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0186 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 186 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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round angles. Contents : small silver (?) mirror with embossed lotus design at back and centre boss with remains of crimson silk cord ; finely cut wooden comb with low arched back ; several ` screws ' of paper, one containing a white powder, another a fr. of crimson felt ; rest empty. Finely written Chinese characters on most of papers. A few frs. of charcoal. At bottom, a folded paper with large seal impressions in red, and several cols. of Chin. writing in black.

Box seems to have been sealed up with band round edge, and frs. of plain silk are sticking to top. Lacquered black over canvas. Well made and well preserved. Diam. 6+". H. 3". Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. ix. 2. 04. Seven thin bronze plates, parts of pendant. Two lunette-shaped, two circular, and three pear-shaped. All drilled with small holes for attaching by thread. Brittle. Frs. of crimson thread. Diam. of lunettes

1+".   Circles i" and n". Pear-shapes c. I" x 1". Pl.

Ast. ix. 2. 05. Twenty-two glass beads ; blue, green, yellow, and black ; one red lac. Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. ix. 2. 06. Miniature carriage, consisting of body of slab of dough. Through it are thrust two parallel wooden twigs for shafts, joined at front end by thin twig as yoke bound with grass fibre. A fourth twig is thrust through body transversely as axle-tree. Two thin cane hoops for hood. Wheels and one hoop missing. See ix. 2. 049, 51. Fragile. Length 8", width of shafts ii". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. ix. 2. 07. Many small frs. of iron, probably of pair of scissors. Badly corroded and with pieces of silk adhering.

Ast. ix. 2.08. Two frs. of damask, brown, finely woven ; small concentric lozenge pattern.

Ast. ix. 2. og. Many small frs. of silk damask, stained yellow. Probably similar to Ser. iv. PI. CXVII, T. xtv. v. 0011. a. Very brittle.

Ast. ix. 2. 010. Fifteen clear green glass beads, and one small shell ; one white, from coffin (c). Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. ix. 2. OII. Mass of silk embroidery threads, various colours ; found with Ast. ix. 2. 07.

Ast. ix. 2. 012. Small silk bag ; square blue ground decorated by ` resist ' method with delicate conventional floral pattern on ogee plan, introducing birds in yellow. The pattern apparently applied freehand and not by stamps or stencils. Groups of seven berries occur in a second colour. Well preserved. 2" square. Pl. LXXXII.

Ast. ix. 2. 013. Small silk bag, made of maroon, yellow, and blue squares sewn together, of which the blue have ` resist ' flower spot pattern. Drawing string at mouth. Very fragile. 2I" x 3".

Ast. ix. 2. 014. Frs. of silk patchwork garment (?), of unrecognizable form. Squares of yellow damask are divided by bands of green corded damask silk, with squares of plum-coloured damask at the crossings. Flowers and discs

are visible on the yellow squares, but no connected pattern can be made out. One edge of article is bound with green silk ; cf. Ast. ix. 2. 019, Pl. LXXVII. Very brittle. Principal frs. about 4" square.

Ast. ix. 2. 015. Mass of silk rags of various colours. Very brittle. Bundle c. 6" x

Ast. ix. 2. 016. Silk gauze sleeve-like object, with long lozenge all-over pattern ; rather involved interlaced pattern in each lozenge. Rich ochre colour ; good weaving. Attached to sleeve is what appears to be a shoulder-piece in plain silk. Very fragile. Sleeve i6" x4". Shoulder 9f" x 5". Pl. XXXVI.

Ast. ix. 2. 017. Figured silk frs., of ` Sasanian ' type from head-cover of body b. Probably boar's head pattern. For good example, see Ast. i. 5. 03, Pl. LXXVI. Very discoloured, brittle and broken. Gr. fr. 5" x 31".

Ast. ix. 2. 01g. Fr. of silk patchwork, with large open square lattice-work made of bars of plain yellow doubled silk 1" broad, with 1" squares cut from ` Sasanian ' figured silk at crossings. Size of square openings about 3". For similar garment, but with open squares filled in, see Ast. ix. 2. 014. Brittle. to" x 6". Pl. LXXVII.

Ast. ix. 2. 020. Mass of small silk frs. of plum colour finely woven ; from plain shirt of body b. C. 12" x 7".

Ast. ix. 2. 021. Mass of cuttings, from various silks and cloths, in small rolls tied round with thread. Also pieces of silk wool ; ` screws ' of paper tied with thread. All fabrics plain ; some quite perished. From coffin (a).

Ast. ix. 2. 022. Fr. of figured silk face.cover, from body c. Pattern of modified ` Sasanian ' style. On salmon-pink ground rows of rosettes surrounded by twenty-four pearls. Inner ray of petals twelve (pink), outer twenty (pink outlined brown). Spacing of rosettes equal each way.

In spandrel, green rosette composed of ellipse of eight pearls as centre, and from cardinal points four five-pointed palmette leaves, green. All outlines white ; cf. v. Falke, Seidenweberei, i. Fig. no (banner stuff of Mikado Shomu). Lower part perished and missing. Remains of white frill. 6i" x 7". Pl. LXXVIII.

Ast. ix. 2. 023. Paper hat or crown, painted black. From a band or tenia I r wide, encircling head, rises a second band of same width, from centre of forehead over top of head. On each side of it rises a solid piece with rounded top ; cf. Ast. vi. 3. 05, Pl. CVII. R. and L. of centre of tenia, and 4" apart, two $" gold transverse bands. In space between gold bands three stars with gold lozenge-shaped points set round coloured centre.

On vertical central band is a transverse narrow gold band II" above tenia, with star in intervening space. Similar stars on rounded side-pieces. The narrow gold bands are of yellow silk damask. Stars are of paper, gilded for points. Very fragile. Height from brim to highest part of crown 4}". Length when flattened out I21".

Pl. XCIII.   '