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0189 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 189 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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grapes also in 04. H. I" to I}", diam. of mouth 3k". Pl. xC.

Ast. ix. 6. oI. Lid of basket, woven in fine cane skein. Oblong, with all sides convex, giving beautiful form. Pattern of weave is ` twill ', the weave in adjoining quarters being reversed. Bands of blue-stained cane are carried in straight lines at even distances across short way of lid. Sides of lid composed of bands of cane the full depth of lid, worked over by the thin skein from top. A thin round cane is laid all round under edge to give a finish. Very good work. 114g-" x 61" x i". Pl. xciii.

Ast. ix. 6. o6. Five pastry frs., in form of animals rather bear-like. Heads missing, and some of the limbs. One


broken in small pieces. Through each is a thin twig as a core on which to press the paste. Fragile. Length about 3".

Ast. ix. 6. 07. Small cushion, of flax (?) canvas, stuffed with grass. II" x 4". Pl. C.

Ast. ix. 6. o8. Pottery jar, of broad amphora shape but without handles. Out-turned rim, rounded on top. Band of four roughly incised lines of chevron orn. between incised annular lines round widest circumference, and one line of chevrons round neck. Grey, with exterior distempered black and traces of painted decoration similar to Ast. i. I. 03. Sand-encrusted and discoloured. H. 4" ; diam., base, 21", rim 2r", gr. at shoulder 4f". Pl. XC,


Ast. x. I. oi. Frs. of twill silk, dark cream, with quarry pattern in rows of alternate pink brown and light green buff ; each quarry divided into four by two diameters. Quarries are placed in chessboard order. Largest piece 3;" x 2f". Warp perished. Pl. LXXVIIi.

Ast. x. I. 02. Frs. of fine silk gauze, small lozenge as Ast. i. 7. 04. Colour brown. Very fragile. PI. XXXvi.

Ast. x. I. 03. Frs. of figured silk, in brown and blue on pale buff ground (faded) ; same pattern as Ast. i. 7. o6. Pieces have taken shape of some rounded object, for they may have formed a long narrow case. 4" x Ii". Pl. XXXVI.

Ast. x. I. 04. Fr. of printed silk (two pieces joined) ; blue, yellow stripes about 2" wide. On yellow, an elliptical bunch of leaves and flowers repeated at intervals of II", with two small rosettes furnishing the space.

On blue, a palmette-shaped bush (yellow) on which two confronting ducks with upraised wings ; bush repeats opposite intervals in yellow stripe. Two small palmettes in spaces.

Ground of fabric mustard yellow. Printing, a fine blue with green tint from combination with yellow. Surface calendered ; printing blurred. Well preserved. 29" x 15". Width of silk 22". Pl. LXXXII.

Ast. x. I. 05. Frs. of figured silk, from a garment. Three are carefully shaped, by pinking and turning under, into small leg-of-mutton shape. One is a band with edges turned under, attached to pieces of yellow damask, and lined with coarse canvas. Remaining two are portions of a similar band.

Pattern consists of rows of six-petalled elliptical rosettes, blue, with buff centre and brown markings in petals. Space between rosettes r, space between rows I". Rosettes in one row are opposite spaces in next.

Between rosette rows is a row of pyramidal bushes with bright green leaves lined brown, and blue flowers, placed point towards interval in one rosette row and base resting on rosette below. Above pyramid between two rosettes a small leaf or flower (faded) veined blue, the


character varying in different rows. Above this a four-petalled blue flower. All a good deal faded.

Damask has a bold floral design, not very good, on ogee lines. Gr. frs. Ioi" x II". Damask 9i" X3". Pl. XXXVI, LXXXV.

Ast. x. 1.06. Frs. of figured silk. Pink ground (generally faded to buff or yellow), large blue six-petalled rosettes, with red and blue centre outlined yellow, and russet in petals. Between these are small yellow six-petalled rosettes with blue and red centre. Below small rosettes blue flowers in profile between two green leaves with crossed stalks. Below rosettes repeating bunches of leaves with blue flowers in profile and then the blue flowers with crossed stalks reversed. All warp perished. Largest piece I I" x 2". Pl. LXXVIII, LXXXIII.

Ast. x. I. 07. Frs. of figured silk. Two strips in twill weave. Blue ground with fine bold rosettes faded to buff. Centre of rosette is a four-petalled flower with heart-shaped petals. Surrounding this a clever design of linked palmettes, alternately of the fleur-de-lis and flower in profile type. A second type of rosette alternates in adjoining row, but only a portion of this is present. Well preserved. III" x II". Pl. LXXIX.

Ast. x. I. 08. Figured silk. Collection of frs. of elaborately striped material. Type same in all, with variations in details.

Chief stripe is dark blue with six-petalled buff rosettes ; on each side of this are narrow yellow, brown, and buff lines ; on one (brown) small buff rings. Outside this are stripes shaded blue, brown, yellow, buff, light yellow, pale green, dark green, blue, brown and so on, all narrow lines. The effect is very lively. Warp perished. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. Cvii, Ch. lv. 0028. Gr. fr. 7" x 21".

Ast. x. I. og. Clay head of demon ; same grotesque type as Ast. vii. 2. 03, but features exaggerated in all respects. Peak of hair painted dark red ; flesh reddish pink, with black moustaches and tuft of beard on chin ; arched eyebrows in high relief, green with cross-lines of black. Eyeballs white in vermilion sockets, irises of eyes green