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0187 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 187 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Ast. ix. 2. 024. Three figurines, modelled roughly in a kind of dough. Limbs are represented by mere stumps. Largest 21" high. Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. ix. 2. 025. Silk garment, from body c ; brown, ornamented with broad band of striped silk. Bright yellow predominates ; the colours used are white, pale blue, and pale brown in groups of narrow stripes, alternating with broader one. Woven in stripes of reversed twill. Perished and very brittle. Width of band 7f". Pl. LXXVII.

Ast. ix. 2. 026. Specimen of wheat, from tomb.

Ast. ix. 2. 027. Turned wooden urn, in form of deep basin on clumsily moulded stand. All in one piece ; painted black and decorated with bands of white spots on the several base mouldings, with one band round lower part of bowl and with circles of spots surrounding roughly drawn red circles on sides. Inside unpainted and clean. Marks of saw on bottom. Height 12", diam. 8;". Pl. XCI.

Ast. ix. 2. 028-35. Four turned wooden food jars. Slightly swelling sides and broad mouth. Solid with depression in top, painted black with two bands of large white spots. 029 and o30 split. Av. 4k" x 5k".

Ast. ix. 2. 032, 083. Two turned wooden bowls, solid, with depression for food in top. Both contain dust representing all that is left of contents, with a few dry and shrivelled plums (?) in 032. Painted black with rough white dabs. Av. 5" x 3k". Pl. XCI.

Ast. ix. 2. 034. Lacquered wood bowl. Thin, tall, black lacquered over fabric inside and out, containing remains of vegetable food. Diam. 51", height 31". PI. XCI.

Ast. ix. 2. 035, 038. Two turned wooden bowls; saucer-shaped, painted black, containing remains of food. Av. diam. 5:1" X I â".

Ast. ix. 2. 036, 037. Two turned wood bowls, small, painted black, containing remains of food ; in 036 plums. Av. 31" diam., I' height.

Ast. ix. 2. 039. Pottery jar ; small, squat, with carrying string tied round neck. Probably contained fatty or oily substance, which seems to have percolated through sides and fixed the black paint. Height 28", width 21".

Ast. ix. 2. 040. Pottery saucer. Probably used as lamp ; the partly burnt wick still present. Diam. 3g", height I8". Pl. XC.

Ast. ix. 2. 041. Pottery dish, black, containing remains of pastry, fruit, &c. Diam. 71", height I 1". Pl. XC.

Ast. ix. 2. 042. Pottery bowl, painted black, containing remains of food. Discoloured. 4" x I}".

Ast. ix. 2. 043. Miniature wooden duck, sitting as on water ; no neck, but head close down to body. Roughly carved and painted in white, yellow and red stripes from breast to tail. Black feathering with red beak and eyes. Saw-cut at neck. 41" x 2" x I k". Pl. CIV.

Ast. ix. 2. 044-6. Three discs of smooth bark ; irregular ; fine cork-like texture. Av. i i" x 1".

Ast. ix. 2. 047. Paste fr. of torso of man (?), in coarse bran-like paste. 34" x 21" x I ".

Ast. ix. 2. 048, 050. Paste frs. of miniature quadrupeds, in coarse bran-like paste ; c. 31" x Ii" x I1".

Ast. ix. 2. 049, o5t. Two paste discs ; coarse bran-like paste, rounded edges, hole through centre. Prob. wheels of miniature cart, as Ast. ix. 2. o6. Diam. 2". Pl. XCIV;

Ast. ix. 2.052. Stone-ware dish, grey with rather sharply upturned rim, containing grapes and other small fruits. Broken into many pieces, now mended. Diam. 6 , H. Ik", thickness c.

Ast. ix. 2. 054. Painted silk hanging. Silk is now dark ivory colour, perhaps originally white. Subject, the legendary Emperor Fu-hsi with his consort, Nü-wa, facing each other :2" to L. and R. respectively ; about life-size. The bodies rise from a continuous flounce-like short white skirt, and lean away from each other.

Their two inner arms stretched stiffly and horizontally towards each other and fused into the appearance of one arm joining both bodies ; but the hand of each appearing under opposite armpit of other shows that they are embracing.

Both wear close-fitting dull red tunics fastened down centre, with wide-mouthed elbow sleeves. Fu-hsi holds in his uplifted L. hand a mason's square and two other objects not recognizable, but perhaps plummet and lines. Nü-wa holds in her R. uplifted hand a pair of compasses.

Lower edge of their combined skirt is a perfectly straight horizontal line. From below issue two intertwined serpentine bodies which coil round each other guilloche-wise three times, and then open out into two simple tapering tails. Serpentine body is composed of parallel, longitudinal bands of white, black, red, and yellow, each band ornamented with dots or pearls of a contrasting colour, black, white, or red. Sometimes an undulating black line is used instead of pearls.

Between heads is the sun disc, white with red spokes and outlined with red. Outside and surrounding it is a ring of small white discs, outlined red and linked by a single red line ; probably representing a constellation. In triangle formed by bodies and their fused arms, in the space between their tails, and down the two sides of the cloth are other constellations. The Great Bear is to the R.

Flesh white with red shading, and red spots on cheeks

and ear-like white strips beside face.   Hair of Fu-hsi
dressed high and smooth. On front, sloping downward and forward towards forehead, is a square white cloth (?), cross-hatched with black.

Upper part of face and most of hair of consort missing ; but the top which remains suggests a three-lobed coiffure, as in Ast. ix. 2. b. 012, Pl. CVIII.

Outlines all black, and most of the red has turned black, e. g. the spots on cheeks.

Silk of fine close texture, but perished and ragged ; in