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0183 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 183 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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16", but thinned away above that for further length of Ion", and corners chamfered to make octagonal section. Immediately below point where thinning of staff begins, a wooden tenon belonging to 028 is driven through staff from front to back. Upper end cut down sq. to projecting tenon (broken off).

Lower end finishes with similar tenon, fitted into centre of double lion-leg foot, roughly cut, generally resembling

Ast. vi. 4. 023, but simpler in form ; only the one hole for tenon of leg.

028 is straight rail, oblong in section (" x r), with tenon at either end, one broken off short, the piece being fixed in 027. Both pieces cut carefully smooth but unpainted. For similar clothes-horse, see Ast. ii. r. 03, Pl. CVIi. Length (027) 26k", width of foot 5r ; length (028) 221". Pl. XCI.


Ast. vii. I. or. Figured silk face-cover, of coarsely woven ` Sasanian ' type surrounded by frill of plain silk. Pattern of centre, roughly designed ` nest ' or base, on which stands a series of triangular forms, point down, one above the other ; or if looked at when turned half-way round, a stylized eagle-like bird holding bunch of grapes in beak, with the triangular forms sticking into back of neck. Remainder of pattern illegible.

Ground red, pattern brown outlined buff. Surrounding border, brown with buff pearls. Between adjoining medallions appears to be a circle of smaller pearls on brown ground round yellow centre. Poor work. Much perished. 8" x 8". PI. LXXVII.

Ast. vii. I. 02. Fr. of silk ; striped twill, alternate brown and green. Discoloured and brittle. Largest piece c. 9" x 6".

Ast. vii. I. 03. Fr. of painted buff silk, with traces of floral (?) pattern in grey lines and pink washes. Attached a small piece of rose-coloured fabric in broken satin twill strips. Torn and fragile. C. 4" x4".

Ast. vii. I. 04. Fr. of paper, in several layers painted black. Gr. fr. 5" x 3".

Ast. vii. I. o5. Two silk frs., one plain buff, the other painted with white and bold red, buff, and black lines. Well preserved. Painted piece 4" x 3k".

Ast. vii. I. 06. Figured silk face-cover, with plain silk frill and lining. Two spots in centre corroded away and stained green at back. Above stains, human hair resembling eyebrows adhering to lining. Corrosion probably due to spectacles.

Pattern : on fine blue ground a lozenge lattice in bands of pale green, bordered by buff lines and studded with heart-shaped leaves in pink (?), four at each side of lozenge. Lozenges flattened at sides where they meet giving width of thrice the band ; here a six-petalled rosette, coloured as hearts. In field of lozenge, eight-pointed star, buff, within which four-petalled (heart-shape) flower with green centre spotted buff.

For similar designs from the Near East, cf. v. Falke, Seidenweberei, Figs. 34, 228. Well woven. Shape of complete cover is oblong with round corners. Very discoloured. 9r x 6r" without frill, 3" depth of frill. Pl. LXXX.

Ast. vii. L 07. Large shoe of lacquered canvas ; regular Chinese style, with broad upturned toe. Uppers made of six layers of buff woollen canvas, cut to shape, and

perhaps gummed together at sides to stiffen them. Over this a thick layer of fibrous matter having the appearance of linseed poultice. Upon this an outer layer of thin canvas which is turned inside at top ; paper lining and inside sole added from MS. showing column of Chin. chars.

Whole of outside coated with black lacquer, of which patches remain. Sole, extending only to point of upturn of toe, is in two layers ; upper a thin piece of wood, lower leather, the two attached to each other and to uppers by short iron studs driven in round edge. Very strong and well made, but when new must have been rigid and inflexible, and therefore not intended for ordinary wear. Length Ion", gr. width of sole 3", H. of upturned toe c. 5". Pl. XCIII.

Ast. vii. I. o8. Pair of silver ' spectacles ', as Ast. i. 3. 022, &c. Crumpled and broken in two. 64 x 24.

Ast. vii. 2. oI. Fr. of clay dragon (two pieces), very finely modelled. Represented squatting (?), shoulders humped, head thrust forward threateningly to L.

R. hind leg (stump only) stretched forwards as in Ast. iii. 2. 059 ; L. probably at slightly different angle, but leg itself entirely lost ; forelegs perhaps downwards, but stumps only remain.

Curve of muscular shoulders and wrinkling of skin over ribs well expressed. Small lion-like head, with prominent eyes, square snout, and wide jowl showing grinning teeth in front. Pointed ears, one broken off. Back of neck covered with long pointed locks of back-lying mane, and fringe of long tufts shown at back of upper part of forelegs. Tail (missing) seems to have curled up against back as in Ast. iii. 2. 0J9, Pl. XCVI.

Painted white, with nose, eyes, and mouth in black outline ; mane in green, salmon pink, and blue ; underside of body salmon pink. Length (joined) 6r, width across shoulders 31". I'l. CIII.

Ast. vii. 2.02. Fr. of clay relief fig. ; R. shoulder, breast, and arm, bent across front from elbow. Wears plain white vest down middle of front ; remainder clad in pale green robe sprinkled with clusters of pink flowers outlined white, and green leaves. Clay much mixed with straw ; core to arm made of bundle of split cane or wheat straw. H. 6r", gr. width 5". Pl. CI.

Ast. vii. 2. 03. Clay head of demon. Grotesque human type, with pointed ears, oblique protruding eyes, very short upturned nose, and mouth pursed up under it in contumacious exaggerated pout. Hair rises in long peak on