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0232 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 232 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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horse (?). Legs lost. Much corroded. Length IA". Pl. XXIV.

L.Q. ii. oi. Carved wooden female figure, without limbs (found in grave near feet). Very crude. No facial features, but hair in short tail at back of shoulders. Head too large, breasts small and abrupt ; no neck ; narrow waist ; curve of back in profile well marked. Painted red ochre colour. For other exx., see L.T. of and L.S. 6. or, Pl. XXVi. 2' In x 6". PI. XV.

L.Q. iii. ox. Fr. of woollen face-cloth(?); thick soft buff wool ; plain weave very even, regular, and supple ; dark discoloration in places. One part tied up with cord into small bag, containing fine broken stalks (of Ephedra). Three short wooden pins stuck through one corner, one charred, and marks of other pin-holes. Cloth from beginning of web with selvedge also on one side. For another, see L.S. 3. or, Pl. XXV, also (for stalks) L.F. r. 03. 2' 5" x I' 7".

L.Q. iii. 02. Woven grass basket, melon-shaped, as L.C, 05, &c. Remains of goat's-hair handle, with tassel. Sand-encrusted. Depth 7", diam. of mouth c. 4".

L.Q. iii. o3. Fr. of felt head-dress, laced and plumed, as L.F. or. Bad condition ; feathers lost ; shafts remain. H. 7 f".

L.Q. iii. 04-6. Three wooden pins from shroud, as L.F. ii. 04, &c. Barrel-headed ; 04 and 05 orn. with ten spiral lines of minute triangular incisions, adjoining at bases ; o6 with seven annular lines of same, as L.F. 05. a. Lengths 4i" to 4-", gr. length of head (o6), ig", gr. diam. i". Pl. XXIV.

L.Q. iii. 07-9. Three wooden pins from shroud. Tapering gradually from one end, which (as head) is left natural thickness of stick, with bark on, and finished off in abrupt point (broken) ; cf. L.F. 3. 02. Lengths 3 " to 3A", gr. diam. (07) i". Pl. XXIV.


ccxxxviii. a. 02-6. Frs. of iron, oxidized, found among Yardangs by edge of salt-encrusted dry sea-bed, NNE. of C. ccxxxviii. a. c. " diam.

C. ccxli. a. 01-2. Two frs. of pottery ; coarse grey ; badly burnt. Gr. M. (or) 2r".

C. ccxli. a. 03. a-b. Two frs. of iron, corroded. Gr. M. 2f".

C. ccxli. a. 04-6. Three frs. of stone. 04, grey quartz-like, I i" X If" X r ; 05, pink, I •" X I g" X 1" ; o6, dark grey, If' xrxâ".

C. ccxlv. a. ox. Fr. of pottery ; coarse clay, burnt reddish-grey. Gr. M. if".

C. ccxlv. a. 02. Jade celt ; large, good condition. Edge chipped and blunted. Length 3$", gr. width 2r", gr. thickness s". Pl. XXII.

C. ccxlv. a. 03. Fr. of bronze tube ; cast, orn. with depression rings round ends, and bulbous swelling in middle. Length I", diam. 1" to 1". Pl. XXIII.

C. ccxlv. a. 04-5. Two frs. of stone flakes (blades), yellow-brown and greenish-grey. Length (04) 2h" ; 05 fr. only.

C. ccxlv. a. o6-8. Three irregular stone flakes ; 06-7 black, o6 with bulb of percussion ; o8 chocolate, with well-marked bulb of percussion. Gr. M. (o8)

C. ccxlv. a. og. Fr. of pottery, from straight-sided vessel. Grey, full of coarse black grit. Orn. with four rows, r" apart, of short sloping incised lines, the slope being reversed

in alternate rows ; cf. Ser. iv. PI. Iv, C. 122. oor. Broken in three. 4f" X 3" X f". PI. XXIII.

C. ccxlv. a. oxo. Fr. of bronze arrow-head, of flat two-bladed type with rounded central rib ; cf. C. xciii. 069. Cracked and corroded. Length (incomplete) xi", gr. width ". PI. XXIII.

C. ccxlix. a. or. Fr. of glass, green, translucent ; one side concave, from inside of vessel (?). Gr. M. ". Pl. XXIII,

C. ccxlix. a. 02. Fr. of pottery ; dark red, black face each side. Smooth and hard ; wheel-made. Gr. M. 2", thickness ". (02-13 found 4 miles NW. of C. ccxlix. a.)

C. ccxlix. a. 03. Fr. of pottery, coarse clay, burnt blackish-red, ill washed ; orn. outside with herring-bone series of short incised dashes. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. Iv, C. 122. 00r. Eroded. Gr. M. Ir. PI. XxiII.

C. ccxlix. a. 04. Fr. of grey lamellar stone, full of gypsum. Gr. M. Ir.

C. ccxlix. a. 05-6. Two stone flakes (blades) ; long, narrow, greenish-grey and yellow-brown, respectively. Edges worn. Gr. length (o6) 32-6". Pl. XXII.

C. ccxlix. a. 07. Stone leaf-shaped arrow-head, as L.I. 012. Dark purple stone, evenly chipped and symmetrically notched at edges. Length I". PI. XXIi.

C. ccxlix. a. o8-11. Four frs. of bronze, flat, slightly curved. Corroded. Gr. M. (orr) I-1" x f".

C. ccxlix. a. 012-13. Flat stone ring. White stone, somewhat roughly made. Perhaps natural formation. Outer diam. 2f", inner diam. i s", gr. thickness c. 1-6".