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0225 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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L.S. 3. 02-4. Two shallow basketwork trays, and fr. (04) of similar basket-work. Trays of long narrow shovel-shape, with upturned edge round one end only, which is rounded. From this they taper slightly to the other end, which is finished off flat and square. Under side covered with fur (goatskin) dappled brown and yellow, still adhering, fur downwards. Basket-work strongly woven of withies and cane. 02. Length z' 7", gr. width z' I", gr. II. of edge 2". 03. z' Ion", z' 4", 3". 04. Strip from edge of another tray, length s' 3". Pl. XXVIII.

L.S. 3. 05. Grass basket ; melon-shaped, with goat's-hair string handle, as L.C. 05, Pl. XXVI, &c. Much sand-encrusted. Depth 6i", diam. of mouth 4".

L.S. 3. 06. Fr. of felt cap or hood ; plain, close fitting ; one ear-flap preserved with string for tying under chin. Much darned. Gr. M. r' 3".

L.S. 6. oz. Stone figurine of woman, found near head

of female body. Made without limbs, as large wooden figs. L.Q. ii. or, Pl. xv, and L.T. or, and generally resembling them, but well carved and showing more detail. Long narrow head and face, with strong prominent nose, long pointed chin, straight eyes (hollows only), and straight groove for mouth.

Narrow round cap, flat-topped, on top of head. Hair taken smoothly back, and done low behind in flat knot. No neck ; small pendent breasts, with narrow bands (shown by pairs of incised lines) crossing between them and at back. Double incised line also round waist. Excellent condition. H. 4f". Pl. XXVI.

L.S. 6. 02. Frs. of plaited grass and goat' cord ; very fine. Gr. length 2f", diam. A".

L.S. 6. 03. Bundle containing twigs (of Ephedra), done up in thick dark-brown woollen cloth and wound tightly round with twisted straw and goat's-hair cord ; also tied again with stout goat's-hair cord. 6f" x24" x ri". Pl. XXVI.


L.T. ox. Carved wooden fig. of woman (brought by R. B. Lal Singh), without limbs, as L.Q. ii. or, Pl. XV; cf. also L.S. 6. or, Pl. XXVI. Upper part of back flat, and lumbar portion convex instead of concave. Unpainted. Wood perished about upper part ; whole front of head broken away, and fig. split down centre. H. 2' 2", gr. width 7", gr. thickness 6".

L.T. 02. Mass of hair or wool ; light brown, perished. L.T. 03. Human skull of adult. Lower teeth complete

excepting R. wisdom. Most of upper teeth have fallen out. Chin rather broad and not very prominent. Rugged character of surface of mandible, especially near angles, and a corresponding roughness of side of parietal bones indicate powerful muscular development in the jaw.

A small flint is fixed in the bone beside nose at inner angle of R. orbit, but is probably post mortem. Vertex rises rather sharply. Bones brittle ; traces of tendon on mandible.


On March 13th I was obliged to make a day's halt at Yàrdang-bulak in order to let the camels have a rest and good feed after their privations in the desert, before setting out west for the ruins of Ying-p`an. Busy as I was kept with writing and mapping work, my thoughts turned anxiously to Afraz-gul's little party, now fully a week overdue. After midday, I thought I could hear the faint sound of distant camel bells ; but the men were inclined to distrust my ears as on a former exciting occasion.' Yet less than half an hour later Hassan Akhûn appeared in triumph from behind the screening gravel ridges south-eastwards, bringing the best of our hardy camels all safe and sound, though gaunt-looking. Soon after I had the great satisfaction of welcoming Afraz-gul with his plane-table, travel-worn indeed, owing to the fatigues and privations that the little party had gone through, but fit and keen all the same, rejoicing as much as I did at our successfully achieved concentration. He had marched in accordance with his instructions from the terminal lagoons of the Tarim at Chainut-köl (Map No. 3o. c. I) past the L.M. site and across big sand Dawans to the north-west, and had struck the Kuruk-darya bed near where it first branches out, some twelve miles to the east of L.T. They had first come upon our trail on the gravel glacis above L.T., but its true significance was recognized only when the sharp eyes of Abdulmalik, the hunter, had also detected the footprints of Dash III, my little fox terrier. At the cairn we had built at the Yaka-yardang-bulak spring Afraz-gul had duly found the letter left for him ; but its date had left him no hope of joining us before Ying-p`an. So his relief was almost as great as mine.

1 Cf. Desert Cathay, ii. p. 409.

II   5 C

Reunion with Afrazgul's party.