Pl. XCIII.

Ast. iii. 2. 056. Wooden chalice, painted black with ornaments in white outline. Shallow bowl of stepped ogee curve, painted on band above step with drifting trefoil clouds divided by circles ; below step a band of quatrefoil rosettes with opposed half-rosettes as borders. Stem slightly trumpet shape, painted with three three-peaked mountains at lower part and the same above ; with flower bushes and trees between, and on mountains. Foot, cyma reversa, divided from stem by step ; om. similar to first pattern. Contents, brown powder. Height 4k". Diam.



Ast. iii. 2. 057. Clay horse, of same construction as Ast. iii. 2. or4, Pl. XCIX, &c., and of similar type, but much larger and better modelled. Stands with head somewhat stretched forward. Head small and fine on long neck ; large eyes ; deep hollow within jaw on under-side ; fold of eyebrow at corner of eye well shown. Painted maroon,