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0245 Innermost Asia : vol.2
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Sec. i]   THE RUINS OF YING FAN   759

rib weave, made of strong twisted warp and soft fine weft. Gr. M. 5".

Ying. I. a. oig. Fr. of woollen fabric ; buff ; strong warp-rib weave ; very dirty. Length 8#".

Ying. I. a. 020. Mass of twisted woollen yarn ; fine yellowish. 23" x xi" (in mass).

Ying. I. a. 021. Strip of woollen fabric ; yellowish buff; warp-rib weave, with strong twisted warp and soft fiat weft much perished in places. 63." x 1 3".

Ying. I. b. ox. Bundle of grass, folded up in mass.



Ying. I. 04. Fr. of stone ; hollow tubular, slightly bulbous at ends. Two or three small holes also occur irregularly through side. Surface rough. Length 2", diam: to r}".

Ying. I. o6. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel. Wheel-made, brown-grey, with horizontal reeding on outside. Gr. M. I A", thickness ".

Ying. I. 07. Fr. of pottery ; blackish-grey, faintly reeded horizontally. Gr. M. 28", thickness k".

Ying. I. 08. Fr. of upper part of pottery jar, showing shoulder, short neck, and everted rim thickening towards edge, which is cut off at downward angle to outside. Coarse purplish-grey body covered on outer side with finer clay slip, burnt red, on which orn. is produced by sgraffito method.

Om. preserved consists of row of circular spots round smallest part of neck, with wavy line scratched lightly in the red slip above, and straight line below. On shoulder are traces of similar circles, but much of intervening


Ying. II. 01-2. Two frs. of pottery, now joined, from wall of vessel. Pinkish red, with buff slip outside. Roughly scratched on outer surface, a bird or other animal partly missing. Broken on all sides. 73" x 51" x 3".

Ying. II. o3. Fr. of pottery, from wall (?) of vessel. Grey, rather coarse and spongy. 21" x 21" x .i".

Ying. II. 05. Silver pendant (found near centre of circumvallation) in form of ten-pointed star, the point at top forming loop for suspension. Raised centre set in circular rosette fashion, with five white glass ` jewels ' surrounding central glass boss. Much corroded and sand-encrusted. Diam. II", thickness s". Pl. CX.

Ying. II. o6. Fr. of pottery, red with cream-coloured slip on outer face. Prob. belonging to Ying. u. 01-2. Gr. M. 41", thickness A".

Ying. I. b. 02. Specimen of wheat straw.

Ying. c. oI. Fr. of pottery, from large vessel, hand-made. Red inside, grey out. 7" x 7I", thickness h".

Ying. c. 02. Fr. of pottery ; grey, hand-made. Gr. M. 4", thickness 1".

Ying. c. 03. Half of small pottery bowl ; red, handmade, with flat bottom. Roughly pinched into shape with thumb and finger. H. 1", diam. of top 2k", of bottom 2".

Ying. c. 04. Fr. of twig rope ; two bunches of small

twigs twisted on each other. Length 9", thickness 3".


surface has cracked off and design has consequently been lost. H. 3", width 23", thickness I". Pl. CX.

Ying. I. og. Fr. of pottery from neck and rim of vessel. Common red ware. Rim slightly everted, wide and flat

on top. Gr. M. 2r", thickness   ".

Ying. I. 0x0-13. Four pottery spinning whorls, made from potsherds of common red ware, chipped round and pierced. Gr. diam. (ozo) r 8".

Ying. I. 014. Fr. of bronze (?) slag. Gr. M. i".

Ying. 1. 015. Fr. of pottery ; red, with incised orn. on outside : annular line, and double chevron band below. Remains of pinkish slip in lines (?). Gr. M. 13", thickness

k". Pl. CX.

Ying. I. o16-17. Two frs. of pottery crucible (?). Body partially disintegrated ; surface covered with the material melted in the crucible ; prob. a green glaze used on pottery and made from copper oxide as colouring agent. Gr. M. 2f", thickness, 3" to k".

Ying. n. 07. Fr. of pottery, from bottom of vessel. Red, surface broken away. Gr. M. 2", diam. of base I)t".

Ying. II. o8. Fr. of pottery ; coarse red. Gr. M. i", thickness i".

Ying. n. og. Fr. of pottery ; dull red, grey on faces. Faintly ribbed. Gr. M. 24", thickness ;".

Ying. II. o10. Fr. of pottery ; grey, fairly fine. Gr. M. 2k", thickness k".

Ying. II. oII-16. Six frs. of pottery ; fine red, some showing remains of cream slip. Prob. belonging to Ying. II. 01-2 and o6. Gr. M. 2".

Ying. II. oig. Fr. of glass bead ; blue, spherical, apparently with channelled sides. Diam. 3".



   Ying. In. I. or. Human skull, with remains of head-   preserved in upper jaw, eight in lower. Chin to crown

   wrapping of woollen canvas. Good condition. Nine teeth   c. 7h".