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0314 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 314 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T.A. I. 02. Fr. of wooden baluster rail ; lathe-turned in horizontal corrugations. About three-fourths of thickness missing, and ends broken. Surface spongy. 7" Original diam. c. 2".

T.A. r1, i. or. Fr. of bronze relief orn. Built-up strip,

orn. in heavy relief along each edge with border of bead or cable orn., and inside with row of circular settings for jewels (two preserved), composed of plain relief ring with outer circle of bead orn. Much corroded and split ; all detail lost. Fr. r j" x if" ; jewel settings, outer diam. i", inner g".


Khitai-shahri. ox. Fr. of pottery ; shoulders of vessel with two encircling incised lines above, and five IA" below. In space freely incised festoon. Impure clay. 2f" x 3" x 3r". Thickness i".

Khitai-shahri. 02. Fr. of pottery, plain with faint trace of incised pattern. Poorly washed. rig" x I}" x f".


Yul. or. Head of bronze nail ; domical, with short pin inside not projecting beyond rim of head. Hole drilled through side. Diam. i", h. i". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 02. Bronze relief lion-head ; miniature, much worn. Cast hollow leaving central bar as shank for attaching to some other object. Diam. h", h. c. a". PI. CXI.

Yul. 03. Bronze ' cat ' bell ; intact, with ball clapper and loop handle, but much worn. Diam. g". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 04. Bronze hook ; tongue-shaped, piano-convex in section, with long tip recurved up and backwards to form hook. Beneath flat under-side at other end projects stud for attachment of strap or garment. Much corroded. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, L.A. oor77. d. Length I". Pl. XI.

Yul. 05-6. Two bronze rings ; 05 circular, o6 elliptical ; both round in section and with short stud projecting from side at right angles at one point. Stud slightly thickened at end to form catch in 05, and slightly hooked in o6. Diam. 14" and I}".

Yul. 07. Open-work bronze orn. or link, in form of flat ring, from which four other smaller rings project at the cardinal points. Made in one piece. Outer edge of small rings worn, and one broken through. I" x Ii" ; diam. of central ring i e", of outer rings 26" to I.".

Yul. o8. Miniature stone or paste relief hand ; straight, with fingers doubled into palm ; groove round wrist. Greenish-blue stone, sand-encrusted. Length h".

Yul. og. Bronze ring ; hollowed at back with remains of two studs at ends of diameter ; convex in front, moulded

in form of ring of nine beads. Diam.   Pl. CXI.

Yul. 010-I2. Three bronze strap-loops ; pieces of bronze plate of long D-shape, with oblong opening by straight side and three (or four) studs projecting behind. Chamfered edges. Good condition. H. 1", x", and Iii".

Yul. 013-15. Three' bronze buckles ; long D-shape, with oblong loop for attachment of strap by straight side. 013 and 015 retain tongue. Fair condition. H. i " to W, width i-" to IA". Pl. CXI.

Khitai-shahri. 03. Fr. of pottery, from body of vessel, with toothed band in relief. Poor clay. Remains of dark buff slip. 2" X Ii" X I".

Khitai-shahri. 04. Fr. of pottery from body of vessel ; coarse clay with bold cable band. Surface partly scaled.



Yul. 016. Bronze buckle, with plate for attachment of strap, instead of loop. Three rivets at back, and tongue, complete. H. é ", width r 1". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 017. Bronze clip ; thumb-shaped strip of plate, doubled over and fastened on itself with two rivets w" long. At bend, sides and middle of strip are cut away to leave two narrow curved bands only. IA" (as doubled) x (gr. width) ^igg".

Yul. 018. Bronze hook and stud. Deep hook made of small solid bar, thinned down at bend, and with upward end finished in well-shaped tongue. Round flat stud projects at right angles at back. Strong and well made. Length r, projection r. Pl. CXI.

Yul. oïg. Bronze stud ; shield-shaped head cast hollow at back, with raised edge along straight side and other edges chamfered. -6" pin at back. Head (gr. width and length) W. Pl. CXI.

Yul. 020. Fr. of bronze hook ; long solid leaf-shaped head, piano-convex in section, and slightly convex from end to end, hook broken away. Round flat stud at back. Head Ir x r, depth of stud 1". Pl. CXI.

Yul. 021. Fr. of bronze buckle ; long D-shaped curved bar, finished in knob at either end of straight side, which is missing. Knobs pierced for insertion of pin carrying tongue. Good condition. Length I ", width (of buckle) ", of bar i".

Yul. 022. Fr. of bronze object, ladder-shaped ; made of bronze bar, round in section. Two cross-bars preserved, with two parallel sides projecting as if to form oblong loop, but broken off short. At back of cross-bar, this end of sq. loop, are two short studs. Gr. length xi", width r.

Yul. 023. Bronze rod. Straight bar, round in section, blunt-pointed at one end, tapering slightly to other, where it is flattened and punched to form ring (broken). The form is similar to that used by Indians for applying antimony to/ the eyes. Length 2", average diam. }"

to   ". Pl. CXI.