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0188 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 188 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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three widths sewn together ; the centre I7 " wide, the R. strip 121" wide at top, tapering to 8" near bottom, and the L. 13" to 71". Bottom perished and missing. Painting coarse. Width at top 43", at lower end 33". Pl. CIX.

Ast. ix. 2. a. 07. Sheet of cotton (?). Plain open canvas having on one edge impressions of three or four stamps, in red ink, and a column of Chinese writing in black crossing the red stamps ; cf. Dr. L. Giles's App. I. The sheet is made of strips of material 22" wide, sewn together. Perfectly preserved. 7' 7" x 5' 6". Pl. CXXXi.

Ast. ix. 2. a. o8. Wooden measure. Rectangular strip of wood marked at intervals with incised lines inlaid with white substance. Broken at one end. Divisions measure, beginning at complete end, r n", i 2 â", r 1", r}", i i", II". Rev. at end an incised Chin. char. Hard wood. 7e" x


Ast. ix. 2. a. og. Wooden spindle, with remains of fine thread wound round. Well-made bowl-shaped whorl at end, of black material ; prob. lignite. Broken at upper end. 81" x s". Diam. of whorl 4", height ii". Pl. XCIV.

Ast. ix. 2. b. o8. Basket of woven cane skein ; flat, round, neatly woven. Both basket and lid are of about equal depth, and the edge of each is bound with broad flat strip. Within is a sandal-wood comb, well made and still springy ; two folded napkins of fine silk (perished) ; and six Chinese copper coins with legend K`ai yüan. Diam. 7e". Depth i". Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. ix. 2. b. og. Pair of metal ' spectacles ', consisting of a thin plate of silver (?), formed like two lotus petals with flattened edges, joined at their narrow ends, end to end ; the centre of each petal slightly embossed and punched with a number of small holes. Edges are drilled for sewing on the silk with which the surfaces were covered and of which fragments still adhere. Oxidized but flexible. For others, see Ast. i. 3. a. 04, i. 3. b. 03, i. 5. 04, i. 5. a. 02, 1. 6. 07, Pl. LXXXIX. 6" x 2A".

Ast. ix. 2. b. on. Sheet of cotton (?) from coffin b, similar to Ast. ix. 2. a. o7. Within, a sheet of fine buff silk, and two frs. of white silk. Silk perished in places. Chinese stamps in red, and inscrs. in black on two opposite corners ; cf. Dr. Giles's App. I. Well preserved but perished in places. 9' x 4'.

Ast. ix. 2. b. ox2. Painted silk cover, of coffin b, lower part torn and incomplete. Subject and treatment almost identical with those of Ast. ix. 2. 0S4, Pl. CIX, but the work rather coarser. Treatment of ornamentation of intertwined serpentine bodies is suggestive of scales, with only a few rows of red pearls. Compasses in R. hand of Nü-wa have a third limb projecting horizontally.

Both faces (which are complete) are more heavily shaded with red ; both have Tilaka-like marks on forehead ; Fu-hsi has a thin moustache. Constellations down sides do not coincide with those on other similar painting, but the Great Bear is placed to R. in both. Nü-wa has band of hair down R. side of face, and both faces have a straight

band of white down side, covering ear. This band is ornamented by a vertical wavy black line, and on that of Fu-hsi with red dots as well.

Fu-hsi has a large pin stuck' horizontally through coiffure and an arc in black reaching across top of head. Silk yellowish and of muslin texture. Very brittle and ragged. Width at top 42" ; at lower part 39". Length about 4' 7". Pl. CVIII.

Ast. ix. 3.02. Fr. of figured silk, of semi-elliptical shape ; made up of several frs. all of the same ` Sasanian ' type. Within the usual pearl-bordered medallions are pairs of confronting winged horses. In one row of medallions they are in trotting pose, one forefoot being lifted and head held high on very arched neck. In the adjoining medallions below they have their mouths to the ground as though feeding.

Each probably has the same base, a central patera-like flower on stiff upright stem, with ` acanthus ' leaves trailing right and left and trefoil leaf below. But in the grazing scene a tree rises through centre, the foliage being arranged in seven compact pyramids, three immediately above each horse's back, and one centre slightly higher.

Medallions joined in the horizontal direction ; the junction covered by rosettes. Vertically they are about 2" apart, but space is bridged by a larger rosette. There are four pearls or roundels in each quadrant. Spandrels have four-armed floral device proceeding from central flower. Colours all faded, but outlines and medallion borders are now pale brown or greenish blue, according to the band of colour in which they fall. Warp-rib weave. Probably Chinese work. Very faded.

For shape of object, cf. the cushion cover, Ser. iv. Pl. CVI, Ch. xxii. oor9. 13' x 61". Pl. LXXX.

Ast. ix. 3. 03. Fr. of figured silk, designed in bands. On top, pairs of confronting phoenixes with uplifted wings and tails ; legs quite straight shown in dark blue on yellow ground ; outlines and legs lighter yellow. Above each pair, a bisymmetrical acanthus scroll in green, probably lower part of missing band of orn. ; below and between the pairs a similar scroll reversed, but with an upright stalk from centre carrying a five-pointed palmette flower, outlined in blue.

Below are two bands of rectangular billets, alternately yellow and blue both horizontally and vertically. Below this a band of pale yellow lozenges with green centres ; then two more billet bands, as above.

Below these a band of large medallions containing an eight-petalled flower outlined white on green ground, with green octagonal centre from which green mid-rib passes into petals. Border of medallions shows pale ` Sasanian ' pearls on yellow spandrel filled by palmette. Very good Chinese work ; twill weave. Remains of lining and frill at upper edge. 6" x 4". Pl. LXXVIII.

Ast. ix. 3. 04-5. Pair of small pottery saucer bowls ; coarse black, with white-spotted decoration, as Ast. 03, &c. Remains of decayed vegetable food in each, and

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