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0246 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 246 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Ying. III. I. o2-5. Five frs. of wooden cup with handle ; same pattern as Ying. III. 2. 015, PI. CX. Wood soft and perished. Gr. fr. 31" x 2I".

Ying. III. n. o6. Fr. of wood (decayed), from tray ; shows sloping rim. 41" x II".

Ying. In. 2. 02. Embroidered cloth, crescent-shaped, double, forming a sort of cushion cover, of closely woven buff canvas ; embroidered sparsely with highly stylized floral patterns and birds in chain-stitch. At points of horns are plain crimson silk squares, attached by centre.

At each horn is embroidered a kind of vase from which grows a fern-like plant bearing pear-shaped buds and six-petalled flowers. Attenuated cranes and modified beetles fly in various directions. Colours yellow, red, blue, and green. Much faded. Canvas roughly patched in antiquity and perished in places since burial. 21"X9". Pl. XLV.

Ying. ni. 2. 03-5. Remains of three metal discs, from head-band of R. body. Thin, very fragile, pierced with two holes through which passed thread sewing them to band. Gold or gilt (?). Scraps of silk adhere. Broken. For others, see Ying. III. 2. o6-8 (Pl. XLV), 3.03-5. Gr. diam. when complete f".

Ying. III. 2. 06-8. Three metal discs from head-band of L. body ; as preceding. Gold (?), very thin. 08 was double, and has split apart. Diam. (o6 and 07) 1".

Ying. III. 2. og. Remains of bronze bowl, badly corroded. Round, flat-bottomed ; lined with lacquer over canvas, which is held to bronze by bronze rivets passing through from outside and secured by washers on inside. Lining, however, perished. Arc of rim 4f", I-I. ri". Pl. CX.

Ying. III. 2. ono. Remains of lacquered bowl, much decayed ; round, flat-bottomed. Made of two thicknesses of canvas, with strip of cane to stiffen rim. Lacquer inside dark red, with black round rim ; outside black, with band of dark red just below rim, much cracked. Break at edge bound over with strip of iron fixed with bronze rivet. For handle, see Ying. ni. 2. 014. Arc of rim, 5I", h. 2". Pl. CX.

Ying. III. 2. on. Fr. of woollen (?) canvas ; natural buff ; soft, plain weave. 9r x 3;".

Ying. ni. 2. 012. Fr. of felt ; loose, yellowish. 3I" x n}".

Ying. in. 2. 013. Fr. of silk fabric ; red, plain weave. Brittle. Gr. M. 5".

Ying. III. 2. 014. Lacquered wooden handle, apparently belonging to bowl Ying. III.2. oio (Pl. CX). Upright stem, flat on inside, rounded on outside with round chamfer to meet flat inner surface, and tapering towards top where it curves over gracefully to make hook for finger. End finished in point. Lacquered black over red with some red exposed at upper end. Below, remains of side of bowl, with bronze bands and rivets attaching handle at same. H. of whole 34", gr. width of handle x".

Ying. III. 2. ois. Wooden cup, with straight projecting handle cut in one piece. Cup circular, expanding from flat base to low shoulder, like bowl, and thence drawing in to plain rim in concave curve. Groove lightly incised on outside immediately below rim, and above base. Handle straight, stick-like, sq. in section, if" long, projecting from shoulder at angle of 45° ; with thickening of underside through which is bored hole for suspension string. Well made, and in good condition except for piece broken out of one edge. H. 2r; diam. of shoulder 41", of mouth 3-8", of base 2k". Pl. CX.

Ying. in. 2. o16. Pottery jug, hand-made, with loop handle on shoulder. Coarse red, with flat bottom, ovoid body, and short neck turning out to plain rim bevelled towards outside. Round shoulder run double incised chevron lines, intersecting so as to form series of lozenges. Good condition, but surface flaked in places. Badly fired. H. 7f"; diam. of shoulder 7", of mouth 4", of bottom 5". Pl. CX.

Ying. III. 2. Oil. Wooden food-tray ; circular, partly lathe-turned, flat-bottomed, and with flat rim xi" wide. Centre hollowed out to depth of about i". Outside bevelled inwards to flat base. Rim cracked at two points opposite each other, and repaired by inch-long double dovetail strips of wood laid across crack and fixed with dowels. Discoloration on inside from food. Knife scorings on bottom. Diam. of upper side i' 4", of bottom x' if"; II. iI". Pl. XXVIII.

Ying. ni. 2. 018. Wooden food-tray with leg-bones of animal. Tray elliptical, with slightly raised rim, and four circular ` feet ' below cut in the solid and almost flush with its under-surface, which is scored with knife-cuts. Tray originally painted black inside.

Somewhat warped and cracked ; cracks repaired in antiquity, the iron rivets which held the repairing strips still remaining. Edges worn smooth by abrasion. Bones appear to be shoulder and leg-bones of lamb (?). Fr. of silk fabric under bones. Tray x' S#" x x' 3", H. before warping about if". Pl. XXVIII.

Ying. HI. 3. on. Frs. of silk head-bands (partly from Ying. III. 2) ; rich crimson, loosely woven in plain weave. Long edges joined edge to edge to form tube. One fr. knotted to another. Three frs. in all. Length of two longest pieces placed end to end 20". Width a".

Also two round knobs of canvas covered with silk with a stalk-like extension on each ; buttons (?). Length I }", diam. of knob f".

Ying. III. 3. 02. Frs. of silk shroud ; buff, plain weave. Discoloured. 9" x 6".

Ying. III. 3. 03-5. Three metal discs, apparently gold, from head-band, as Ying. in. 2. 03-8. Diam. f" to f".

Ying. III. 3. o6. Glass tumbler ; transparent greenish-white, with small fiat bottom, and sides expanding in slightly convex curve to plain thickened rim. Om. with bands of hollow-ground spots ; seven circular round side immediately above ground, and two bands of ellipses above.