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0184 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 184 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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top of head. Cheeks, forehead, bulge between eyes, and corners of mouth, all creased with heavy wrinkles.

Face generally painted dark brown ; with green and black moustaches and tuft on chin (painted only) and heavy green eyebrows (moulded and painted) ; inner side of lips red ; eyeballs white ; socket and pupil of eyes black ; ears pink inside, and outer rim light blue spotted with black, continued down to neck ; furrowed hair of peak and back of head dark red.

Tip of peak broken off, and straw core protruding ; otherwise good condition. For similar head, see Ast. x. I. 09. H. 9". Pl. CI.

Ast. vii. 2. 04. Clay head of snake, outstretched. Flattened snout, round eyes, and small back-lying ears. Painted red over white with black lattice-work to represent scales ; and white underneath. Straw core. Broken off at neck end. Length 3f", gr. width I". Pl. CIII.

Ast. vii. 2. 05. Clay horse, as Ast. iii. 2. 014, Pl. XCIX, &c. Body better modelled, but in bad condition and all legs lost. Head and face extant, but most of face broken away: Painted light blue, with black saddle and Numdah, white bordered, and black harness. Group of hanging straps on each side of saddle. Brown tassels hang from breast-band and crupper. Clay tail, broken off. Rider perhaps Ast. vii. 2. oil, PI. CII, but does not seem quite to fit saddle. Length 9f", h. extant c. 6". Pl. C.

Ast. vii. 2. 06. Clay horse, as Ast. iii. 2. 014, Pl. XCIX, &c., painted maroon. Very strong build, and well modelled except for stiff thick-set legs. Fetlocks white, hooves black, saddle and trappings, as in vii. 2. 05, black and white. Lower half of face, and clay tail lost ; L. hind leg broken off but preserved. H. 11". Pl. C.

Ast. vii. 2. 07. Clay horse, as Ast. iii. 2. 014, Pl. XCIX, etc. Rider evidently was vii. 2. 09, Pl. XCIX. Painted terra-cotta, with leopard-skin saddle on white Numdah, and black harness and tassels. Small horsehair tail, tied in knot. Most of face lost, and all legs except R. foreleg, which is, however, broken off. Stick core of L. hind leg also remains. H. (without leg) 41", length r if".

Ast. vii. 2. 08. Packed bundle of clay, from back of pack-horse. Long bolster-shape, curved to fit over saddle. Painted white, and neatly tied with blue ropes. Length across ends (inside) 4", width c. 1i". Pl. CI.

Ast. vii. 2.09. Clay man rider, as Ast. iii. 2. 012, Pl. CII, &c. ; belonged to horse vii. 2. 07. L. arm lost below middle of upper arm, and R. leg below knee. Remainder of limbs preserved but broken from body. R. arm slightly out and bent up from elbow, hand clasping fr. of twig painted black. Slightly corpulent, but very erect.

Light blue coat with white border and black boots ; white stirrups and stirrup-leathers. Features ` Mongolian ' with high cheek-bones. Hair black, with straight lock hanging before ear ; black cap with high cleft-lobed crown

curving over to front. Face painted white ; eyebrows, eyes, moustaches, and small beard black ; mouth red. H. c. 91". Pl. XCIx.

Ast. vii. 2. oio. Two clay arms, about same size as from rider figs., broken off in middle of upper arm, and joined to each other by long black fibre string tied round wrists. Both are R. arms ; one in blue sleeve (but not belonging to rider vii. 2. 09), the other in yellow, and bent at elbows. Hands perfunctory, apparently clenched, with unpainted surface on under-side, where they apparently touched some other object. Length 2f" and 2f", of string 2' 3".

Ast. vii. 2. oil. Clay rider, as Ast. iii. 2. 012, Pl. CII, &c. ; perhaps from horse Ast. vii. 2. 05, Pl. C. R. foot lost, and L. leg. Was evidently playing on pipe (now lost), as mouth is rounded and open, with downward hollow on lower lip where pipe rested. Hands are held out in front of breast one below other, with fingers on top as though playing on stops ; thumbs stuck out below for supporting pipe.

White coat with black belt, and black boots. Face round and smooth, painted flesh colour ; surface mostly gone on L. side. Head covered prob. with close-fitting skull-cap, or else smooth black hair. No moustache or beard. H. 9f". Pl. CII.

Ast. vii. 2. 012. Legs of clay rider, as Ast. iii. 2. 012, Pl. CII, &c. Clad in pea-green coat with divided tails wrapped about legs, white breeches showing underneath, and black boots. Yellow stirrups and stirrup-leathers. H. 4i", width between feet 5". Pl. C.

Ast. vii. 2.013. Wooden model of weapon, in sheath (?). Wooden baton, piano-convex in section, widening towards one end, and with handle-like other end cut down in slight collar 3f" from extremity. Whole of handle-end painted pea green (except on back) ; other end also green to length of I".

Remainder painted black, with hunting scene in buff detailed with black on front (convex) side. This represents rider galloping to L. and turning round to discharge arrow at leopard which bounds in pursuit. Much paint rubbed off. Wooden peg driven through from front to back immediately below green ` handle ' end ; head flush with surface and painted black. Length 15I", width I16" to 226", gr. thickness 1,16". Pl. CII.

Ast. vii. 2. 014. Square piece of board, ruled with 21 black lines in one direction and 18 at right angles to first, dividing the surfaces into squares. Placed on corners of squares are a number of black dots proceeding in an irregular diagonal direction from one corner, and a number of white dots proceeding from other corner. Prob. some kind of game. [Prob. wei-ch`i, the ` surrounding game' of checkers.-Dr. L. Giles.] 4r x4". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. vii. 2. 016. Millet from sepulchral deposit.