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0181 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 181 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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medley of leaves, flowers, whirling four-pointed stars, roundels, &c.

The centre mass has a faint resemblance to a poodle's face, with long dropping ears (leaves). This may be intentional, as it is outlined as a mass with a dark-brown line. Shaded work is the rule, and the stitch a fine chain.

Size over all 13" x 81". Embroidered panels 4e" x 21". A second fr. of the blue silk with white spots. 7f" x 82". Pl. LXXVIII.

Ast. vi. 3. 08. Fr. of silk waste. Padding from grave-clothes.

Ast. vi. 3. og. Fr. of fine open silk muslin, resembling modern fan gauze' or bolting. Pale buff. Piece as folded 7" x 7". Very brittle.

Ast. vi. 3. o10. Wooden food tray, roughly made shallow oblong, with rounded corners and broad fish-tail handles ; cf. Ast. or. No lacquer. Rev. two Chin. chars. A X scratched near one edge. 211" x r3" x r ". Pl. XCI.

Ast. vi. 3. on. Circular, turned wooden box, of similar shape to Ast. vi. 4.024, lacquered on outside black, on which a band of spiral wave scroll in dark pink with orange high lights. A node projects from front and back of each spiral, giving it a Chinese character. Above, a narrower band of circles bordered by dark pink lines outlined orange. Split and thin ; collar partly broken away. Diam. 5â", height 2;". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vi. 3. on. Pair of silk and canvas shoes, small size. Both uppers and soles made of double layer of strong buff canvas, and uppers covered with plain purple silk. Soles and uppers have separated owing to decay of thread. Length 8", gr. width 2;".

Ast. vi. 3. 013, 014. Pair of paper shoes, painted black outside. 'or x 3I". Pl. XCIII.

Ast. vi. 3. 015. Piece of wood, spatulate at one end, tapering and round towards other where it is curved. Broken at narrow end ; painted black. 6i" x i." x

Ast. vi. 3. o16. Forelegs of wooden horse, with remains of dark paint with buff over. Hoofs black, and black lines up centre of front crossed with short lines. Glue at top section. 51" x rö". Pl. CIV.

Ast. vi. 3. 017. Wooden boat-shaped food bowl, with horizontal lugs for handles ; no paint or lacquer remaining. Knife-cuts on bottom. Remains of food inside. Well made. For lacquered example, see Ast. ii. 2. 021. Length 7¢', width 5r, height 3". Pl. XCI.

Ast. vi. 3. o18. Rough bun-shaped object, of coarse dough (?) ; very friable. Diam. 3I", thickness about Ii-".

Ast. vi. 3. 01g. Pair of silk cuffs, separately cut from ends of sleeves. Made of double layer of strong buff canvas, lined with buff silk, padded outside to half their length with silk waste and covered with plain purple silk ; latter much decayed. Length 6", width 41" to 5".

Ast. vi. 3. 020. Pottery jar ; grey body ; tall straight shape, widest at flat base and drawing in to narrow plain


mouth. Outside marked with faint annular grooves. Filled inside with fine powdered grain (?). H. 8", diam. of base 51", mouth 31". Pl. XC.

Ast. vi. 3. 021. Millet from jar Ast. vi. 3. 020.

Ast. vi. 4. 01. Silk tapestry woven shoe, woven to shape. Pattern of sides and back is in three horizontal bands divided into oblong panels, each panel containing a standing goose with wings extended. Top and bottom bands pale blue and buff. Middle red and buff. Colours of ground and bird in each panel counterchange alternately, in their respective band colours.

Vertically the order is, a yellow bird in all three alternating with a red bird between two blue birds. In each panel in R. and L. lower corners, a dot and a ring respectively (sun and moon ?). Narrow bands of dull and light buff with counterchange spot pattern divide the panels horizontally.

At the toe (mostly missing) red, buff, and blue bands, with small Chinese characters in counterchange, are mitred into sides, but woven in one piece with other part. Upper edge red, neatly turned over and sewn.

Lining, strong canvas in one piece woven to shape. Sole, thick coiled cord. Very good work. As usual with these shoes, the warp is of vegetable fibre and has perished. Colours bright. Sole 91" x 3/". Height r}". Pl. XCIII.

Ast. vi. 4. 02. Lacquered wooden plate, brown, with plain rim thickened at extreme edge and set at angle of c. 160° with bottom. Wood, thin, coated with canvas, with strip of cane round edge for strength. Over canvas, lacquer. Inside a mass of faint knife-cuts. Diam. 71". Depth, external, I".

Ast. vi. 4. 03-4. Pair of wooden figs. of women-servants (?), standing with hands folded in sleeves on stomach ; lower part of frs. cut in solid octagonal block widening towards foot. Dressed alike in long skirts striped vertically red and emerald green, and half-length black jackets with red borders, crossed over breast and showing high-necked striped vest, yellow, red, and green, in V and at neck. Cuffs on arm in broad bands of white, red, and green. Jacket of 03 and skirt of 04 orn. with sprinkled white rings ; and other garment of each orn. with rosettes formed of similar ring surrounded by white dots.

Hair black, with straight lock in front of ear, and topknot on crown of head (triple in 04) sloping backwards. Bead and tassel orn. in yellow, white, and red in front of topknot.

Straight features, painted not carved, with white skin, red lips, red spots on cheeks and forehead, and red line round base of hair. Eyebrows, a double arch of black and green. Rather rough work ; good condition ; cf. Ast. vi. I. 010. H. (03) 8i", (o4) log". PI. CIV.

Ast. vi. 4. 05. Wooden fig. of man, very rudely cut. No neck, no arms, but shoulders cut like very blunt arms of cross and painted over at ends. Body a mere block, widening towards ground ; the lower part having middle third cut away to height of 3" to make rough legs, No feet.