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0244 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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to any period down to Tang times during which a settlement was actually in existence at the site. Archaeological evidence as regards such late occupation is at present confined to the Tang coin which, as previously mentioned, was discovered on the top of a refuse layer near the shrine

Ying. I.   But we shall have occasion to see that there is further evidence of such continued occupa-
tion in a notice in Li Tao-yiian's commentary on the Shui Ching composed in the first quarter of the sixth century. This notice bears directly on the identification of the site and will therefore best be discussed in connexion with a wider topographical question.


Ying. a. or. Wooden pen (?). Stick, trimmed round and to blunt point (broken). Length 5r", diam. h".

Ying. a. 02. Strip of goatskin, with dark brown hair adhering. Remains of other strips neatly sewn to it on each side. Strip 3e" X 2".

Ying. a. o3. Misc. frs. of woollen fabrics ; buff and red, warp-rib weave of usual type ; including hem from end of sleeve or top of bag to which fr. of crimson plain fabric is stitched. Gr. M. 6I".

Ying. a. 04. Misc. frs. of fine woollen (?) fabric; buff, warp-rib weave. Much worn. Gr. length 9f".

Ying. a. 05. Fr. of goat's-hair band, made of three two-ply strips wrapped-turned on thinner string warp. Length I' 21", width ".

Ying. a. o6. Fr. of fine woollen fabric ; faded pink, plain weave. Gr. M. 4f".

Ying. a. 07. Number of broken frs. of twigs with bark on. Lengths r to 2", average diam. i".

Ying. a. 08—g. Two frs. of wooden sticks, split longitudinally ; each cut off at one end, broken at other. o8 peeled and smoothed, with streak of fine black lacquer down one side ; 09 lacquered black. Length of each 4", diam. i".

Ying. a. oro. Fr. of wooden stick ; flat, oblong, broken one end, cut at other, one face smoothed. 2" X 1" X1".

Ying. a. 0r1—I2. Two frs. of wooden twigs, split longitudinally ; orr broken at ends, 012 cut. Bark stripped off. Lengths 6f" and 9r", diam. " and i".

Ying. a. 013. Fr. of vegetable fibre rope, two strands. Lengths 9-i", thickness i".

Ying. I. a. 1-4. Shavings from Khar. wooden document ; apparently cut when doc. was being erased for use anew. I-3 join, showing part of one 1. large Khar. chars., and remains of another group above ; 4 consists of the merest scraps too small to show where they belong. I-3 (joined), 4f" x 2r"

Ying. I. a. or. Wooden cleat. Bark left on back. r


Ying. I. a. 02. Fr. of lacquered wood ; flat strip, broken at one end. One edge chamfered. Lacquered mostly red

over black ; red perished, exposing black f" from broken end. rA"x17-6"xA".

Ying. 1. a. 03. Fr. of wood ; flat strip, fairly smooth on faces. 24" X r" X f".

Ying. r. a. 04. Wooden peg, round in section at top, and cut wedge shape in long slope towards other end. Length 2", diam. h".

Ying. I. a. 05. Fr. of leather ; buff, hard. 2$" x 2rg".

Ying. r. a. 06. Fr. of woollen fabric ; buff, plain weave. Gr. length 9".

Ying. r. a. 07. Fr. of woollen fabric ; plain weave, dark salmon pink. Gr. M. 3I".

Ying. r. a. 08. Band of fine woollen (?) fabric ; tubular, one half (longitudinally) yellow, one red. Loose plain weave. r r" x r".

Ying. I. a. og. Strip of leather ; soft, buff, irregular width. 9I" x A" to k".

Ying. I. a. ow. Cutting of leather ; light yellowish, rather hard. 6" x i".

Ying. I. a. our. Fr. of coarse woollen fabric. Dark brown, herring-bone weave. Length 7".

Ying. I. a. 012. Scraps of goat's-hair string. One piece made of two strands, each made of a buff and a dark brown thread twisted together. Length 71", diam. ".

Ying. L a. 013. Fr. of thin woollen (?) fabric ; faded salmon-pink ; loose plain weave. Gr. M. 4f".

Ying. I. a. 014. Three frs. of vine stem. Gr. length 4".

Ying. I. a. 015. Fr. of strong woollen pile fabric ; very strong warp-rib weave, with the rows of pile tufts about every tenth sheet of weft. Dirty buff. 7f" x 6I".

Ying. u. a. 016. Fr. of very thick goat's-hair fabric; yellow, perhaps for rug; as Ser. iv. Pl. XLVIII, T. xiv. 004. Gr. M. r".

Ying. 1. a. 04. Fr. of woollen fabric ; salmon faded to grey ; warp-rib weave. Also bit of unspun grey wool. Fabric (gr. M.) 2I".

Ying. I. a. orb. a—b. Two frs. of fine woollen fabric ; faded salmon pink. a, loose plain weave ; b, close warp-

12 See above, ii. p. 751.